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CoreStack Workflow Integration. Cloud computing for business. Number of web based applications, worker processes and underlying database unable to scale up efficiently.

Cloud computing for business

A solution that will allow dynamic, on demand scaling on a global scale while minimising cost and capital expenditure Purchase requisition, consolidation and prioritization of purchase items. Quotation and Purchase Order Management Receiving of items in the factory and validation of the purchase items Inventory, Reconciliation and alerts for minimum stock Issues, Returns and Transfer of items Various business intelligence and operational reports Challenges The factories and Head office are located in various places and are not in a single network The office personnel are not skilled to do daily transfer of files from Head office and Factory Inventory position of one factory need to be available for other factories to make purchase decision The data volume and transactions are more which cannot be accommodated in normal web hosting solution which has limitation on the DB Size.

Orchestration – Connecting the dots in ITOps, DevOps, CloudOps. On one end where Cloud adoption is growing rapidly in enterprises, be it public, private or hybrid cloud so is the challenge of managing the infrastructure and application delivery.

Orchestration – Connecting the dots in ITOps, DevOps, CloudOps

The existence of legacy infrastructure along with latest technologies adds to the woes for IT operations team. With the need for business to be agile, infrastructure agility and agile application delivery becomes imperative. IT Ops, DevOps and CloudOps needed a transformation, as standalone automation of IT operation tasks was not meeting the business demand. Concept of Orchestration in the IT world is not new as it has been addressed through different means as found suitable at different times based on the IT system and operations being automated.

But, as organizations build their IT systems over a period of time, adopting and retiring different technologies/processes at different points in time through their business journey, the automation systems were rather developed as disparate elements. 1. Openstack Mistral. Openstack heat. “CORESTACK HOSTED EDITION.

Openstack heat

The Hosted Edition is currently provided at no charge by Company for use by a single individual in a test and development environment or a home lab environment. The Hosted Edition is strictly meant for evaluation purposes only. Company may at any time terminate your license to use the Hosted Edition, in whole or in part, and/or amend, alter or otherwise revise the pricing, functionality, usage, and/or availability of the Hosted Edition. Company is under no obligation to provide updates, support, or future availability of the Hosted Edition. Any termination of your license to use the Hosted Edition will not affect your continued use of any software applications developed and or deployed via the Corestack platform.” Corestack (the “Software”) is licensed to you only for a limited period on the condition that you agree to the terms and conditions set forth below. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Corestack - Template Based Orchestration. Domain specific language (DSL)

In our previous blog we have discussed about Orchestration and the evolution of Domain Specific Languages in orchestrating the workflows.

Domain specific language (DSL)

We also mentioned that DSL brings in higher level of abstraction to simplify the complexity of provisioning the entire cloud stack with limited customization and we mentioned few Cloud Orchestration tools based on DSL and organizations which provide standards for DSL. Now in this blog let us see how the organizations follow the process of provisioning Cloud Stack using DSL’s and orchestrate the same. Before going to details let us know What is Domain Specific Language? Have you ever heard about a Domain specific language! Advantages of DSL’s with an example. Cloud solution provider. Cloud technology. Cloud Computing Services.