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Cloudcherry is a real-time Customer Experience Analytics product to track & measure Customer Delight

IVR Feedback Survey Software and System. InShare5 Although the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology has been around since the 1900s, leveraging this platform as a survey tool is arguably still in its nascent stage.

IVR Feedback Survey Software and System

That said, the scope for collecting customer feedback via IVR systems is an intriguing adoption that is slowly making brands turn their heads. Customer Journey Mapping. InShare11 Customer journey mapping documents your customers’ experience from their perspective throughout their entire interaction with your brand.

Customer Journey Mapping

It results in a framework that will allow to improve customer experience, thereby leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. Customer experience mapping, as it is also often referred to, is a highly powerful tool that allows you to ensure that every customer touchpoint with your company provides a delightful experience, which will help improve customer acquisition and retention rates, as well as converting more of your customers into promoters. Net Promoter Score - Measure Customer Loyalty. There used to be a time when brands were yearning for a means to measure how loyal their customers are.

Net Promoter Score - Measure Customer Loyalty

They wanted to know whether a customer who had visited them once would not only come back the but also refer the brand to his friends and family. And all such doubts and worries were put to bed, following the adoption of the Net Promoter ScoreSM. The Net Promoter ScoreSM is used to evaluate customer loyalty and uses one question to measure said loyalty: How likely is that you would recommend this product or company to a friend or colleague?

The answers are on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is not likely at all and 10 is extremely likely to recommend. The scores are then separated into three categories: • Promoters are those customers who have rated you 9 or 10. . • Passives are customers with scores of 7 and 8. . • Detractors are customers with scores of 6 or below. The Net Promoter Score calculation is done by deducting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. 1. 2. Millennials - Customer Experience. InShare11 Millennials are the largest generation in the history of the world and they are about to become the largest consumers, in terms of monetary power.

Millennials - Customer Experience

Estimates say this generation will be spending approximately $200 billion per year by 2017 and will spend $10 trillion throughout their lives. And these numbers represent only millennials in the U.S. In other words, if you aren’t gearing your business to serve the Net Generation, you are missing a golden opportunity. Customer Experience to drive Customer Delight. InShare0 Following Mithun Sacheti’s enlightening speech on omni-channel & customer relationships, the next speaker was Nirmal Lobo from Titan – Head of Retail in e-commerce for watches and accessories.

Customer Experience to drive Customer Delight

In a large company like Titan, it is an extremely difficult task to delight customers owning to the sheer scale of operations. If you look at their market size for watches, it is largely a franchise model where franchisees invest in people, who in turn invest in the product. Customer Experience Management Events. ‘Customer Experience in the Omnichannel World’ The first Dialogues On Delight event was hosted at ITC Gardenia in Bengaluru on the 25th of September, 2015.

Customer Experience Management Events

On the beautiful Friday evening, the evening played host to over 50 thought leaders and business experts representing brands like Aditya Birla, Puma, Titan, Kotak Bank, HDFC Bank, Microsoft, Diabetacare, Caratlane and several others. Customer Experience Inhibitors. InShare0 Today, more than ever, companies have to focus on creating a delightful experience for the customer, at least if they want to survive.

Customer Experience Inhibitors

Gone are the days when companies could treat customers any way they wanted to. Now, organizations have to work hard at maintaining their relationships with their customers so they can earn their business. And the only way to earn repeat business, improve customer retention rates and increase customer loyalty is by providing a great customer experience. The experience is what will set you apart from the competition. Even if you think you are doing everything you can to offer a great customer experience, you might be sabotaging yourself without realizing it. 1.

The internet has made it so easy to avoid interacting with your customers that many business never actually engage with the most important people in their lives. Omni-Channel Customer Experience for Consumer Brands. InShare6 Dialogues on Delight started with the first Speaker Dunigan O’Keeffe talking about NPS® and how this metric can help organizations become more customer-centric and employee focused.

Omni-Channel Customer Experience for Consumer Brands

This was followed by Mithun Sacheti, CEO and founder of Caratlane, who spoke about the success of his brand at an omnichannel level. As mentioned in our previous article on NPS®, a very interesting and common theme across the speakers and panellists was on employees and internalizing of culture. Here, we sum up some of the key takeaways surrounding the need for an omni-channel customer experience. Mithun Sacheti spoke about omni-channel as a successful strategy for consumer brands, and Caratlane’s journey in going omni-channel as a jewellery brand. Mithun’s speech was focused on the repositioning of the online space. Introducing Net Promoter ScoreSM – The Catalyst for Cultural Change The jewellery business is extremely relationship oriented by nature.

Putting the thinking hat back on. How Brands can become more Customer-Centric. InShare18 Dialogues on Delight started with the first Speaker Dunigan O’Keeffe talking about NPS® and how this metric can help in embedding the focus on a customer-centric approach to taking business decisions.

How Brands can become more Customer-Centric

It is important for businesses to keep the voice of the customer at the centre and to keep listening to them every day. How to make the best use of Customer Feedback? InShare10 Are You Using Customer Feedback Strategically to Improve the Customer Experience and Promote Loyalty or Are You Allowing This Key Information to Rot Away in a Spreadsheet on a Computer No One Ever Uses?

How to make the best use of Customer Feedback?

Many companies collect customer feedback just for the sake of it. They’ve either heard that it’s important – but only have a basic understanding of its importance – or they do it because it’s what their competition is doing. Tips to create repeat customers and drive loyalty. InShare5 While the main problem for businesses has always been the number of choices consumers have, the Internet has escalated this issue exponentially. Consumers can now choose to purchase products and services from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, it’s easier than ever to ignore products they don’t need or that don’t meet their requirements. But businesses face an even bigger challenge because consumers don’t just ignore those products, they also make their displeasure known. And when they do so online, word spreads like wild fire. The key to success in such a volatile market is to keep customers happy. However, not all customer loyalty programs are created equal. 1.

Standardized Customer Experience from Ritz-Carlton. InShare0 Every year, on the 14th of October, we celebrate World Standards Day. It’s a relatively little known “celebration” yet it does have great significance because it pays homage to the thousands of experts who have dedicated themselves to developing voluntary standards within institutions such as the International Organization for Standardization. Standards play an important role in daily life, though we don’t realize it. Customer Experience Lessons from a Postman. InShare17 Considering that the postman represents some of the oldest institutions in the world, you’d think we could learn a lot from them about customer experience.

After all, postal services have to be doing something right if they’re still functional and have customers, right? Well, a little digging will actually reveal quite the opposite. Lessons in Customer Experience from Eminem. InShare15 For those of you who don’t know him, Eminem a.k.a Marshall Mathers a.k.a Real Slim Shady is one of the more prominent names in rap music. And despite being truly outstanding at what he does, there can be no denying that Eminem is an anomaly and an eccentric one at that. Why Cloudcherry sold the BVP way. InShare44 Playing on our strengths “A company is the sum of parts of its people, and then some. It takes all the effort to bring together a team that has passion, commitment and incredible talent to execute an idea.

And you might still fail but without the people, any idea is worth about as much as the paper it is written on.” – Vinod Muthukrishnan, CEO, Cloudcherry. Customer Experience Management – Welcome to the World of Phygital 01 01 01.