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Cloud Infotech is a leading telecom solutions provider and VoIP based company, targeting emerging market enterprises with a portfolio of products – PRI Cards, VoIP Gateways, GSM/CDMA Gateways, VoIP PBX, IP-Phones, Head-Phones etc.

GSM/CDMA Gateways. Vega 3000G VoIP Analog Gateway in India. Audio Conferencing Archives. Grandstream SIP Speaker & Microphone. Grandstream GSC3510 SIP Speaker Phone. Grandstream GSC3505 SIP Speaker in Pune. GSM/CDMA Gateways. VoIP/SIP Video Door Phone System. Cloud InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.: Why to choose PRI Gateway for your organization. We will discuss some of the great advantages associated with PRI Gateway and how a business growth will be accompanied through it. · Cost termination: The cost while using 30 analog trunks is higher than the cost involved with PRI gateway.

Cloud InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.: Why to choose PRI Gateway for your organization.

As it provides 30 channels over a simple circuit, it helps the users to terminate the costs to a great extent. · Caller ID facility: Using PRI gateway It also offers caller ID facilities while calling to the customers. As all the connected extensions have their own number, the unique number always displays on the phone while making any communication. Moreover, some of the call centers also use the caller ID facility for differentiating their services and making their talkative clients to get a brief idea on the same. · Direct Inward Dialing: The PRI provides 100-500 different numbers to the service providers that can be used either for internal or for external purposes to call through the extensions directly.

Best VoIP Business Phone System in India. Grandstream IP Communication Solutions with Cloud Infotech. Video Door Phone System to Secure your Home. - Cloud_Infotech - Medium. A secure office premise is what everyone aims for.

Video Door Phone System to Secure your Home. - Cloud_Infotech - Medium

It is in fact, very important to secure all your communication chain, either internal or external. For these reasons, business hubs employ all the relative measure to ensure the safety and security of their premises. But how can you ensure the safety of your communication system? Finding it tough to do that? Not anymore, as we are offering a wide range of door phones that will perfectly match your desires and expectations. Door phones and it's working A door phone is an electrical set that is used to handle the two-way communication either in homes or office premises or any other space.

A doorbell phone system allows the users to communicate with the visitors arriving at their premises without even opening up the door. Types of Video door phones Video door phone systems are classified in many regards such as based on security layers, technologies, etc. A. B. Video Door Phone System to Secure your Home. - Cloud_Infotech - Medium. Stay Ahead of Competition with VoIP Gateway. If you are in business, you know very well what it takes to make it run smoothly and efficiently.

Stay Ahead of Competition with VoIP Gateway

There are so many things to look after and it can sometimes be quite a tough task to handle the diversity and complexity of things. In today’s day and age, there is no dearth of technological assistance available for the modern businessperson to handle various aspects of the business effectively. The key lies in being smart and flexible enough to let the modern technology offer you a helping hand in manifesting your business dreams faster than ever. Video Conferencing Benefits. Top Office Phone System for Small Business. Are you opening up your own new business?

Top Office Phone System for Small Business

Let’s update your existing phone system and give it a new range of technology to establish a better communication system. We have gone through many research and testing to check the effectiveness of the system. With these, we have prepared a list of office phone system that will help small businesses in their growth and development.

Before illustrating the facts proven through the researches and studies, we want to discuss some properties. On the basis of these properties only, we have declared the list. Reliability check: We have checked the reliability of these phone systems. Here, by small businesses we mean the business having at least 10 employees. Unified Communication System is helpful in schools. 1-8-32-64 E1/T1 SS7 Signaling Gateway. About SS7 and its working Signaling System 7 is a networking protocol that is used to control and manage the establishment and dismantling of traditional telephony carrier networks.

1-8-32-64 E1/T1 SS7 Signaling Gateway

It serves as a common signaling channel that helps in setting up of calls and call teardown information over multiple calls that are carried out through separate channels of voice traffic. This type of network constructed with a set of telephonic signal protocols from all over the world. These are thus very actively used to configure most of the telephone exchanges. Moreover, with such a network system, you can broaden up the functionality of existing telephones as it provides a smarter phone network. A brief about SS7 gateway If you don’t know about SS7 gateway or new to SS7, then let us tell you a brief on it. Why business switching from phone system to IP PBX. Businesses always try to keep on upgrading to stay competitive in the market.

why business switching from phone system to IP PBX

They always tend to adopt all the possible sources that can give them a maximum benefit for successful growth in the future. Today, most of the businesses are running depending on the communication system. For them, the more successful the communication is the more future return they can expect from the business and vice versa. Thus, their primary aim is to make the communication process as much smoother as possible. IP PBX system thus would be the best choice for those business hubs. An IP PBX or private branch exchange (telephone switching system within an enterprise) is a system that provides telephone calls over IP networks. There are a number of IP-PBX among which some are hardware-based devices, some other are software-based servers. How an IP PBX works. WHY IS IT BENEFICIAL TO USE SIP FOR VOIP? As we have already discussed SIP and VoIP, here in this blog, we will discuss about some more benefits and prospects of using SIP for VoIP and in what context is it a beneficial investment for businesses.


Before knowing about the benefits of SIP for VoIP, let us discuss some essential factors with SIP and VoIP in detail. Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) is a Voice Over Internet Protocol that offers internet-based telephony to the users. It enables the endpoints of PBX to send and receive calls over the internet from anywhere, at any time at a minimum cost of installation. As it is used as a signaling protocol, it connects multiple users on real-time applications and offers to control the video, voice and messaging applications. Why SIP asset selection is very critical Smart businessperson always looks for smart investment plans in which they can have good returns for their business.