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3-6-9-12 - Apprivoiser les écrans et grandir. Cours de langues gratuits sur Internet. Ilini: Learn French with the best videos from the web. Watch entertaining French videos just like you do in your own language! ILINI helps you learn French faster while staying up to date with francophone life. Short videos Most videos last less than 2 minutes. That is usually just enough vocabulary to digest in one learning session, without feeling overwhelmed. Bilingual Subtitles Depending on your level, turn on French subtitles, English subtitles or both at the same time.

We do literal translations and display full sentences so you can compare. Integrated Dictionary Don't know a word? Vocabulary We take notes for you! Flashcards Flashcards are a great way to study your vocabulary. Quiz Test your understanding of the videos with multiple-choice questions. Texts Download video transcripts and translations for some reading, highlighting or note taking. Worksheets Download fill-the-gap exercises, phrase scrambles and other listening and vocabulary activities (with answers). Online Classroom They are talking about us Media Partners. Le blob, l’extra-média.