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Discover latest mens fashion tips and trends on men's clothing, footwear, grooming, belts, tattoo, hair, lifestyle, handbags and a lot more at Click and Fab.

Reverse the Aging effect through White Beard Treatment. Aging is a dreadful yet undeniable truth of human existence.

Reverse the Aging effect through White Beard Treatment

People as they grow-up, step up into maturity also grow old not only mentally but physically as well (This is the law of nature). The physical Symptoms are visible through wrinkles on the skin, Slow body stimulus and movements, White hair growth in Beard (particularly in men) and of course over the head as well. How Hair Care Tips are Going to Solve your Hair Care Problems. Are you having difficulty in maintaining your hairs?

How Hair Care Tips are Going to Solve your Hair Care Problems

If, Yes then you should perhaps start caring for it so that it doesn’t get damaged. Many of us protect our skin but soon forget that hair is also an essential part, and you need to maintain it as you do to your skin. Hair gets damaged due to a various reasons such as harmful UV rays etc. The hair, especially in summer, should be maintained with extra care. Love Hacks on How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work. A Long Distance Relationship just like any other romantic relationship is an intimate bond between the two individuals who are geographically apart from each other.

Love Hacks on How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work

In such relationships there is no physical or face-to-face contact between the two individuals, and can only connect virtually (thanks to the technological advancements of today). A long distance relationship comes into existence when one of the two individuals have to move or is already geographically away from their partner. The most commonly known reasons for such geographical separations are stated as follows– 1. The Changing Scenario of Manhood Demands - Male Plastic Surgery. Looking good is not just a forte of women any more, men work equally harder for looking smart and handsome enough to catch the attention of not just ladies but also other people of the same gender.

The Changing Scenario of Manhood Demands - Male Plastic Surgery

This phenomenon of looking smart and experimenting with looks has given rise to more demand for Male Plastic Surgery. Plastic Surgery is a special type of surgery that is done to remove or repair certain deformities of the human body without any alteration in the function performed by the part has undergone the surgery. The term plastic surgery is derived from the Greek word PLASTIKOS which means to form or mold. Upgrade Yourself Upgrade Your Smell - Mens Perfume Guide.

Sense of smell is just above the strongest sense humans have.

Upgrade Yourself Upgrade Your Smell - Mens Perfume Guide

It can either distance us or attract us to someone. Scented oils, perfumes and other fragrances have been adorned by people since early civilization. One thing everyone need to understand that smelling good is important for both men and women. As per for men, women tend to be more attracted to men who smell good rather than men who just carry good looks. According to researches pleasantness and facial attractiveness integrated into one joint emotional evaluation. Top 20 Wardrobe Essentials For Men in 2017.

In this modern era, fashion is making new trends every next day.

Top 20 Wardrobe Essentials For Men in 2017

It does not matter where if you are a teenager, mature or enjoying your 50’s, you want to be the stylish, classic and well-dressed fellow. When most of the guys spending a lot of their earnings and time to look better, they run out and own really unique and cool pieces that only be used as specialized outfits. That is really going to be proven later as the waste of money and time also. Don’t pick outfits that can be used once or twice only. Future of Ecommerce : Intensification of the Desire to Shop. With the birth of internet in the 20th century a new revolution came into being that changed the way we use to perform the traditional commerce.

Future of Ecommerce : Intensification of the Desire to Shop

This new revolution was termed as Ecommerce (electronic commerce). Ecommerce as we know it is the use of global internet to conduct various transactions related to sales and purchase of goods and services provided. Suit Yourself According To Your Body. Anybody can wear a suit but only a few can wear it the best.

Suit Yourself According To Your Body

It’s easy to hop around in a men’s suit but to carry something that fits you well and looks sharp on you is a different deal. Someone has rightly said that the suit makes the man but nobody would have ever thought what it takes to make a gentleman’s suit. Though markets are overflowing with a variety of suits for men but what matters is would this range of Men’s suit can shape up the personality you want. A perfect suit is the one that can flawlessly express your individual style.

And, to achieve this individuality one has to have the basic knowledge about choosing a great suit. Scarf Tying and Styling Tips - Click and Fab. Like women, men also wear scarves.

Scarf Tying and Styling Tips - Click and Fab

These scarves not only act as a fashion statement but also save you from chilly winter. A rectangular piece of cloth can add versatility to your wardrobe. Choose a classic way to wear your scarf! Know Corporate Fashion Trends for Men. IT is known for its corporate fashion setting.

Know Corporate Fashion Trends for Men

In order to style better, take time to choose stylish footwear, white and blue shirts, dark fitted jeans, trousers. Speak about your personality through your classic outfit! Mens Shoes Guide as a Step Up For Elegant Look. Looking to impress you lady love? In addition to your outfit, don’t forget to put extra time on choosing classic shoes to add class to your personality. Be sure to go with a shoe pair which is comfortable and classic. Shoes, the most functional piece of your clothing and the very first thing to make a good impression on women.