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DIY tattered cotton and branch canopy. 100 Creative DIY Wall Art Ideas to Decorate Your Space. Now that Fall is here, we’re thinking about redecorating our homes here at Brit + Co, which means it’s the perfect time for some DIY inspiration.

100 Creative DIY Wall Art Ideas to Decorate Your Space

There are literally thousands of different ways to make beautiful art for the walls of your home or office (along with posters and prints). But we narrowed it down a little to our top 100 favorite ideas. Whether you’re into metallics or neon, color block or obmre, 2D or 3D there’s an idea here to fit your home and your budget. Be sure to tell us in the comments which is your favorite. 1. 2. 3D Colorblock Wall Art: This 3D circle installation proves that when it comes to color block, it’s not always hip to be square. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

DIY framed fabric art. I actually recorded this video a while ago when we were re-decorating our office into a reading/game room – check out the Before and After video here!

DIY framed fabric art

Framing fabric is a really easy and beautiful DIY for any room. there are endless fabric options thus, there are endless art and decorating possibilities! Mr. Outdoor Watercolor Tiki Mask Art. This post is all over the place.

Outdoor Watercolor Tiki Mask Art

I am not sure why, but lets just go with it. Consider yourself warned. Thrift Store Art Warms My Heart: Be My Groupie? DIY painted purses. I’ve done posts before on how to spruce up an old or thrifted purse using old chain and a scarf, etc. and today’s DIY is all about getting your paint on!

DIY painted purses

You don’t have to be Van Gogh to get great results from this project, you can always use the masking tape technique to paint stripes of color or use a stencil or just paint the tips of tassels like i do in the video! The tree design is a really easy starting point if you want an intricate design.. you can sketch it first with pencil. Prep It! : an old purse that needs sprucingacrylic paintpaint brush(s)acetone (nail polish remover with acetone)cotton ballsbowl of waterpaint tray or aluminum foil insteadoptional: brooch, buckles, buttons and needle and thread to attach them. DIYable: spell it with nails. Dream pad of the moment: giant canvas headboard.

Geode String Art. So excited for today’s project!

Geode String Art

I have caught the crystal fever, not the kind where you become so obsessed that you blow millions on them like our good friends Speidi (did you know that they are still married?!) But obsessed enough that I want the design everywhere. Finding affordable, inspiring art for your house is somewhere that a lot of people (myself included) come up short. Roman Numeral Wall Art. I think I have gotten more emails about this tutorial (or lack thereof) than anything else lately.

Roman Numeral Wall Art

Pin It I originally did this project when I was getting ready for The Nate Show but when I was putting it together I was on such a time constraint and my camera was dead that I didn’t have time to wait for the battery to charge. I knew immediately that I wanted to do this project for the Epic Makeover because there was such a small skinny wall between the 2 doors. First what you need is wood. Copper Geometric Picture Mats & Hexagon Art. Hey guys!!

Copper Geometric Picture Mats & Hexagon Art

I have a really fun project for you today, its easy and a show stopper. Win win! Pin It All you need is a tired picture frame and mat, ScotchBlue ™ Painter’s Tape for Delicate Surfaces with Advanced Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector (2080EL), and Copper Spray Paint. Start by cutting your painters tape into different shapes. Give it a couple of coats of Copper spray paint. When you paint is dry, peel off the ScotchBlue™ Painters Tape. How To Make A Rug. So ya’ll know that sometimes I get these ideas.

How To Make A Rug.

And these ideas kind of grow until they have a life of their own. And once they grow to that size there is just no stopping them. Such was the case with the rug in my living room. This was my perfect rug. Zebra, Gray, Not to jaggedy, Big stripes, 5×8 and only $600.00 Son-of-a. So I decided to make my own. 15 Minute Art From A Thrift Store. I have had this idea running through my head for a year and just never took the time to execute it.

I love the art at Thrift Stores. Its quirky and strange and cheap and has a story to tell. Bringing The Outdoors In...On Your Wall. I have yet to post a complete picture of my living room.

Bringing The Outdoors In...On Your Wall

I thought that I would post about the individual projects first and then do a post about everything collectively. So you’ve seen my yellow {end table} and my black and grey {wall} and my {chair}. My inspiration for this room are these beautiful trees. I love Quakies. Faux Taxidermy Part 1. So we all are loving the antler/animal head trend right now right?

Faux Taxidermy Part 1

Frugal Living: How To Frame Your Art on the Cheap — Apartment Therapy Tutorials. I never quite felt like a real adult until I framed my first piece of art. All through college I pinned giant collages of unframed art to my walls like a life-size scrapbook. Post-grad, I've slowly started framing my favorite pieces, both to make them more of a statement, and to protect them from dust and the cat. Custom framing is wicked expensive, so I scour thrift stores for well-made frames with glass, and hit up my local art supply store for the rest of what I need to do my own custom framing. Here's one of the thrift-store frames I found. Although the print looks nice in this picture, up close it's actually quite grainy and not worth saving.

Valentina Ramos - All Art. How to Upcycle Old Magazines Into Wall Art. So we’ve already shown you how to repurpose your old stacks of magazines, but in case none of those tickled your fancy we’ve got one more DIY for you. DIY silhouette wall art! Ta dah! This DIY Basic is super simple. In just five easy steps you can create wall art that is fun, original, and packed with color. Materials: – magazines – canvas/wood/board – hot glue sticks – pattern – tape Tools: – hot glue gun – scissors Instructions: 1.

Time to get started! Next you want to tear up those pages. Start at the edge and tightly roll the page into a cylinder. DIYable design: multiple rugs and spilled paint art. I love this space! It’s so fresh and energized with the color. of course, white-washed floors make a big difference in this space but you could get a similar look by using multiple rugs! Notice that they are all different colors and patterns but because the furniture is minimal and the walls are white, it works! I also love the one cornflower blue chair in the corner. DIYable design: magazine pages on canvas.

DIY headboard roundup. This headboard was super easy to make for our bedroom and looks clean and chic. all you need is a piece of wood, some sand paper to round the edges (if you want), an ornamental piece (you can get these at any hardware store – usually used on front doors – ask for “filigree”), a couple nails or glue to attach the ornamental piece to the wood, and then paint it! Nesting: Simple Song Lyrics Painting. Frugal Living: 15 Free (or Nearly Free) DIY Ways to Fill & Refresh Your Framed Art. 10 Common Thrift Store Finds That Work Great for DIY Projects.

Abstract Art Tutorial. Okay, here it is. 25 Creative and Easy DIY Canvas Wall Art Ideas. The decor of your home is an insight of yourself. But often, decorating your home can be a very complicated and expensive process, especially if you are in need of wall art to post on your walls. Wood Block Picture Collage. 25 Creative and Easy DIY Canvas Wall Art Ideas. Hand-painted map art tutorial. What you'll need: Large canvasU.S. mapScissorsPencilWatercolor paintPaint trayPaint brushesRubber cement.

Using Stain to Make Artwork! {Burn pile Buffet Part 2} If you missed Part 1 of our Buffet Transformation, click here to read about how we rescued this buffet from a burn pile… stripped, sanded, repaired, primed, and painted! Next is the fun part. Clip Art Paintings. Art in a room is like ice cream on apple pie (since I don't get the appeal of a cherry on top), it isn't complete without it.I have been looking for the perfect art for my eldest daughter's room. The difficulty with art is the price, even prints can start to add up quickly.

I'm reluctant to spend that kind of money for something of purely decorative value when we haven't even spent money on a much needed mattress, preferably one without springs poking me in the back. Yep, time to get creative. Do It Yourself Using Clip ArtWhen all else fails, do it yourself. I'm very particular about my art, and although I can 'kind of' do something akin to painting *grimace*, it just isn't good I decided to cheat. Copy the smaller image to print rather than downloading an image, the more pixilated the picture the better. 12 DIY Ideas for Creating Inexpensive Art. 12 Art Projects You Can Absolutely Try Yourself. Now these are decidedly more complex than meets the eye, but a more toned down (ok, dumbed down) version can easily be made. This blue abstract color splotch reminds us that something so graphic with 2 basic colors (background color and splotch color) is stunning and beautiful.