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DIY Jewlry

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DIY Stag Earrings.


Hair accessories. Earings. Bracelets. Necklace. How to Repurpose Colored Pencils into Colorful Accessories. We were so inspired by our back to school pencils project a couple weeks ago that we decided to take it to the next level.

How to Repurpose Colored Pencils into Colorful Accessories

The colored pencil level. Here are 4 playful accessories perfect for artsy types, students, teachers, and anyone who likes to add a little color and nostalgia to their jewelry box. Materials: - colored pencils - sand paper - drill with tiny drill bit - hand saw - chain - ring pads - glue - jewelry wire If you don’t have an old box of colored pencils lying around, you can easily find them at a local craft store, pharmacy or on Amazon. Best of all, most of these projects leave the majority of your pencils in tact for use later on. 1. This one actually happens to be useful too! Simply cut off 2-inch length of pencil (with a sharpened end). 2. Our second ring is great for those teeny tiny colored pencils you’ve got kicking around the craft drawer. Cut off a few ends (7 work best), sand so that they’re smooth. Glue together on wax paper using wood glue and let set overnight. Thankful Thursday - Friendship - Mashia Crafts. 46 Ideas For DIY Jewelry You'll Actually Want To Wear.

'How a pencil ended my shame:' - Wire Wrap Jewelry. Heart and crazy jewels/Cuore and gioielli pazzi! E nonostante fossi titubante a fare anche questo mese..ieri sera mi ci sono messa e spruzzando, stencillando, incollando e ritagliando foto... a metà fra lo scrapbooking e il collage, ecco il mio cuore di Agosto:And this is my interpretation of this month's theme at HeartJournal2012: after spraying, cutting, gluing and half scrapbooking heart:Gesso...

Heart and crazy jewels/Cuore and gioielli pazzi!

Grand-plaque Embroidered Necklace - Beaded Necklaces. About the Artist: Wendy Vasconcellos I started my home based jewelry business in 2008 with the idea of making unique quality jewelry at an affordable price. I was inspired by the reactions of both friends and family when my creations were given as gifts. I then read, researched trends and techniques until I was satisfied with my designs. Although I am in this business to sell jewelry, I look at every piece I sell as one of my children leaving home. The most satisfying thing about my business is when customers love the pieces and order more. View Wendy Vasconcellos's website at Krystone Jewelry. Autumn’s on the way. Make Your Own Beads. This is a fun and simple project... a great way to use up those little scraps of paper and thread that you don't want to throw away.

Make Your Own Beads

What you need: 1. Scraps of paper or card stock 2. Scraps of embroidery thread 3. Paper and Wire Wrapped Bead Tutorial. Tools you will need: Round nose pliers, flush cutters, chain nose pliers, ruler, copper wire 18 gauge and 20 gauge, paint brush, some kind of adhesive sealant and protector for decoupage (such as Mod Podge or Liquitex), and an old book with aged pages.Optional: Liver of sulfur, steel wool Tools Needed To Make Copper Wire Wrapped Paper Beads 1.

Paper and Wire Wrapped Bead Tutorial

First tear out a few aged pages from an old book. (To age your own pages.) Take your paint brush and adhesive/sealant of your choice. Copper Wire Wrapped Paper Bead Tutorial 2. Beaded Spider Tutorial. This is a list of step by step instructions to make beaded spiders.

Beaded Spider Tutorial

Let's get started. How to Create Beaded Baubles with Safety Pins. If you were a child of the 80s or 90s, you probably remember putting beads on safety pins and attaching them to your Jansport backpack for a little extra flair.

How to Create Beaded Baubles with Safety Pins

Today, we’re taking the beaded safety pin to a seriously stylish level. All you need are safety pins, beads, and elastic string! DIY Lace Mask. I found this awesome lace mask tutorial by Sprinkles in Springs, and me and M thought we'd give it a go for New Year's Eve.

DIY Lace Mask

Since we were in a hurry I didn't have time to get too many photos, so check her blog out for a more comprehensive tutorial. Here's how we (read: M) did it: M drew a lace mask onto paper in the size we wanted the mask. Then she taped it onto a cutting mat. She taped some parchment paper over that. DIY Rhinestone Sunglasses. Im just so in love with all of the embellished sunglasses from the fall designer runways, theyre what inspired me to make these two versions of DIY Rhinestone Sunglasses.

DIY Rhinestone Sunglasses

Both pair of sunglasses are really different and fun ways to add some personal style and sparkle to your wardrobe. A little unexpected sparkle is ALWAYS a good thing. 1 or 2 Pair of sunglasses (depending on which pair you make or both)Rhinestone leopard necklace or other large rhinestone encrusted animal (all jewelry by Forever 21)Rhinestone braceletRhinestone hair pinsPliersAleenes Jewelry & Metal Glue (This stuff is amazing! It holds really well. Twigs & Honey.

Pinky Swear Current obsession?

Twigs & Honey

Pinky rings. Bittersweets‘ dainty Club Pinky Rings, to be exact. Our favorite jewelry purveyor, Catbird, is giving away a set of these customizable 14k gold rings for you and your bestie so that you, […] Guardian Angel Honestly, how sick are these weapon embossed Guardian Angel bags from Vlieger & Vandam designed by husband and wife duo Hein van Dam and Carolien Vlieger? The Astral Plane. Friend Of Mine Giveaway Australian label Friend Of Mine‘s effortlessly cool aesthetic caught our attention several seasons ago with their covetable collections of uniquely cut basics, tailored trousers, rockabilly inspired outerwear, and wonderfully offbeat footwear.

The Astral Plane

Whether it be with an engraved […] Lem Lem Giveaway As you should know by now, we are huge fans of Lem Lem - especially their block printed scarves with pops of shocking neon colors. Of course, we found it only fair to share the love so […]

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