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10 Amazing Floors Ever Created | Energy Dimension Most flooring is pretty unimaginative and boring. However, the following is a selection of cool floors which aim to keep you staring at the ground; just make sure you don’t bump into anyone. Enjoy, and please let us know which one is you favorite. 1.Jig-Saw Floor If you are puzzled over what type of flooring you should put in your home or maybe just a specific room, then you might want to take a quick look at this innovative and creative puzzle floor concept from Prowood Flooring. This puzzle floor definitely adds a level of whimsy and fun to any room. 10 Amazing Floors Ever Created | Energy Dimension

Outdoor style

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Bottled Brilliance: DIY Plastic Bulbs for Hanging LED Lights Bottled Brilliance: DIY Plastic Bulbs for Hanging LED Lights Hand-crafted takes on a whole new meaning in these creative table lamp and pendant lighting designs. Instead of an artisan working hard to make a unique light, you become the creator each time you crush a used bottle and screw it into the fixture. The resulting ‘bulb’ then reflects and refracts light according to the way it is bent and twisted, filtered through clear or colored plastic and/or obscured by labels or markings. In short: each one is original and different from the next.
Hanging Planter/Room Divider » Curbly | DIY Design Community « Keywords: planter, hanging, room-divider
the paris apartment the paris apartment parisian ambiance by bonjour mes cheries, happy sunday! i hope you’re having a good weekend and savoring the last of the evening hours. i’ve been nesting lately, just enjoying home after moving around so much last year and definitely not thinking much about travel and changing my locale right now. but spring will soon be sprung and that means wanderlust is in the air. my beautiful paris, norma theison truth is i do love to travel, there are still so many places on my bucket list to see. for you too?

Gregs Gypsy Bowtop Caravans - Home

Gregs Gypsy Bowtop Caravans - Home I build, sell and hire new car-towable gypsy bow top caravans. They are built of quality seasoned pine surrounded by insulated and waterproofed tarpaulin, which is tightly tensioned around a poplar tunnel and are built on a brand new caravan chassis. Weighing less than a tonne and fully braked, they are easily pulled by a mid range car up to legal tow speed. The bowtop wagon is a spacious, highly maneuverable and very stable head turning wagon.
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