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Sleeping. 7 Lessons From 7 Great Minds. Have you ever wished you could go back in time and have a conversation with one of the greatest minds in history?

7 Lessons From 7 Great Minds

Well, you can’t sorry, they’re dead. Unless of course you’re clairaudient, be my guest. But for the rest of us, we can still refer to the words they left behind. Even though these great teachers have passed on, their words still live, and in them their wisdom. I’ve made a list of seven what I believe are some of the greatest teachings by the world’s greatest minds. 1. “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” - Lawrence J. In order for us to achieve our dreams, we must have a vision of our goals. Action: Visualize a life of your wildest dreams. 2. “It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, “Always do what you are afraid to do.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson The best way to learn something is to dive right in to it.

Action: You must define your fears in order to conquer them. 3. “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. 15 Tested Tips for Creative Efficiency. Wise Bread Picks Creative pursuits and efficiency don't always seem to go together; in fact, our age-old wisdom tells us that in order to be truly creative, we need wide open swaths of time, unbounded by other obligations like work, kids, and the need to get dinner on the table.

15 Tested Tips for Creative Efficiency

(See also: Fun and Cheap Ways to Get Creative When You’re Bored) Then there's real life, which includes work, kids, the need to get dinner on the table…little things like that which won't go away. Life won't be put on hold while we decide to get creative. So what's the answer? I'm writing this right now with my third child snuggled up next to me.

What I'm trying to say with that long drawn-out story is that life is rarely going to bless you with long open hours to sit around and paint portraits or write songs or write novels. How to Think Like a Genius. This is an outline of a method that is taught in workshops and discussed in the book Think Like a Genius by Dr.

How to Think Like a Genius

Todd Siler. It involves connecting and transforming information (data, knowledge, concepts, experiences, etc.) in personally meaningful, purposeful and useful ways. Use this image or choose another and it relate it to your life. 25 Ways to Be a Better Person Today. Wise Bread Picks I recently came across five principles for living well.

25 Ways to Be a Better Person Today

They are: Today — do not be angry. Today — do not worry. Today — be kind to yourself and others. On the whole, these principles would make you a better person. Here are 25 practical ways to apply the above principles and be a better person — today.


Money Money Money. Ready to see my mystery office desktop?

Money Money Money

The one John and I have been working so hard on for the past few weeks? And learn how we did it? I mean, I know *I'm* excited. Here, I'll ease you in slowly. It all started.... And it became... Ta-DA! Ok, that's not the best shot. Oooh. Now, on to the photo-intensive tutorial/progress shots! First, if you want your top to have any shine to it, you're going to need to polish up some of the pennies you're using. Fill your bowl about a quarter of the way with pennies, pour in a little Tarn-X, and then swish and shake the bowl around over the sink (in case of splashes) to evenly expose the coins to the liquid. Brooke and Maggie's Pearl of DOOM 1.

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