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Cleverly Solved works with small businesses, and inventors and help them reach a great level of business. Bringing real-time solutions for the market. Cleverly Solved have smart tools and products for your home solution such as Flueblocker, chimella, smoke point, Chimney Balloon & more. The Chimney Balloon is the original chimney draft stopper that effectively blocks the chimney, stops warm air from escape and stops cold air from getting in. You can use a Chimney Balloon to Block the Chimney and can keep your home warm. For more information about more products Visit:

Cleverly Solved Fireplace Chimney Balloon. Top 5 Preventive Tips for Chimney Fires. Chimney fires cause more than $125 million in property damage in the United States each year, with more than 25,000 occurring each year.

Top 5 Preventive Tips for Chimney Fires

Those damages are primarily the result of flames in the lower chimney rising upward and causing cracks and warps in the masonry or metal chimney walls and other negative effects on the walls. The chimney sheep can help you in this regard. But, unfortunately, houses can be destroyed, and lives put in danger when chimney fires occur in the most severe circumstances. Inadequate maintenance of a chimney, including frequent inspection, repair, and cleaning, can result in it malfunctioning or accumulating harmful build-up that puts your family’s safety at risk.

Keep creosote accumulation to a minimum to avoid fireplace fires. 4 Tips you can opt to Stop Cold Air Coming Down from The Chimney. Although a fireplace is intended to make your house warm and inviting, it may do more damage than good.

4 Tips you can opt to Stop Cold Air Coming Down from The Chimney

The lower the temperature is in your house when cold air travels down the chimney and into your home, the higher your heating costs will be, and the more variables that make your home unpleasant, the higher your heating bills will be. Here are a few steps that can stop cold chimney drafts and help you out. All You Need to Know About Smoke Pencil. Identifying the locations of air leaks is the first step in reducing the impact that air leaks have on energy consumption and expenses.

All You Need to Know About Smoke Pencil

A smoke pencil is a battery-operated instrument that is used to detect and locate leaks in electrical wiring with the help of its smoke point. The smoke it produces exposes the flow of air in a given region, and the amount of smoke emitted may be adjusted by utilizing the tool’s multi-function trigger, which has a variety of functions. It is small enough to fit in a pocket and can be locked, making it ideal for usage in confined spaces and storage.

Cleverly Solved - Chimney Flue Blocker. Top 7 Tips to Maintain Fireplace. Around the wintertime of the year, the fireplace quickly becomes the most cherished element in your house.

Top 7 Tips to Maintain Fireplace

You undoubtedly put a lot of demands on your fireplace; after all, it is meant to provide warmth for both your house and your soul. However, to gain the benefits of having a fireplace, you must also contribute to its upkeep and maintenance, and you should block cold fireplace to make it sustain. 1. Engage the Services of Experts. Why it is important to use advanced solutions for your home. Smart home technology is a broad term that refers to any collection of gadgets, appliances, or systems like smart thermoplastics, mortar pointing gun , smart lighting, etc., that are connected to a shared network and can be operated independently and from a distance.

Why it is important to use advanced solutions for your home

When all of your home technology is integrated into a single system, it is referred to as a “connected home,” a more general term. The Important Benefits 1. Having a central location to manage all of your home gadgets. The ability to keep all of your house’s electronics connected through a single interface is a significant advancement in both technology and home management.

Cleverly Solved Chimney Pillow. Tips to keep your chimney safe and clean. Chimney maintenance and correct cleanup are key steps to keeping your family safe and warm during winter.

Tips to keep your chimney safe and clean

Neglected chimneys accumulate creosote, a flammable byproduct of burn wood, on their walls. When you augment that with a high internal flue temperature, and then you have got a dangerous chimney fireplace on your hands. The best way to avoid a house accident caused by the fireside or chimney is to rent a knowledgeable chimney sweep to examine cracks and loose bricks. He’ll clean your chimney and also install other valuable tools like the chimney sheep to control drought.

This article is interesting tips to look out for to keep your chimney clean and in a perfectly healthy condition. Fireplace Balloon and More Home Solutions At Cleverly Solved. Cleverly Solved Chimney Products. Cleverly Solved. Cleverly Solved Quikpoint Mortar Gun. What are Chimney Balloons and How to Install Them? Chimney balloons are usually original chimney draft stopper, puncture resistance inflatable.

What are Chimney Balloons and How to Install Them?

It is installed in a chimney, seals, and then insulates as it expands wall to wall. Chimney balloons are usually easy to use. Did you know there are various types of chimney balloons available, depending on your chimney size? To select your chimney balloon, you need to measure the diameter for the rounded chimney or the length and width for a squared chimney. Some Tips to Maintain Your Fireplace to Run Efficiently. Everybody loves to enjoy the warmth and coziness of the fireplace.

Some Tips to Maintain Your Fireplace to Run Efficiently

Sitting with family and experiencing warmness is the best feeling one can have. However, due to scarce negligence, a soothing fireplace can turn into an accident area. So, it has to be maintained with time so that it can work efficiently. In winters, you enjoy heat and warmth from the fireplace. However, with the onset of summer, a stinky smell starts coming out of the chimney. Cleverly Solved Smoke Pencil Air Leak Detection Hazer Kit. Fire Safety Guide: Tips to Prevent Fireplace Accidents? The fireplaces in the home create a perfect winter ambiance as the whole family gets together around the bonfire.

Fire Safety Guide: Tips to Prevent Fireplace Accidents?

It not only provides physical warmth to the body but provides warmth to your soul too. However, it can be dangerous too because it destroys the house, even causing loss of life. Thus, the reason for this can be a lack of maintenance or incorrect installation. Everything You Need To Know About Mortar Guns. Masonry mortar is a mixture of sand, water, and binder (s).

Everything You Need To Know About Mortar Guns

It is used to ensure the adhesion of the bricks and to distribute the loads. To this mixture will sometimes be added adjutants or additives. Quikpoint Mortar Gun for Sale Online. Facts You Should Know About the Use of Advanced Smoke Producing Products. The advancement in technology has been making most of the industrial operations easy and more efficient over the last many years. Every technique and process which is introduced to keep up the performance of the industrial operations are designed perfectly. Thus, it is not easy to make such useful techniques that can be really extraordinary in terms of use. Cleverly Solved - Chimney Balloon and Solution. Flue Balloon for the Fireplace. Fix Your Drafty Chimney With A Chimney Balloon.