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Government, economics, and politics

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Juice Media. Julian Assange. Early life Assange was born in Townsville.

Julian Assange

Hacking In September 1991, he was discovered hacking into the Melbourne master terminal of Nortel, a Canadian multinational telecommunications.[9] The Australian Federal Police tapped Assange's phone line (he was using a modem), raided his home at the end of October,[36][37] and eventually charged him in 1994 with thirty-one counts of hacking and related crimes.[9] Trax and Prime Suspect were each charged with a smaller number of offences.[38] In December 1996, he pleaded guilty to twenty-five charges (the other six were dropped), and was ordered to pay reparations of A$2,100 and released on a good behaviour bond,[9][34][39][40][41][42] avoiding a heavier penalty due to the perceived absence of malicious or mercenary intent and his disrupted childhood.[39][40][43][44] Programming.



Revolving door (politics) In politics, the "revolving door" is a movement of personnel between roles as legislators and regulators and the industries affected by the legislation and regulation.

Revolving door (politics)

[note 1] In some cases the roles are performed in sequence but in certain circumstances may be performed at the same time. Political analysts claim that an unhealthy relationship can develop between the private sector and government, based on the granting of reciprocated privileges to the detriment of the nation and can lead to regulatory capture.


Military. How to Start a Revolution. Edit Article Edited by Steven Bluen, Tipper, Eric, Jonathan E. and 61 others There are times when it's necessary to fight against things that have become so wrong that they should no longer be.

How to Start a Revolution

Economics. Zeitgeist Movement. ZeitgeistMovie's Channel.