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Ursula Endlicher. Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet. Andrea Crespo: virocrypsis. Cynthia: How long has it been?

Andrea Crespo: virocrypsis

Celinde: It doesn’t matter. There’s nothing we can do about it, we’re trapped–Cynthia: – We’re becoming. *both sigh* Swiss Institute is pleased to present the first institutional solo exhibition in the United States of New York-based artist Andrea Crespo, centered on a new video, virocrypsis (2015), which develops the artist’s ongoing inquiry into posthuman desire. Crespo is attentive to the way that communities have formed on sites where desire can be seen to take various forms, in the shape of characters, avatars and other types of vessels. Previously, Crespo has used images of similar characters found in online image sharing communities such as DeviantArt, but here Crespo has made digital tablet paintings of Cynthia and Celinde for the first time. Cynthia: The id flows in long-tails.Celinde: Desires end in them, intensify, multiply.Cynthia: Replicate.

Andrea Crespo: virocrypsis is the fourth exhibition in the ONE FOR ALL series at SI. Related Events Press. Rafaël Rozendaal – Official Website. X=X - N u n o P a t r í c i o. WTi 2.0 - Wasting Time on The Internet 30 JUNE 2015 Kunsthalle Düsseldorf >>> >>>The unseen already exists.

X=X - N u n o P a t r í c i o

Everything is findable. The blessing of being a meme is the curse of being a meme. In streaming the same dumb YouTube videos 17 times, or sharing a website devoted to specialized portable capsules for your banana, Goldsmith conjures responses that, as Teju Cole implies in his own essay on"digital remixers"/ aggregators, (whatever) are: “true of art”: “exasperation, the sense of wonder or inundation,” even “glimpses of beauty.” 'X=X, or "(We) look to theory only when (We) realize that somebody has dedicated their entire life to a question (We) have only fleetingly considered" feat. "Mindlessness assumes, demands, spawns mindfulness. " If you’re not making art with the intention of having it copied, you’re not really making art for the twenty-first century.

From producer to reproducer. The internet is destroying literature (and it’s a good thing). We don’t need the new sentence. Generative art and data visualization. Sterling Crispin. Untitled. Jeremy Bailey - Famous New Media Artist. ☂ Amalia's Website. Becoming An Image « Cassils. Becoming an Image is a piece that works at the interstices of performance, photography, and sculpture.

Becoming An Image « Cassils

This piece was originally conceived as a site-specific work for the ONE Archives in Los Angeles, the oldest active LGBTQ archive in the United States. Cassils unleashes an attack on a 2000 pound clay block. Delivering a series of kicks and blows in total darkness, the spectacle is illuminated only by the flash of a photographer, burning the image into the viewer’s retina. At Cassils’s solo show at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, 12 photographs were displayed. They were taken by blinded photographers who captured performances from prior exhibitions in London, Montreal, and Los Angeles. Header Image: Becoming An Image Performance Still No.3, Edgy Woman Festival, Montreal 2013. BASIM MAGDY. Hannah Black on Vimeo. David Gauthier. TLTRPreß — Page 1. MARISA GONZÁLEZ. Frontpage - Evgen Bavcar. Index. Jeanette Hayes. Sudando el discurso / Sweating the discourse : Aimar Pérez Galí. Scroll down for english version Sudando el discurso En esta presentación hablaré del bailarín como sujeto de subalternidad; hablaré de cómo la formación del bailarín, que lo concibe como un cuerpo-máquina el cuál no requiere de discurso, es uno de los principales agentes de su condición subalterna; hablaré de mi cuerpo como archivo o documento vivo; afirmaré: mi cuerpo es mi tesis; hablaré de la fetichización del cuerpo del bailarín; hablaré de como el discurso de la danza no se legitima desde el que la practica sino desde el que la observa y la analiza, y las problemáticas que esto conlleva.

Sudando el discurso / Sweating the discourse : Aimar Pérez Galí

Y todo esto lo puedo hacer porque soy bailarín, y mi práctica, o mi discurso, tanto físico como teórico, es atravesado por este cuerpo, que suda y habla. LISA PARK. A world full of choices. EASYLIFE.ORG. Azahara Cerezo. Benjamin grosser. Justin Kemp - hey whats up. TTY-ART. Space devoted to technology, new media and artistic research. Ryan rivadeneyra the artist (the website) Oliver Laric. Jeremy Bailey - Famous New Media Artist.  one by one w/ Martin. Paco Chanivet (a.k.a Pacotilla) - The fucking artist. Manuel Fernández. Timo Arnall. Jonrafman. Desire Obtain Cherish.