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Revive Old Post Lite | ThemeIsle. Redirection. Redirection is a WordPress plugin to manage 301 redirections, keep track of 404 errors, and generally tidy up any loose ends your site may have. This is particularly useful if you are migrating pages from an old website, or are changing the directory of your WordPress installation. New features include: 404 error monitoring - captures a log of 404 errors and allows you to easily map these to 301 redirectsCustom 'pass-through' redirections allowing you to pass a URL through to another page, file, or website.Full logs for all redirected URLsAll URLs can be redirected, not just ones that don't existRedirection methods - redirect based upon login status, redirect to random pages, redirect based upon the referrer! Existing features include: Redirection is available in: BackWPup - WordPress Backup Plugin. Online Backup for WordPress. Backup Technology's free Online Backup plugin provides protection for WordPress sites and their data.

With the vast amount of time and investment that goes into running a blog or website, it is essential that a simple system is available for backing up. Unlike other plugins, Online Backup for WordPress can even encrypt your backup data to keep it secure while it is downloaded, emailed, and even while it is stored. The plugin can backup your site's database (containing settings, pages, posts and comments) as well as its filesystem (containing media, attachments, themes and plugins) to any one of three places: A folder on your serverYour email inboxBackup Technology's secure data centres with 100 MB free online storage space Online Backup for WordPress Features: Download the plugin and protect your blog now!

Visit Backup Technology's website for more information on their services for WordPress, Online Backup and Disaster Recovery. Wysija Newsletters. Create newsletters, post notifications and autoresponders. Drop your posts, images, social icons in your newsletter. Change fonts and colors on the fly. Manage all your subscribers. A new and simple newsletter solution for WordPress. Finally! We built it with the idea that newsletters in WordPress should be easy. Check out this 2 minute video. Post notifications video. Features Drag & drop newsletter editorSend your latest posts automaticallyAutoresponders, i.e.

Premium version MailPoet Premium offers these nifty extra features: Send to more than 2000 subscribersA beautiful statistics dashboard to compare your newsletters, and subscribersDetailed stats for each subscriber and newsletterAutomated bounce handlingTest your spam score before you sendImprove deliverability with DKIM signatureDon't reinstall. Visit our Premium page. Support Find over 80 articles in our documentation: Translations in your language Get a Premium license in exchange for your help in translation. BBQ: Block Bad Queries. Broken Link Checker. This plugin will monitor your blog looking for broken links and let you know if any are found. Features Monitors links in your posts, pages, comments, the blogroll, and custom fields (optional).Detects links that don't work, missing images and redirects.Notifies you either via the Dashboard or by email.Makes broken links display differently in posts (optional).Prevents search engines from following broken links (optional).You can search and filter links by URL, anchor text and so on.Links can be edited directly from the plugin's page, without manually updating each post.Highly configurable.

Basic Usage Once installed, the plugin will begin parsing your posts, bookmarks (AKA blogroll) and other content and looking for links. Depending on the size of your site this can take from a few minutes up to an hour or more. The broken links, if any are found, will show up in a new tab of the WP admin panel - Tools -> Broken Links. There are several actions associated with each link. Translations. WPtouch. WPtouch is a mobile plugin for WordPress that automatically enables a simple and elegant mobile theme for mobile visitors of your WordPress website.

The administration panel allows you to customize many aspects of its appearance, and deliver a fast, user-friendly and stylish version of your site to your mobile visitors, without modifying a single bit of code (or affecting) your regular desktop theme. The theme also includes the ability for visitors to switch between the theme on your mobile WordPress website and your website's regular theme.

Now Available: WPtouch Pro + BraveNewCloud With 4 themes and 3 new extensions installed & updated right from our new BraveNewCloud service, it's the best WPtouch yet! For more information visit the 'WPtouch' & ’WPtouch Pro' are trademarks of BraveNewCode Inc. WP e-Commerce. Sociable. As you know, Sociable continues being the fastest growing leader in the sharing space of WordPress plugins.

We really appreciate your feedback, so, here you are lastest version including Pinterest icon, font changes you suggested and other terrific features you get totally Free. After introducing Sociable Skyscraper, the ultimate advanced and feature-packed plugin for setting up a rating system on your WordPress blog, we've developed Sociable Slider. It is sort of banner that reminds your readers to spread the word. You can select and customize several features, such as text, color, and length in order to ensure your readers and their friends a great Sociable Experience. Sociable Plug-in is totally free and continues leading digital arena with over 1.5 million downloads now.

About Sociable Skyscraper Sociable Skyscraper is the ultimate advanced and feature-packed plugin for setting up a rating system on your WordPress blog. About Sociable Classic Enjoy it now! Be Sociable, Share! SEO by Yoast. WordPress out of the box is already technically quite a good platform for SEO, this was true when I wrote my original WordPress SEO article in 2008 (and updated every few months) and it's still true today, but that doesn't mean you can't improve it further! This plugin is written from the ground up by Joost de Valk and his team at Yoast to improve your site's SEO on all needed aspects.

While this WordPress SEO plugin goes the extra mile to take care of all the technical optimization, more on that below, it first and foremost helps you write better content. WordPress SEO forces you to choose a focus keyword when you're writing your articles, and then makes sure you use that focus keyword everywhere. = Premium Support = The Yoast team does not provide support for the WordPress SEO plugin on the forums. One on one email support is available to people who bought the Premium WordPress SEO plugin only.

Write better content with WordPress SEO Page Analysis Meta & Link Elements. Contact Form 7. The only thing that caused me to ding it down to a 4-star instead of 5 what the learning curve was a bit challenging. Ninja Forms has it beat for use-of-use, but Ninja Forms requires a bunch of really expensive add-ons to do what I wanted. This was for a non-profit club for which I was building a website, as a volunteer, and they don’t have a huge budget. I would have given it a 4.5, but that’s not an option. The setup of a membership registration form with email notification, conditional redirection to a thank-you page, and a downloadable database took me about 3 hours total, most of which was spent researching the support forum and finding other (free) plugins to provide the missing functionality. I write software for a living, so it might take somebody with less experience a bit longer than that.

But CF7 is definitely usable if you are willing to invest the effort. I like it enough that I plan to replace Ninja Forms with CF7 in some of my own sites. Viper’s Video Quicktags | Native Embeds Since version 2.9, WordPress has featured native easy embeds. However this plugin offers more customization than allowed without the plugin (player colors, etc.). It will work fine side by side with the new code and you can opt to use either embed method. The plan for this plugin is to recode it from scratch to instead build upon the new embed API and allow for more customization. The new plugin will be backwards compatible and keep your current videos working. Description: Tired of copying and pasting the embed HTML from sites like YouTube? Just simply click one of the new buttons that this plugin adds to the write screen (rich editor included) and then paste the URL that the video is located at into the prompt box — easy as that. Currently supports these video sites: As well as these file types: Flash Video Files (FLV) — some manual installation required, see this post for detailsQuickTime (MOV, etc.)Generic video files (AVI, MPEG, WMV, etc.)

Download: Need Support? Screenshots: Ultimate Tag Warrior 3 | Christine from the Internet. Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress. This plugin generates a XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. This format is supported by, Google, YAHOO and MSN Search. More information about what XML-Sitemaps are and how they can help you to get indexed by the major search engines can be found at and the searchenginewatch blog. If you have questions about XML-Sitemaps or run into problems, have a look at my Sitemaps FAQ. Note: The XML-Sitemap format was introduced in 2005 by Google and adopted in 2006 by YAHOO, Live and so that’s why it’s often called "Google Sitemaps". Download | Installation | Help & FAQ | Changelog | Donate Problems with your sitemap? Features: Download (includes all languages): Download new version with dynamic sub-sitemaps Download older version with single static sitemap See here for an explanation about single and sub-sitemaps.

Pricing and Licensing: Good news, this plugin is free for everyone! Notify List: Installation: Suggest a feature: Example of a generated sitemap: Subscribe to Comments. Subscribe to Comments is a robust plugin that enables commenters to sign up for e-mail notification of subsequent entries. The plugin includes a full-featured subscription manager that your commenters can use to unsubscribe to certain posts, block all notifications, or even change their notification e-mail address!

Download Latest version: Download Subscribe to Comments v2.1.2 [zip] This plugin has been downloaded 379871 times. Installation Put subscribe-to-comments.php into [wordpress_dir]/wp-content/plugins/Go into the WordPress admin interface and activate the pluginOptional: if your WordPress theme doesn’t have the comment_form hook, or if you would like to manually determine where in your comments form the subscribe checkbox appears, enter this where you would like it: <? Q. Q. Q. Donate I've spent a lot of time writing this code and supporting it. W3 Total Cache. The only WordPress Performance Optimization (WPO) framework; designed to improve user experience and page speed. Recommended by web hosts like:, Synthesis, DreamHost, MediaTemple, Go Daddy, Host Gator and countless more. Trusted by countless companies like: AT&T,,,,,,,,,,,,, and tens of thousands of others.

W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your site by increasing server performance, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration. An inside look: Benefits: Features: Improve the user experience for your readers without having to change WordPress, your theme, your plugins or how you produce your content. Limit Login Attempts. Limit the number of login attempts possible both through normal login as well as using auth cookies. By default WordPress allows unlimited login attempts either through the login page or by sending special cookies. This allows passwords (or hashes) to be brute-force cracked with relative ease. Limit Login Attempts blocks an Internet address from making further attempts after a specified limit on retries is reached, making a brute-force attack difficult or impossible.

Features Limit the number of retry attempts when logging in (for each IP). Fully customizableLimit the number of attempts to log in using auth cookies in same wayInforms user about remaining retries or lockout time on login pageOptional logging, optional email notificationHandles server behind reverse proxyIt is possible to whitelist IPs using a filter. Plugin uses standard actions and filters only. BBQ: Block Bad Queries. Top 10 des meilleurs plugins WordPress.

Une liste de 10 plugins WordPress indispensables pour bien débuter la conception de votre nouveau site / blog WordPress. Une sélection entièrement subjective pour laquelle j’attends vos réactions d’utilisateurs passionnés, débutants ou professionnels. #1 – WordPress SEO by Yoast Sans doute le meilleur plugin de gestion de votre référencement sous WordPress… à condition toutefois de paramétrer finement ce dernier pour éviter une mauvaise indexation de votre site. Actuellement en place sur la plupart des mes projets Web. Alternative : Platinum SEO Pack WordPress SEO by Yoast Améliorer votre référencement (SEO) avec le plugin WordPress SEO de Yoast. Taille : 650,4 KiB • Date : 7 janvier 2013 • Hits : 3 656 #2 – Wysija Simple d’utilisation, puissant et efficace : Wysija n’est autre que le plugin ultime de gestion de newsletters. 90% des besoins standards sont couverts par cette extension si bien que je l’utilise pour le projet WordPress Channel depuis quelques semaines.

Wysija Newsletters Akismet. SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2. This is the plugin you need to multiply your blog traffic in algorithmic scale. Increase your site's SERP by strengthening on page SEO of your blog. Increase the number of pages indexed by adding a special link to search results. Make sure all posts have been indexed by promoting the one that does not get traffic yet. Get detail information about what are the best keywords for your web site and blog post. With displaying incoming search terms linked to your blog posts from single post and side wide sidebar, you will strengthen the on page SEO of your web site, therefore your SERP will be better than before.

Sidebar widgets available: recent search terms, random search terms, popular search terms, and popular search terms in category (for category archive). Another method to gain exposure from the search engine is to increase the number of indexed page and make sure all your posts are indexed. Pourquoi Google Plus est beaucoup plus important que Twitter ou Facebook. Google XML Sitemaps.