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For Business. PR Welcome. MommyB Knows Best loves working with reputable companies in many facets, below are a few ways we would love to work with your company.

PR Welcome

If you are looking for something other than what we have below please feel free to let us know in the message portion of the contact form below. Reviews - A review completely opinion based. These honest opinions are based on use of the product, pricing, availability, so we will always require that your company send us a sample of your product or service in order to give our complete and honest opinions.

Reviews are completed by MommyB, and tested by her, her family members, friends, and guest reviewers all over the country. MommyB has a broad test subject range so please email us about your product or service, we most likely have someone to fit the tester needs. Spotlights - MommyB really enjoys showing the background of products and services that your company has to offer. Giveaways – Giveaways are done in conjunction with a review or spotlight. Worldcom Survey: Corporate Social Media Spend to Increase among B2B Companies Worldcom EMEA.

Twitter Most Popular B2B Channel Overall, Facebook Most Popular in Western Europe New York, NY – May 11, 2011 – According to a survey by the Worldcom Public Relations Group, the world’s leading partnership of independently owned PR firms, more than half (54%) of companies surveyed plan to increase spending on social media in 2011.

Worldcom Survey: Corporate Social Media Spend to Increase among B2B Companies Worldcom EMEA

This bodes well for Twitter, the most popular channel, used by 85 percent of global respondents, followed by Facebook (74%), LinkedIn (72%), You Tube (69%) and corporate blogs (60%). The survey of more than 100 business-to-business (B2B) company leaders confirmed the significant increase in the use of social media.

Nearly all companies (83%) are using social media to communicate with target audiences, and 66 percent have been doing so for more than a year. Most executives (89%) believe social media will increase in value for their company over the next year, and 58 percent expect the increase to be significant. Mid-Sized Companies Lag Behind. For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report. Sysomos - Building a Business Case for Social Media. Moderniser notre approche de la relation journaliste.

Journalists in the U.K. are using social media, but PR pros are failing to reach them in those spaces, according to a recent survey.

Moderniser notre approche de la relation journaliste

C’est le triste constat que dresse @Kevin_J_Allen en s’appuyant sur une étude menée par Daryl Willcox Publishing . La première partie nous rappellent que les journalistes utilisent de plus en plus les médias sociaux pour récolter et diffuser l’information. Rien de neuf en soi, l’affaire DSK nous a encore montré l’impact de Twitter sur le suivi et le traitement de l’actualité.

Martin Stabe, l’auteur de cette étude, va toutefois plus loin et ajoute que les professionnels des relations publiques n’ont pas suivi le mouvement et ont délaissé ces espaces de conversation et d’engagement potentiels. Après avoir interviewé près de 900 journalistes anglais et avoir étudié les médias utilisés par les professionnels des RP pour interagir avec les journalistes, le résultat est sans appel : l’e-mail et le téléphone sont de loin les principaux vecteurs d’échange.