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12 Ways To Use Google Search In School, By Degree Of Difficulty. Sunday, May 6, 2012 8:15 am, Posted by | Updates Topics: , , , , , , I’ve been completely obsessed with Google’s new mini-site devoted to finding better ways to incorporate proper web searches into the classroom. Dubbed ‘ Search Education ,’Google’s new site has an array of lesson plans, videos (check a sample out below), concept maps, and other tools designed to help any educator properly integrate Google.

This is just the logical next step for the search (and basically everything else) behemoth as Google pushes its way into the classroom. As part of Search Education, Google has shared a bunch of lesson plans that are organized by degree of difficulty. So, if you consider yourself and / or your students Google experts, you should try out the more advanced plans. The following are just some of the many lesson plans brought to you by Google. Picking the right search terms. Templates for Student Projects - uTeach With Technology. Introducing the Knowledge Graph. Google Docs Introduces New Sidebar Research Tool. Google has quietly released a new research tool which sits on the sidebar in Google Docs.

Google Docs Introduces New Sidebar Research Tool

The tool allows users to “learn more information about the topics in [their] document,” bringing research inside the authoring environment. As you can see in the screenshots below, the tool helps users find things like famous quotes to bolster their writings with new content. The different types of results include: “web results, images, quotations, maps, reviews, and more.” Search Education – Google. With Its New Google+ iPhone App, Google Finally Gets It Right. How Google Drive just ate SkyDrive’s lunch. Today’s debut of Google Drive is case-in-point why you never show your hand first.

How Google Drive just ate SkyDrive’s lunch

Yesterday Microsoft detailed plans for SkyDrive, aimed at giving Redmond a leg up in the competitive cloud storage space. Today’s Google Drive announcement blows SkyDrive out of the water. Even though Google Drive offers two less gigabytes of space (5GB versus 7GB for SkyDrive), the tie-ins with other Google services are the difference. For example, Google takes Google Docs and incorporates it into Google Drive.

Like the standalone product, users are able to collaborate on content, which can then be commented on by anyone who its shared with. Google Drive also offers drag-and-drop integration for both the Windows and OS X, and mobile access through individual apps for iOS (once the app is available) and Android, just like SkyDrive. A Must-Have Guide To Google Drive. We’re chomping at the bit to get our grimy little hands on the new Google Drive. We wrote about it in our March issue of the Edudemic Magazine , featured it a couple weeks ago , and now want to start figuring out how the basically-real tool will help teachers around the planet.

After all, that’s what Edudemic is all about! We throw caution to the wind and just start trying to figure out fun and useful ways to use technology in the classroom. Who cares if that technology isn’t available yet ? 8 New Google+ Changes and How They Impact Your Business. Google Drive Will Offer Users 5GB Of Free Cloud Storage, Launching Next Week. Advertisements As of late, cloud storage services have been gaining significantly in popularity.

Google Drive Will Offer Users 5GB Of Free Cloud Storage, Launching Next Week

Both Microsoft and Apple are involved in the space in some form, on top of highly successful startups entirely dedicated to providing such services (i.e. Google In the Classroom - Download Free Content from Michigan's MI Learning. _Google EDU_Report_FULL.pdf. Top 50 Google+ Circles for Social Media Savvy Educators.

Google+ may still be finding its own footing among the Twitter‘s and Facebook‘s of cyberspace, but nevertheless hosts a large amount of networking opportunities across several subjects.

Top 50 Google+ Circles for Social Media Savvy Educators

Education subject matter in particular seems to flourish on the service, with parents, teachers, pros, students, and interested outsiders meeting up and talking about anything and everything. Social media-savvy educators seeking any outlet possible to trade resources and ideas should check out the following Google+ circles for hot topics in teaching all age levels – including adults! Ed Tech ALSO SEE : 18 Ways Teachers Can Use Google+ Hangouts General Eileen O’Duffy’s Educators Circle: Exactly what it says on the tin!

ALSO SEE : How To Utilize Social Media in Education [Infographic] Higher Education ALSO SEE : 20 Terrific Twitter Chats for Every Kind of Educator Homeschool & Unschool Michele James-Parham’s Unschoolers & Homeschoolers: Self-explanatory, really. Special Needs. Google+ Rolls Out New Look. Google announced on Wednesday that it is rolling out a significant redesign for its social networking platform Google+, which will allow users to create a more customized experience on the site. The company said it will introduce a variety of new features to the site in the next few days, from customizing apps and the navigation bar to more flexibility with profile pages and pictures. In addition, the update introduces a new Explore page that posts what's interesting and trending across the site.

Google also noted that the social network now boasts more than 170 million users since it's 2011 launch. Google+ will now offer profile pages that will include bigger photos, a la Facebook's Timeline, and feature a chat list that puts friends front and center on your page. Another major update involves how users can navigate around the news stream. A dedicated Hangouts page has also been added to the site, so people can have quick access to public and On Air video chat hangouts. Chrome extension to Share on Google plus pages. Download ‘Share on Google Plus Page’ Chrome extension For Google+ page owners, sharing web content on their Google plus pages will become simpler.

Chrome extension to Share on Google plus pages

For sharing web pages as one of your Google+ pages, there was no simple way to do directly. Apps for the iPad. For Teachers – Google in Education. Google Sites - Free websites and wikis. Google Everything. Google. The Ultimate Guide To Google+ For Educators.

Google SketchUp Math and 21st Century Critical Thinking. David Beckham is going to Hangout on Google+ Must Have Google Chrome Extensions. It's been some time since Google Chrome was first launched in 2008 and since has never looked back.

Must Have Google Chrome Extensions

It has become popular incredibly fast and now has 20% of overall Internet users. Some of the reasons for the success of Google Chrome are fast browsing and launch speeds, faster development and ability to provide extensions. Although its speed is the real reason why people switch to Google Chrome, there are quite a huge number of extensions that changes the way you browse the web. So here are some of the extensions you must have installed. Updated: 05 September 2011 1. Gmail Offline beta is a Gmail app built to support offline access, allowing mail to be read, responded to, searched and archived without network access. 2. This extension will open a Compose window in Gmail when you click any email address on a webpage. 3. Toolbox is another great extension from Google. 4. . +1 button is shorthand for "this is pretty cool" or "you should check this out.

" 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.