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Cloud computing company Illinois. Is it time for you to get a computer support specialist to help you migrate to the Cloud? Business owners understand that it’s always important to balance cost with convenience – but what if you could get the best of both worlds? Cloud technology is one of the fastest-rising trends in IT today, and it proves to be a strategic choice for many companies. According to many experts, the convenience and cost-effectiveness of the Cloud are the primary drivers for businesses to migrate to the Cloud. ClearPath IT Solutions is one of the most trusted IT service providers in the Morton-Peoria area that specializes in utilizing Cloud technology to bolster the IT infrastructure of small to medium-sized businesses. We understand the challenges that small to medium-sized businesses have with Cloud migration and management. ClearPath IT Solutions offers visualization and data backup services, as well as support and consultancy for all of your IT needs.

Like this: Like Loading... Information technology specialist Illinois. Is it time to hire a computer support specialist in Illinois? How do you fix computer and network problems in your office? Do you hire an information technology specialist, or do you look for DIY instructions to save on money? For many small to medium-sized businesses, the obvious option is to look for a way to save money by scouring the internet for solutions, but it doesn’t work out well every time. The time spent on researching and fixing the problem through trial and error would take several man hours off of your productivity. DIY solutions are never reliable, but it will still cost you a significant portion of your resources, whether you like it or not. The smart decision would be to weigh your options and consider the solution that would take the least effort and resources for your business.

Work with an IT service provider that understands the unique needs and goals. Managed IT services Support services IT Security Business continuity Like this: Like Loading... Business Computer Support Specialist and Services Illinois. Business it support Illinois. Information technology specialist Illinois. How about frustrated with it? ClearPath IT Solutions is here to take the burden of your IT issues with our IT Help Desk Services. Setting up, maintaining and training a team of operators and managers is an expensive cost to your business that lowers your bottom line on a daily basis. We recruit, train, and retain only the highest caliber of staff to ensure consistent quality at every level with our outsourcing IT Help Desk Services – which are viewed as a deductible business expense.

Each step in our help desk outsourcing process is designed to address end-user issues promptly and effectively. ClearPath IT Solutions offer customers the benefit of our Help Desk services in these distinct ways: Ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction knowing that our highly trained experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact ClearPath IT Solutions today, and learn more about our business IT Help Desk Services. Cloud computing company Illinois. Is cloud computing good for your business? Achieve improved connectivity and efficiency and reduce operating costs with cloud computing solutions and services from ClearPath IT Solutions! The cloud is today’s most powerful business tool, using innovative technology to make your work easier and more efficient. For your business to be competitive and prosperous in today’s marketplace, it’s important that you consider using cloud solutions.

They greatly reduce the cost of IT setup and management. Our complete line of cloud computing services and solutions make it easy for you to connect and collaborate with any device, anywhere. No more headaches managing hardware and software. With our help, you can start taking advantage of the benefits that cloud solutions offer right away. When you sign up for ClearPath IT Solutions’ professional cloud computing services, you’ll find: Feel like your “head is in the clouds”? Data backup services Morton. Today’s evolving data sources bring many challenges for businesses in all industries. However, banks in particular face significant challenges with the massive amounts of data coming from new forms of customer interaction, such as online, over the phone, and in writing. Banks must monitor and manage data while complying with regulations. Banks generate and store more data than ever before, and require more powerful data management tools. No matter whether data needs to be processed and stored from a simple ATM withdrawal, or a complex merger with another institution, data must be managed securely.

In today’s rapidly evolving financial environment, with new and complex regulations, banks must be able to gather, utilize, protect, and recover their data immediately. Do you know the potential risks associated with data loss? Data Retention Requirements For The Financial Industry Dodd-Frank Act Bank Secrecy Act Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Business telephone service. Take your communication to the next level with Business Telephone services from ClearPath IT Solutions!

When it comes to business phone service, you need a customized solution that exactly fits your goals and budget. ClearPath IT Solutions makes it easy for you to get the right Telephone Solution to fit your business’s unique needs and the voice features that can help simplify your business day and increase productivity. Studies have shown that, compared to using a standard telephone (PSTN) line, using Internet based VoIP can potentially make you save up to 40% on local calls, and up to 90% on international calls. Contact us at (309) 263-5600 today and see how you can start saving!

Our team helps to evaluate your current usage and future needs to get you the most cost-effective solution to help you improve your customer’s perception and enhance the relationship and experience between your customers and your employees. Business computer service. What’s the one thing modern businesses depend on more than anything else? Technology. For most business owners, it’s an incredibly difficult, often stressful decision to select a business computer service company – and why shouldn’t it be? Your business computer service company will be responsible for keeping the technology you and your staff members depend on working at peak performance.

We have the experience, knowledge, and integrity to help you feel comfortable choosing to work with our team. Call (309) 263-5600 or send us an email at to learn more about our IT services and support. Why waste all that time researching different business computer service companies when there’s no need to?

Our goal is simple: we want to see your business grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace – and we help you make the most of your information technology, because when you’re successful, we are too. Business it support Illinois.