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Beauty is a girl's best friend

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Make your OWN eyeshadow primer! I have been using Urban Decay Primer Potion for years.

Make your OWN eyeshadow primer!

I love the stuff. Beauty. Best beauty products of 2012. (Photo: Greg Marino/Studio D. )Discover new cosmetics that get the job done better than the rest.

Best beauty products of 2012

With the amount of beauty products available on the market, shopping for anything from mascara to manicure sets can involve some serious decision making. It seems like every product claims to go on flawlessly, last longer and give you salon-quality results at home, but do these innovations really work? Woman's Day editors put them to the test and picked the most effective ones at the best price. (Photo: Greg Marino/Studio D. ) Long-wear lipgloss Lipsticks and stains are known to have staying power, while gloss tends to fade faster. Unlike other long-wear formulas that can feel clumpy, NYC New York Color City Proof 8HR Lip Gloss ($3.15, at "went on smoothly" and never had to be reapplied.

The "vibrancy" and stain-like finish of Maybelline New York SuperStay 10HR Stain Gloss ($8.99, at drugstores) seriously impressed one tester. Instant Highlights Smoothing Treatments. 101 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know. In the world of beauty, there are endless tips and rules to keep you looking fabulous.

101 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

In the list below Beauty High breaks down all those tips to make the industry less scary for women from makeup artists, hairstylists, skincare gurus and of course, our beauty staff. Remember, beauty should always be fun! 101. “Always keep your summer makeup minimal. Minimal and sheer makeup is the way to go when it’s hot and muggy outside.” – Mary Greenwell, celebrity makeup artist 100. 99. 10 of the Best Drug Store Beauty Buys. I have an apology to make: I used to be one of those girls behind the makeup counter of a big, fancy department store selling you over-priced beauty products.

10 of the Best Drug Store Beauty Buys

While I won’t say which brand I worked for, I can tell you that my uniform consisted of all black and way too much makeup. Hey, it was the 90’s, after all. Well, I’m here to make amends. Because, you see, not all department store makeup is better than the drug store version. In fact, a lot of drug store makeup is way better than the junk being sold in the department stores. The beauty industry is full of people pushing products that they don’t stand behind 100%. Also, celebrities rarely endorse products because, like the rest of us, they aren’t always picture perfect and no cosmetic company wants to be represented by someone who actually looks like the rest of us common folk. 12 Astonishing Natural Beauty Remedies {DIY Inspiration} Happy Friday fellow Pickleer’s!

12 Astonishing Natural Beauty Remedies {DIY Inspiration}

I am SO looking forward to a nice relaxing (warm weather!) Weekend. I think I shall begin my Friday night with a lovely Skinny Espresso Martini, and then squeeze in a few quick beauty treatments before heading out for the night. Now, I’m no beauty expert by any stretch but I do know one thing, if there’s a natural solution to remedy a beauty conundrum, I’m going to opt for it before heading out to the drug store. In the past, I’ve always found that natural home beauty remedies tend to be more effective than their man made counterparts, plus I feel better about using them (and they cost way less-bonus!) Ready, set, BEAUTIFY… 1: Cellulite Be Gone Solution: Home Remedy.


Face/Skin. Makeup. Nails. Travel Beauty Tips. After much discussion, Mich and I came up with these top 5 beauty tips that might come in handy to get you ready to hit your travel destination running. 5 travel beauty tips to help you look your best in photos overseas. When you travel, you obviously take tonnes of photos. And when you go to somewhere as far as New York, EVERYONE wants to see your photos. The trouble is, I’m terrible at uploading photos. I’ve only sorted through half of them and looking through our photos, it was obvious Michelle and I looked terrible the first day we arrived in New York. I mean after flying for almost 24 hours without proper skincare, we were almost ready to be cast as zombies in the upcoming Resident Evil 4. If you are like everyone else, it’s hard to look like a supermodel after flying 15 hours. 1) Water, water, water We all know the benefits of drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. 2) Moisturise Hand moisturiser, face moisturiser, lip moisturiser.

Thinking about it, 5 tips just arent enough! Beauty Products Reviews, Feedbacks, and Performance Reports from Total Beauty. We spent long nights scouring your beauty product reviews to find the products you clicked on most. Now vote for your favorites! Read more Enter for a chance to score the 75 winning products from the Awards read more Mmm, who doesn't love the feeling of taking a hot bath and melting all of the day's stress away?

Some readers (especially working women or new mothers) might say there is simply no time in the day to take more than a 10-minute bath. The Look - DIY! 7 new stylish ways to de-clutter your beauty closet. 10 Things Guys Notice First - Shy Magazine - StumbleUpon. Photo: Getty Images // So, what are the things guys notice first? | by Air | Believe it or not, that hottie in the corner of the coffee shop that you noticed right away isn’t totally buried in his book. He is checking you out! You may not be aware of it, but he is noticing everything about you. 1. Best Beauty Tips on a Budget ♥ Health Courage - StumbleUpon. Posted on 05 July 2011.

Best Beauty Tips on a Budget ♥ Health Courage - StumbleUpon

Every woman wants to look absolutely fabulous when leaving the house. We all look at our favorite magazines and the most glamorous fashion models and we try to focus on looking just as great as they do. However, many of us feel trapped because the economy is the way it is. Going to the salon or spa every week is out of the question for most of us. The good news is, you no longer have to spend big bucks to look like a glamor model. A woman should always walk tall with confidence because confidence is beautiful. Rating: 6.6/10 (13 votes cast)