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A Domino Effect in the Rental Business. OBVIOUSLY, who has not heard about rental shops? We have undoubtedly been to a DVD rental shop, or a rent-a-car service, to name a few. Lately, there has also been rental shops — both online and offline — that offers copiers, plotters for lease, and printers. Let’s dig deeper into the rental process, but first, what is a rental service. Renting describes an agreement between the lessee and the lesser wherein a payment is made (by the person renting it, otherwise, the lessee) for the temporary use of a good, service or property owned by the lesser. Various establishments in the rental industry offer different kinds of equipment to the public, as they anticipate what the demands of the market are. In the growing business population, many establishments are in dire need of printing services and hence, the equipment that provide such solutions. No More Pain in the Wrist with Copiers. “YOU ARE just lazy!”

No More Pain in the Wrist with Copiers

So says the conventional type of people who addressed such statement to those who depended on what technology can do. Technology has been a rapidly changing branch of knowledge where people continuously invent and innovate machines that make things easier. With the help of technology, performing tasks became faster and simpler for people. Furthermore, it helps us save time and energy from doing repetitive tasks machines can already do. While the conventional generation sees the use of technology as a form of indolence, the contemporary generation, on the other hand, believes that it is about promoting productivity. In the pre-computer age, people used to suffer from wrist pains caused by repetitive copying of texts to produce many copies of one document. Nearly 240 years have gone since the first launching of copiers back in 1778, yet the millennials have already taken the machine’s huge contribution to the printing industry for granted.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Purchasing Copiers. IN THE CORPORATE world, any decision made, regardless of the gravity of its impact on the overall business condition, should be weighed with utmost considerations and discernment, so as not to cause unforeseen problems in the future. And one concrete example of this is deciding on the process of acquiring equipment as a company asset. For instance, deciding whether to purchase a new copier or rent one would depend on the company’s overall needs in terms of the number of its employees, the budget allocated for the machine and the relevance of the asset to that of the work’s output, products delivered and offered or services provided.

In purchasing copiers, among other related assets, there are pros and cons that you need to consider. And to help you decide to the best of your ability, Mona Bushnell from B2B share to us the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing copiers. The Benefits of Purchasing Copiers Lesser Expenses Flexible maintenance. Here Are 3 Features That Your Kid’s School Copier Must-Have. Mobility and security – these are the two things that most schools have become reliant in technology for. School equipment and other office machines are not exempted when it comes to meeting the school requirements. However, is it possible to balance it off with the budget restrictions?

Is it possible for the school to get the best copiers without breaking the bank? Whether you are just looking around or are in the market for a new printer and copier to use in school, it is best to know what features you should put your money into. The goal of having a new printer is to make systems in school become more productive and efficient. Ricoh MP C4503 Review: The Scan Speed Is Perfect For The Easily Bored. Ricoh, an electronics company based in Japan has found its niche in electronics and imaging products for consumers and businesses.

Their brand is easily recognized by consumers because of the watches and digital cameras while copiers and printers, including the projectors, whiteboards, and video conferencing are what they are known with as far as businesses are concerned. However, beyond the digital imaging products, the company is made more popular for providing high-quality products and solutions, which attract more and more business owners who always look for commercial-grade machinery and equipment for their business. That being said, the Ricoh MP C4503 is a great choice for those who want to take advantage of the features of color copiers. Picking the Ideal Printer Maintenance Service Provider. PRINTER, COPIER, PLOTTER… If your productivity is dependent on these pieces of equipment, investing on the really good kinds would be more than just reasonable. It would be ideal.

But while the model and make, as well as the add-on features matter in the first place, its proper maintenance is twice as important. How Not To Get Trapped In A Bad Copier Lease? You have a lot of choices when it comes to leasing a copier.

How Not To Get Trapped In A Bad Copier Lease?

There are a lot of advantages of leasing, such as the ability to advanced roll-out technology at a lower cost and predictable budgeting. While leasing is a great option, having a wrong leasing partner can turn the experience into a nightmare, and it could trap you into using a copier that no longer meets your needs. Having a trusted partner is good for you and your business. There are a lot of advantages to having your leasing company be the same company that gives you your copiers and printers and who gives the maintenance and service of that equipment.

Here are some things that you need to know so you won’t get trapped in a bad lease. Customer service One of the most important aspects that you should look for in a leasing company is their customer service and responsiveness. Clearchoicetechnical. Printers have a core software called firmware; it controls the hardware functions of your printer.


There is another printer software that stacks up over firmware. The firmware is stored in the programmable memory of your printer. It is basically in between the hardware and the printer driver. Printer firmware and software need regular changes and upgrades as it ages. The manufacturers release new models to counter the issues that they’ve had with the old ones. How To Know If Your Copier is Energy-Efficient? The cost of energy today is really expensive and it is really a great challenge for business owners.

How To Know If Your Copier is Energy-Efficient?

Business electricity can frequently change, and as a user, this can be frustrating. In spite of the fact that the prices of electricity can go up and down, there are factors that have an effect on the electricity price. Brother MFC-L9550CDW: Is This The Copier Your Company Needs? A proud addition has been made to Brother’s line of exceptional printers primarily characterized by its high speed and 30ppm color laser machine output for both monochrome and color formats.

Brother MFC-L9550CDW: Is This The Copier Your Company Needs?

It is designed to be more efficient, which means it can do more work in lesser time while saving money through minimizing your printing costs. It boasts features like 2-sided scanning and printing as well as wireless connectivity that is the most ideal for mobile printing. The Brother’s MFC- L9550 CDW includes a 6000-page yield for replacement toner cartridges that will provide maximum output at a lower price. Furthermore, added benefits like Brother BRAdmin professional and Secure Function Lock 3.0 have heightened the security for your daily operations. General Characteristics. HP Designjet T2530 For Business Is A Must; Here’s Why. Big or small, every business needs a fully-operational printer.

HP Designjet T2530 For Business Is A Must; Here’s Why

Even with the increasing demand for a paperless transaction, offices are still arguably dependent on a machine that creates a hard copy of a document. In fact, every household continues to keep at least one to cope up with the need to produce handheld copies of files or photos. But while a number of printer models have already been out in the market, not all are able to meet some needs. These days, a wide range of printers are available in different brands.

The commercial models are aimed to cope with continuous usage, while the regular ones are designed for a low-volume use. Cost-effective both in input and output. 3 Best Practices To Keep Inkjet Plotter Printer In Excellent Condition. There are three types of technology involved when we speak of a large format plotter: LED toner, Océ ColorPearl CrystalPoint, and inkjet.

3 Best Practices To Keep Inkjet Plotter Printer In Excellent Condition

Although each comes with an individual set of variation when it comes to maintenance, inkjet is more likely to have a rapid change. Here are the 3 ways to keep a large format plotter in pristine condition and avoid costly plotters repair services. Change the Maintenance Cassette The maintenance cassette is responsible for collecting an overspray ink. It is also the purging stop for the printhead during a system nozzle check. It is important to note that recycling a dirty maintenance cassette can result in problems since it can bring a negative effect on the print head.

Print a Single-Colored File Every Week. Odd Satisfactions From Everyday Things. WE ALL FIND odd satisfactions from unconventional ways, and we sometimes do not know why. At times, it gets you thinking if you’re the only one who feels this way about bubble wraps, static sand, or the weird airy clay. Aesthetic Music Videos to Share to Your Art-loving Friends. PLOTTERS ARE NOT only machines that produce art; they can also be art themselves.

Aesthetic Music Videos to Share to Your Art-loving Friends

As machines, they have an external and internal design with components that work together to function in a certain way to attain the ultimate goal: to create art. If plotters are art, plotters leasing can be likened to sharing art all over the world, and with advanced technology, plotters can be shared easily and quickly through the internet. One of the most famous forms of art seen and loved by those who frequent the world wide web is actually music videos.

Legal Offices Docu Issues: How To Pick The Right Copier? Buying a copier for your law firm can be quite easy.

Legal Offices Docu Issues: How To Pick The Right Copier?

With a few clicks on the internet, you can find more than a handful of options to choose from. Clearchoicetechnical. How To Best Determine If You Need To Lease Additional Printers? If you are running a busy company and would want to increase productivity rate, leasing printers for each department to use can be the key solution.

How To Best Determine If You Need To Lease Additional Printers?

However, it could be a big loss if after signing the leasing agreements, one or two of these departments are barely touching their assigned printers. Small Instances to Say “Thank You” we may never forget. WE ALL KNOW expressing gratitude is an important thing to remember, but sometimes we tend to forget to do it. Especially in times when small acts or “gifts” are presented, we tend to overlook these instances that deserve our gratitude. Here are some small instances where the least that we could do is simply acknowledge the goodness of their acts: Clear Choice Technical Services. TECHNOLOGY has gone such a long way. The Latest Model of Copiers, a Huge Leap From Their Old Counterparts.

GETTING A COPIER — regardless of its intended use and user — can be quite intimidating especially for the non-techy first timer. How To Best Determine If You Need To Lease Additional Printers? Clear Choice Technical Services. WHEN YOU have established the need for a copier — be it for personal or office use — the next important thing you have to consider is the source of the machine. Should you check online for the latest model available in the market, or should you. Clear Choice Technical Services. SPEED AND PRODUCTIVITY. That is the epitome of machine ingenuity and innovation. Plotter Leasing Procedures and Advantages. THE VARIOUS make and latest models of plotters, copiers, and printers available in the market are becoming a bit intimidating to both individuals and companies who, due to financial constraint and insufficient corporate funds or budgets, could not upgrade their old model machines.

Why Copiers Are Still Important In A Digital World? It is clear that we are in the digital age, it is convenient to share files online, and more businesses are going paper-free. Factors that Affect the Life of Your Business Copier? 3 Must-Know Things Before Leasing A Copier. Clear Choice Technical Services. Clear Choice Technical Services. How to Reduce Potential Security Threats? 3 Signs That It’s Time To Upgrade Your Copier. 3 Best All-In-One, Budget-Friendly Printers for Home Use. Envelope Feeders For Copiers: What Are The Benefits Of Using It? Legal Offices Docu Issues: How To Pick The Right Copier? The Benefits and Drawbacks of Leasing Printers. The Budget-Friendly Solution for Students. Renting One Out in Moments of Doubt. No More Pain in the Wrist with Copiers. Considerations in Renting Printers.

The Advancement of the Copier. The Perks of Renting Printers. 3 Best All-In-One, Budget-Friendly Printers for Home Use. The Advantages of Leasing Copiers. 3 Office Advantages That Only Copiers Bring. 4 Productivity Copier Apps To Make Work Easier, Faster. 3 Office Advantages That Only Copiers Bring. How Organizations Benefit from Leasing Copiers. A Guide to Finding the Best Copier Companies Near You. 5 Things You Can Do to Prevent Your Copier from Jamming. Untitled — 5 Things You Can Do to Prevent Your Copier from... Small Businesses are Making the Huge Shift towards Cloud Computing. How Managed Print Services Can Boost Office Productivity. 4 Important Guidelines In Leasing A Copier. 4 Things to Remember When It Comes to Copier Leasing Agreements. Terminate Your Copier Lease Contract Properly. 5 Traits of Reliable Managed IT Service Provider You Should Look For. What Is Your Copier’s Print-Per-Minute? What Can Copier Leasing Benefit You?

Is Your Copier Energy-Efficient? Is Wireless Printer Need Or Luxury? What Is The Importance of Leasing Contracts? 3 Ways Managed Print Services Can Help Your Business. Can Healthcare Benefit From Managed Service Provider? Lease Your Copier Locally, Here’s Why. Clear Choice Technical Service. Here’s How To Reduce Office Printing Cost. Do You Need A High Volume Copy Machine? 5 Best Copiers For Media Companies. 3 Biggest Benefits Of Leasing A Copier. What To Remember When Your Copier Lease Contract Is Nearing End? 3 Most Important Things To Look For In A Color Copier? Best Copier Services and Rentals in U.S. Printer or Scanner Leasing. 3 Best Tips Before You Buy an Office Copier.

What To Expect When Leasing Office Equipment? - Copier Lease Augusta. Clear Choice Technical Service. What Is The Difference Between Copier Lease And Copier Rental? Printers Leasing. 4 Most Common Copiers, Explained. 5 Best Business Improvements That Copiers Offer. Copier Maintenance. Repair Services. Buy a Copier and Printer. Caution! Don’t Do These 3 Biggest Mistakes When Getting a Copier Dealer. Why Should You Buy From Your Local Dealer? Rentals Leasing.

Copier Parts and Supplies. Secure Your Important Files With A Photo Document Scanner. Plotter Suppliers. Fax Machine Repair and Maintenance. Large Format Printer Maintenance. Plotter Repair Services. Plotters For Sale. Rentals Leasing. 4 Most Common Copiers, Explained. Lexmark Copy Machine Leasing - Boost Work Productivity Now. HP Copier - Print, Copy, Scan And Fax With One Machine. Xerox Copier Rental.

The One Advantage Of Leasing Copier Over Buying One, Revealed! 5 Essentials To Consider When Leasing Small Business Printer.