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Leader Career Planning

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Career Management, Planning & Development. Developing a Strategic Vision for Your Career Plan. Printer-Friendly Version by Randall S.

Developing a Strategic Vision for Your Career Plan

Hansen, Ph.D. How many times will you change careers in your lifetime? If you're like most people, you'll change careers at least several times over the course of your life. How successful you'll be in making transitions among careers can at least be partially attributed to the amount of career planning and preparation you've done.

This article provides you with some basic guidelines for both short-term and long-term career planning. Short-Term Career Planning A short-term career plan focuses on a timeframe ranging from the coming year to the next few years, depending on the job-seeker. Be intentional about your career. Every leader should have a career plan. Rethinking your plan for your leadership career. I never put much time into mapping out my career.

Rethinking your plan for your leadership career

Having graduated with a degree in biology, I thought research was where I wanted to be for the rest of my life. I soon discovered that working in a laboratory was a lonely place to be. At some point, I learned that I needed more interaction with others than I was getting. Intentional Change Theory. Steps to career success. GAPS Critical Info for Development. GAPS_Development Worksheet. GAPS Questions. Sources of GAPS Information. Self-Awareness. Developmental Assessments.

SELF-ASSESSMENT of Competencies. Learning Agility. Are You Aware Of Your Impact On Others. The Fastest Way to Get Clarity about Your Future. Have you had this experience?

The Fastest Way to Get Clarity about Your Future

You’re traveling in a new city, using your GPS to find your destination. But the route doesn’t seem to match reality. Suddenly, you’re in a strange place with cars buzzing by and no clarity about where to turn next. Courtesy of iStock/vonshots How do you get where you want to go? Every leader faces this at one time or another. So how can we find the clarity we need? I recently went through a period when I was second-guessing my brand direction and my entire mission. What did I do to find my footing? Admit I am confused. This last steps is incredibly liberating. This is something I teach in 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever. Once you’ve worked through the first four steps, don’t stall. We all find ourselves on the lost on the roadside from time to time or moving with only a vague sense of where we’re going. Soliciting Feedback.

The 6Qs Of Leadership. How to Build a Meaningful Career. Everyone aspires to have purpose or meaning in their career but how do you actually do that?

How to Build a Meaningful Career

What practical steps can you take today or this month to make sure you’re not just toiling away at your desk but you’re doing something you genuinely care about? What the Experts Say Unfortunately, most of us don’t know how to make the job decisions that lead to satisfaction. Nathaniel Koloc, the CEO of ReWork, which provides recruiting services to companies that offer purposeful work, says that’s because no one really ever teaches us how: “Very few parents, teachers, and mentors urge us to think about this or give us mental models to use,” he says. “We tend to only get nibbles of what meaningful work is in our twenties.” As a result, we often pick jobs for the wrong reasons, says Karen Dillon, coauthor of How Will You Measure Your Life. Meaningful Work. A well-known story relates the following encounter (adapted from Ryan, 1977): Three men are found smashing boulders with iron hammers.

Meaningful Work

When asked what they are doing, the first man says, "Breaking big rocks into little rocks. " The second man says, "Feeding my family. " The third man says, "Building a cathedral. " Today's column focuses on the third man, the one who saw each hammer blow as contributing to the construction of a cathedral, a home for human dreams and sacred aspirations.

There are many perspectives on meaningful work, ranging from Marxist ideas about work that resists the dehumanizing influences of the Industrial Revolution to religious ideas about being called by a transcendent spirit to do Good Work in the world -- with everything in between. The cornerstone for the famous Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris was laid in 1163, and work finally wrapped up in 1345. Not everyone is engaged in meaningful work, but maybe everyone can be. . © 2009 Michael F. References: Finding Your Passion In Work: 20 Awesome Quotes. Don’t “over plan” your career. Patricia Sellers, Executive editor at Fortune magazine has spent the past thirty years at Fortune studying the careers of successful people.

Don’t “over plan” your career

She said, the most successful of those interviewed over the past 30 years at Fortune had no clue what they wanted to do when they were in high school or even in college. Sellers says, “Always consider how you can contribute to the bigger whole — and don’t be afraid to stumble. I wrote a 1995 cover story called “So you fail, so what!” Today, recovering from failure is a badge of honor that bosses want to see in people they hire”. Bo Burlingham, the Editor-at –Large for Inc. Stay focused on these ideas: Career Pathways. Executive Career Pipeline. Executive Ladder Not the Only Way to Lead.

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