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When others complain about your leadership behavior

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Management Career Derailment. 5 Signs Your Employees Dislike You. In addition to all of your achievements, you're sure that you're a great boss.

5 Signs Your Employees Dislike You

After all, your leadership skills have helped you climb the ladder of success. But some of the world's top companies succeed in spite of poor leadership, a result of great products or concepts rather than motivated team members. According to entrepreneurial counselor Michelle McQuaid, bad bosses cost businesses $360 billion in lost productivity every year. The stress caused by difficult supervisors can negatively affect an employee's overall health and workplace morale, eventually driving him or her out the door. The Top Complaints from Employees About Their Leaders. If you’re the kind of boss who fails to make genuine connections with your direct reports, take heed: 91% of employees say communication issues can drag executives down, according to results from our new Interact/Harris Poll, which was conducted online with roughly 1,000 U.S. workers.

The Top Complaints from Employees About Their Leaders

In the survey, employees called out the kind of management offenses that point to a striking lack of emotional intelligence among business leaders, including micromanaging, bullying, narcissism, indecisiveness, and more. In rank order, the following were the top communication issues people said were preventing business leaders from being effective: The data shows that the vast majority of leaders are not engaging in crucial moments that could help employees see them as trustworthy. This is startling, considering how much money organizations spend conducting employee surveys and reorganizations, engaging consultants and implementing change initiatives. They know productivity is tied to communication. 8 Most Common Complaints About the Boss. Two facts of professional life: Every employee has a boss, andEvery employee has at least one complaint about his or her boss, including, unfortunately, you.

8 Most Common Complaints About the Boss

So I asked Jim Hessler and Steve Motenko, leadership coaches and hosts of The Boss Show (a podcast "for anyone who is or has a boss") to list the most common complaints employees have about their bosses. Why these guys? Their list is based on thousands of confidential discussions with employees and bosses. They hear things your employees will never tell you. The good news? The bad news? The great news? Here's the list. Micromanages meDoesn't listenDoesn't want to have his/her opinions and ideas challengedDoesn't follow through on promisesAssigns deadlines without considering what's on my plateDoesn't have time for meDoesn't give helpful feedback about my performanceIs disorganized and reactive.

What is Passive Aggressive Behaviour? Understanding Passive Aggressive Behavior. People who indirectly express their negative emotions instead of addressing them directly are said to have passive aggressive behavior, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Understanding Passive Aggressive Behavior

People who are passive aggressive are often resentful and resist other’s demands.This type of behavior stems from a person’s desire to avoid conflict. Lack of Communication is the Top Employee Complaint. 29 Jun, 2015.

Lack of Communication is the Top Employee Complaint

Business Insights, Employee Engagement, Human Resources, Insight Blog, Leadership. Author: A Plus Benefits What is the top complaint your employees have about their leaders? Maybe you asked them and know the answer to this question. If not, it is likely that it relates to a lack of communication. Not recognizing employee achievements Not giving clear directionsNot having time to meet with employeesRefusing to talk to subordinatesTaking credit for others’ ideasNot offering constructive criticismNot knowing employee namesRefusing to talk to people in person/on the phoneNot asking about employees’ lives outside of work. Mining the gold of employee complaints.

Complaints abound in most organizations today.

Mining the gold of employee complaints

There’s too much work to get done by too few people, and with the pace of business only increasing, it’s no surprise people feel as if they are drowning. Dramatic downsizings and the attendant flattened organizational structures haven’t helped matters. A serious absence of trust in management, coupled with a sense of powerlessness, has driven many employee complaints underground, where they wreak havoc with morale and productivity.

It’s one of the most compelling workplace challenges managers face today, and they must deal with it or accept the sobering reality they are sacrificing the productivity that is key to their organizations’ sustainable success. Leadership and Self-Deception. A Review and Critique of Leadership and Self-Deception by The Arbinger Institute Review by R.

Leadership and Self-Deception

Preston McAfee, July, 2010 Executive Summary: L&SD is an engagingly written parable about an important aspect of leadership. The key insight is that we have a tendency to turn people into objects and not recognize their aspirations, desires, frustrations and general humanity, and that this tendency creates a vicious cycle that damages performance. It is well worth the two hour time investment needed to read it. Review and Critique: L&SD tells the story of Tom, a new executive at the successful Zagrum Corp, who gets a full day of leadership training with his boss, and some helpers.

If you've never heard of self-deception, AKA lying to oneself, the story will be an eye-opener. It is peculiar that the book is written not by a person but by an institute. The book is told as a story, which makes for an easy read. The book is quite a pleasant read. The book contains few actionable insights. Self Deception. The Box. Problems in the Box.