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The University of Central Lancashire - New Student Centre to Bring Connections with Local Community. The Student Centre building will see the development of a much-needed gateway into the campus, along with the creation of a reception area and a coffee shop, welcoming staff, students and visitors to the complex.

The University of Central Lancashire - New Student Centre to Bring Connections with Local Community

The building will also provide housing for students at the University, and feature offices, meeting rooms, workstations and event venues including a roof top garden. This development will support staff in continuing to provide outstanding services to students and welcoming local communities into the University. A large square designed for hosting large scale events like Lancashire Science Festival, pop up cinemas, and farmers markets, will be constructed at the front of this new building.

Chewing Gum Removal Services At your Doorstep. Flood Damage Clean Up Services At Reasonable Cost. Choose Security Services At Reasonable Cost. Professional Kitchen Cleaning Services in Manchester. The Job We Hate Most: Cleaning. Why Should You Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned? Air ducts are a crucial part of modern home designing—they are the circulatory system of a house for delivering heated or cooled air throughout the building.

Why Should You Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Mainly associated with the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, air ducts deliver the air that you and your family breathe every day. However, over the time,dirt, bacteria and contaminants get accumulated in the duct work, which may degrade the quality of air it circulates. Leading Contract Cleaning Business Supports Living Wage. The national minimum wage varies between £3.50 (for apprentices) and £7.50 for workers aged over 25.

Leading Contract Cleaning Business Supports Living Wage

The minimum wage is lower than the Living Wage, as presented by The Living Wage Foundation. The Foundation is an independent movement of businesses, organisations and individuals, campaigning for employees to be paid a ‘fair wage, based on the cost of living’. They recommend a Living Wage of £9.75 in London, and £8.45 in other areas of the UK.

The rates are calculated annually by the Resolution Foundation, based on the best available evidence about living standards in London and the UK. The idea has received backing from some Mayors, Councillors and MPs. Many businesses and charities have already committed to paying the Living Wage. Businesses that have opted to pay the Living Wage have reported a reduction in staff absence and staff turnover. Professional Steam Cleaning Services At Reasonable Cost. Advantages of Professional Duct Cleaning Services. Importance of Cleaning Services. Online Floor Maintenance Services in Manchester. Benefits of Duct Cleaning Services – Alicea Jones – Medium. A clean workplace means more than just having a spotless, spanking new building.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning Services – Alicea Jones – Medium

A clean workplace is the key for a healthy indoor environment. Your investment in keeping your workplace and office clean will return to you in the form of many unexpected benefits. A tidy workplace conforms to safety norms, preventing workplace injuries and elevating the quality of work delivered by employees. Specialist Cleaning Services in Preston. Live Clean. Feel Clean. Welcome To Stress-Free Days! ETAIL CLEANS UP. Emmaus Preston is a charity that offers housing to homeless adults, who, are often socially disadvantaged.


People living within the Emmaus Community are made to feel valued, and are invited to volunteer for projects such as selling furniture or other household goods. These events can help improve self-esteem, and develop key skills. On 10 October 2016, to coincide with World Homeless Day, Emmaus Preston officially opened their new charity megastore. This event featured a number of activities including a ribbon cutting ceremony, music, BBQ and a charity raffle. The launch event helped to raise awareness of homelessness, and contributed to generating funds for the Emmaus Preston charity. Events like the grand opening of the new megastore in Preston, enable homeless people to positively engage with the wider community. The Emmaus Preston megastore is over 47,000 square feet, and is the largest charity shop in the country. 5 Top Tips For Cleaning Your Work Space. Public 5 Top Tips For Cleaning Your Work Space created using Create your own infographic template published by assuredcleaning Views Share.

5 Top Tips For Cleaning Your Work Space

Cleaning The Imperial War Museum. Public Cleaning The Imperial War Museum created using Create your own infographic template published by assuredcleaning Views Share Create Your Own Infographic.

Cleaning The Imperial War Museum

The Toilet Timeline. Public The Toilet Timeline created using Create your own infographic template published by assuredcleaning Views Share.

The Toilet Timeline

Assured Cleaning Services Warrington. Assured Cleaning Services. All public buildings must comply with safety legislations.

Assured Cleaning Services

Duct cleaning services are essential in commercial kitchens. If a fire in a ventilation system were to take hold it could lead to: • Kitchen Closure • Lost revenue • Higher insurance premiums • Bad publicity Our duct cleaning services team are regularly assessed ‘on the job’ by the HVCA to ensure our continued compliance to their TR19 Regulations. You can be assured of the most comprehensive service, complying to all insurance company requirements. . • Reduced risk of fire • Compliance with the requirements of all major insurers • Compliance with the Food Safety Act • Reduced risk of pest infestation • Improved equipment efficiency. Desks of the Rich and Famous. The humble desk is a very important space for anyone who works in an office.

Desks of the Rich and Famous

For some of the world’s most influential business men and women, the desk is so much more than a mere workspace. Unless you work in an office with multiple ‘hot desks’, the desk area is a personal space for most people, one that expresses their personality, their authority or their need for order or indeed disorder. Professional Property Cleaning Services. Hire the Best Cleaning Services Manchester. Top 5 Songs to Clean to! In September, Preston will play host to Lancashire Encounter Festival, a weekend that will celebrate Lancashire’s musicians and artists with performances, exhibitions and installations. One of Lancashire’s most famous musicians is the ukulele maestro, George Formby. Formby who hailed from Wigan, came of prominence in the 1930s through his stage and screen career, singing comical, light-hearted songs such as ‘When I’m Cleaning Windows’.

When considering Lancashire’s famous son and how topical his song title is for our business, we began to think about other songs relating to cleaning. Assured Cleaning Services Testimonials. “After considerable experience with other cleaning companies Assured quite simply came as a ‘breath of fresh air’ to us. Here was a company that actually cared about cleaning standards and on the back of this experience it was not long before we offered them the whole firm contract” Steve Pinder – Operations Assistant, Napthens Solicitors LLP “We have enjoyed a good relationship with Assured Cleaning Services from the outset and are currently in the process of renewing our contract with them to deep clean hundreds of stores for a major high street retailer throughout the country.

The whole team is very professional and committed to looking after our needs. The cleaners are punctual, courteous and have impressed us with their ‘can do’ attitude.” Sean Wallace – Wallace Contracts Limited. Find the Best Cleaning Services Company: 4 Tips to Follow. There are a number of options out there when it comes to cleaning companies in the North West. If you are on the lookout for cleaning services in Warrington, you might want to consider some important factors.

Offices are built with infrastructure and interiors that require specialized cleaning services. Commercial buildings with built-in cabinets, glass windows, and carpeted floors mean conventional cleaning is often not possible. So, if you’re selecting a company to provide cleaning services in Manchester for your office or business premises, keep in mind the following points.

Dos and Don’ts When Choosing a Cleaning Services Company. If you’re in the North West and want a clean office environment, you need to hire cleaning services you can trust. You’ll probably find several cleaning service providers in the North West, so you’ll have to choose the one that’s right for you. Here are some dos and don’ts regarding cleaning service companies. Dos: Get price quotes from Manchester-based cleaning services companies before you hire one.Check to see whether all of these are included in their services: Mopping, vacuuming, desk cleaning, kitchen cleaning, consumable replenishment, window cleaning, dusting and sanitizing of the bathroom.Hire a cleaning services company in the North West that also provides specialist services like chewing gum removal and high level cleaning.Consider the amount of experience that the company has.Ask your friends, colleagues or business partners if they have any recommendations to make.

Don’ts: If you’re looking for a Warrington-based cleaning services, never hire one that is not insured. Ultimate Tips when Hiring a Cleaning Service Company. When your business goals are to beat and do better than your competitors, first impressions are valuable! Spotless offices and facilities can tell your business story in a jiffy and are a beautiful representation of your business identity. Proper cleaning and maintenance are paramount to running your business and Assured Cleaning Services provides “top to bottom” services. Daily office cleaning services commonly includes: • Desk cleaning• Bathroom cleaning• Kitchen cleaning• Window cleaning• Refuse removal• Consumable replenishment Assured, who provide services in Blackburn aim to provide superior value by:

Liverpool Underground and Rail Network - Warrington. Reliable Washroom Services. Washroom Services Our flexible range of washroom products can be tailored to the individual needs of each organisation. A high specification washroom environment can enhance your reputation and leave visitors with a great impression. Steps to Choosing the Right Cleaning Company. Professional And Affordable Cleaning Services Preston. How to Choose the Right Cleaning Services Company in North West? Keeping your office neat, clean, and well organized with the help of a professional cleaning service company is an ideal way to maintain a positive working environment.

Cleaning Your Student Accomodation. Soft Drinks Given a Hard Clean. Efficient and Dependable Professional Cleaning Services Available. There is so much of pollution and dust in the environment and all this can lead to health issues. To add to all this, a dirty or badly maintained home, work place or public space can further cause harm. Reliable Cleaning Services Warrington. GP Cleaning Services in Manchester. Find Duct Cleaning Services in the UK. Contract Cleaning Services Preston. You only make a first impression once. When people visit your premises, whether an existing customer, a prospective new customer, a supplier, whoever they may be, what they see influences the way they feel about trading with you. Even your staff are influenced by how they feel about their workplace. We adopt our approach to you, the client, and your specific needs. Our current sites range from offices, schools, factories, warehouses etc, and the experience we have gained over the years allows us to devise individually tailored schedules to each client.

Professional Industrial Cleaning Services. Industrial cleaning cover a number of different services from cleaning at height through to chewing gum removal. At Assured we have the necessary skills, qualifications, Health and safety experience and equipment to cover the many task which can be involved. The Benefits of Professionally Cleaning Kitchen Ducting. Cleaning Listed Buildings. Preston is home to over 300 designated listed buildings and with these properties, there are important considerations when considering the cleaning of both the interior and exterior features. Despite the town’s long history, which dates back to medieval times, the oldest listed buildings date back to the 1700s with the remainder dating back from the 17th century through to the 19th century.

How to Choose a Company for Office or Factory Cleaning? Keeping factories or offices clean and organised can be an endless task that consumes much of our time. A History Of Cleaning Warrington. How to Pick the Right Cleaning Service Company? Assured Cleaning Services. High Level Cleaning Company in UK. Best Cleaning Services Warrington. Professional Cleaning Services In The UK. Keeping Manchester Clean in Victorian Times…: assuredcleaning. Historical programmes on the television are very much en-vogue at the moment so we thought we would take a look at Victorian Manchester and in particular, the methods and more unusual stories related to cleaning that date back 150 years.

The Victorians and the North West of England in particular gave us the industrial revolution. The population of Manchester increased from an estimated population of 10,000 people at the start of the 18th century to 700,000 by 1901, the only two cities larger than Manchester being London and Glasgow. Within the household, new and novel ideas of how to clean alongside tried and tested methods were being used in Victorian times. Carpets/rugs would be taken outside and beaten with carpet rod to remove loose dust.

Ink spots on the carpet could be removed with the use of lemon and if any oil spots were evident, these were dealt with by using hot bread on the affected area, then rinsed with water. Cleaning Services Preston, Lancashire, North West. Assured Cleaning Services. Assured Cleaning Services Blackburn, Lancashire, England. Cleaning Services Preston, Lancashire, North West. Cleaning Services North West. How to Find a Reputable Cleaning Company?: assuredcleaning. Assured Cleaning Services: Some Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Factory Cleaning Company. Contract Cleaning Services Preston - Assured Cleaning.

Assured Cleaning Services Warrington. Assured Cleaning Services Blackburn, Lancashire, England. Salford - no longer a 'Dirty Old Town' Assured Cleaning. How to Choose a Cleaning Service Provider? Tips to find a quality Commercial Cleaning Company that will keep your office sparkling clean. Nursery Cleaning. Think twice before you hire a Nursery Cleaning Service provider. How to Choose a Cleaning Service Provider? Window Cleaning Services. Kitchen Cleaning. Communal Area Cleaning. Pest Control. Hiring a professional cleaning company for daily office cleaning-Some insider tips here. Cleaner Schools. Howto choose a Property Cleaning Service? How to choose the right Industrial cleaning service providers? - Assured Cleaning Services. Leisure Contract Cleaning Services with Best Efforts.

Medical cleaning services. The importance of cleanliness in Hospitals. Industrial Cleaning. Search Professional Cleaning Services In Manchester. What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Cleaning Company? Hire Professional Cleaning Services To Ensure That Properties Are Kept To High Standards. What To Look For In The Cleaning Services In North West of England. Duct Cleaning Services Remove Harmful Build-Up Of Dirt In Your Air Ducts - Assured Cleaning Services. A History of Cleaning in Warrington. High Level Cleaning. Washroom Services. Factory Cleaning Services.