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Our core mission is to help people overcome life obstacles through awareness, acceptance, and creation of a better life.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety: An Overview. How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Excel at Your Career. It’s not uncommon to experience a bad week at work.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Excel at Your Career

But what happens when you get into a rut that lasts for one or two months? When this happens, it may be time to schedule an appointment with a hypnotherapy clinic in Virginia Beach, Virginia. If you’re unconvinced, here’s how hypnotherapy can help you excel at your career: Manage stress better. Mental Health Conditions That Hypnotherapy Can Address. Hypnotherapy is a type of treatment that utilizes guided meditation, focused attention, and intense concentration to help a person achieve a heightened state of awareness.

Mental Health Conditions That Hypnotherapy Can Address

More popularly referred to as hypnosis, it helps people explore painful thoughts, traumatic experiences, and feelings that are hidden from their conscious minds. As a reputable hypnotherapy clinic in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we will share the mental health conditions that hypnotherapy can address: Anxiety Anxiety can cause a person to worry about different aspects of their life. Disproportionate levels of anxiety can be disruptive and cause excessive apprehension, nervousness, and fear.

Individuals with chronic pain may also experience anxiety symptoms in anticipation of pain. Discover the Benefits of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) uses behavioral, communication, and perceptual techniques to change a person’s behaviors.

Discover the Benefits of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

By altering their thought patterns, NLP can help a person achieve their desired outcome. Whether that is to achieve personal happiness or quit smoking, NLP offers several benefits. As an established hypnotherapy clinic in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we will highlight the benefits of neuro-linguistic programming: Manage Stress Better with Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy that uses the power of suggestion to promote positive change.

Manage Stress Better with Hypnotherapy

Through therapy, a person can break negative thought patterns and change the way they respond to stressful situations and experiences. A hypnotherapist in Virginia will guide you towards a deep state of relaxation to suggest different ways you can positively respond to stress. Although the number of sessions will depend on your individual circumstances, the techniques you learn can be applied in your day-to-day living. How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Study for School. Hypnotherapy is one of the most beneficial treatments you can receive to help improve your study habits and perform better in school.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Study for School

When under a state of hypnosis or deep relaxation, your body produces brain wave patterns that allow you to learn and recall new information better. How Hypnotherapy Addresses Phobias. Hypnotherapy is a type of adjunctive technique that utilizes hypnosis to treat different conditions or symptoms.

How Hypnotherapy Addresses Phobias

By inducing a hypnotic state, individuals experience a state of waking awareness that leads to personal insight and reflection. Due to this, hypnotherapy is an effective treatment plan for individuals with one or more phobias. So, how does it work? When you see a hypnotherapist in Virginia, you undergo a trance-like state that allows you to focus on what’s in your head. During this trance-like state, you become more susceptible to suggestions and become deeply relaxed.

How Can Hypnosis Help With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? Post-traumatic stress disorder can be a very severe disruption to any patient’s life.

How Can Hypnosis Help With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Imagine yourself as a combat veteran who just left the service, but only after serving in high-stress combat situations like Iraq or Afghanistan. You walk down the street and, suddenly, a tire bursts or a car engine backfires. Unfortunately, these two sounds are similar to the sounds of artillery and other explosives.

All of a sudden, you find yourself in the middle of combat once again, with all the stress that comes with it… or so you thought you were. This situation is a trigger, and there are many triggers for people with PTSD. What Are Repressed Memories? Repressed memories are recollections of certain events that the human mind has unconsciously forgotten.

What Are Repressed Memories?

This means that, while the parts of the brain responsible for memories have recorded the event, a psychological defense mechanism remains in place to keep the mind from recalling those. Experts are all in agreement that repression is a result of a severely traumatic event from childhood, most of which are too terrible to allow and resurface if the person is not ready.

However, these memories can still affect a person and manifest themselves in symptoms like unexplained fear and anxiety towards what is eventually revealed through hypnosis as a reminder of the forgotten event. It was Sigmund Freud who first recorded an incident involving possible repressed memories. It involved a patient whose name they coded as “Anna O.” Start Your Weight Loss Journey. Hypnosis is one of the tools therapists use in order to help their clients reach total relaxation.

Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Through this process, the mind becomes welcoming to suggestions and open to changes in behavior, emotions, and habits. This method can be used to curb behaviors like overeating, smoking, nail-biting, and eating disorders. If you’re on your journey towards weight loss, might just be your best shot. The Goals of Hypnotherapy. Sometimes, when the problems and challenges in your life seem to be out of your control, it can send you into a downward spiral.

The Goals of Hypnotherapy

When this happens, talking to friends about it or consulting with a therapist can be a good way to help yourself cope with the situation. One of the less popular ways of conditioning is through hypnosis. Here, you are guided until you reach a trance state. It gets you deeply relaxed, increasing your focus and concentration. Although it seems that you can be in this state even while you’re doing your daily commute or just by yourself in the comfort of your own home, there is something that makes guided hypnotherapy different; it is more goal-oriented, focusing on healing, discovery, and stress-relief. This is what we do best at . How Hypnotherapy Can Help You With Pain Management. First off, if you are suffering from chronic pain then hypnosis may not be the answer for you. Chronic pain is a long-term pain that may become complicated if not treated well. These require medical intervention and a pain management plan.

Hypnotherapy can help with acute pain caused by illnesses or accidents. These are short-term and not as threatening as chronic pain. However, they can still cause discomfort and affect your daily living. Why Is It Difficult to Quit Smoking? Why is it so difficult to quit smoking? says it is because of the addictive nicotine in cigarettes. It is reportedly as addictive as cocaine or heroin but a quitting smoker can easily purchase a cigarette from a pharmacy. Common Causes of Stress and How It Can Affect You.

Given how we mostly live fast-paced lives, stress is a common thing in our society. The body’s reaction to any form of danger or threat now becomes an attack on our nervous system instead of being a means to protect ourselves. As a hypnotherapy clinic in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we often help patients deal with stress. Stress is caused by various factors. It can be caused by an external source such as major life changes, work or school, relationship difficulties, or financial problems. How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Lose Weight. Losing weight is no easy task. With all these fitness programs, diet fads, and the constant temptation of great food nowadays, it’s easy to find it overwhelming. However, it is not impossible.

Some people turn towards hypnosis to help them lose weight, but how does it actually work? According to the hypnotherapy directory, the aim of hypnotherapy for weight loss is not just to make you magically lose weight. It encourages the following: Feel confident about your bodyChange negative thoughts about eatingLosing weight responsibly without impacting your emotional well-beingPositive relationship with food and exercise. Easing Phobias and Anxieties Through Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy communicates with the subconscious to change the way you feel and behave towards things that trigger stress, anxiety, and phobias. Phobias are anxiety disorders that trigger symptoms such as sweating, dizziness, and palpitations. What Is Hypnotherapy and How Can It Help You? No, hypnotherapists do not take over your mind and trick you into doing their evil bidding. Unlike the media-driven myth of mind control, you are actually still in control of your actions while undergoing hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy involves the use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. Why Consider Hypnotherapy If You Want to Quit Smoking. Cigarette smoking is an unhealthy habit that can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smoking is the number one preventable cause of death in the U.S. Read the Most Common Myths About Hypnotherapy. Lose Excess Weight Through Hypnotherapy. Losing weight through hypnosis is quickly increasing in popularity and with good reason. In addition to helping individuals overcome different phobias and break unhealthy habits, hypnotherapy is also widely used to promote weight loss. Discover Ways Hypnotherapy Can Improve Your Life. How to Prepare for a Hypnotherapy Session. Congratulations on booking a hypnotherapy session! It’s normal to have mixed emotions about your appointment. The Benefits of Hypnotherapy. The image of hypnosis given to us by Hollywood and entertainment-oriented stage shows is very different than how hypnosis actually works in a hypnotherapy clinic.

In the office, hypnosis is used for a wide variety of treatments and can benefit your health not just psychologically but physically as well: