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Clay Tech has pioneered IT services in New Delhi, India for 15 years, consistently delivering business value with the latest technology.

Call Center Outsourcing Services Provider. Business Intelligence for Beginners - Clay Tech. Ever wondered what business intelligence is and why we use it.

Business Intelligence for Beginners - Clay Tech

I’ll be answering those questions and educating you why you should be implementing BI for your business. So, let’s get straight into it. What is BI? Well BI is all about harnessing the data that your business generates in all of its different activities. Then we analyze and visualize this data in order to clearly understand it and gain valuable insights into how your business is performing. In today’s modern business world, companies generate a lot of data. A car dashboard displays things like your speed. Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of what business intelligence is.

I will see you on the other side of the flip flop show. What is trendy in the "Design Industry"​ today requires education to embrace? - Clay Tech. The current building blocks in the UI/UX industry I am going to talk about “Digital design trends for 2019.

What is trendy in the "Design Industry"​ today requires education to embrace? - Clay Tech

Firstly, I’m going to take you through what I’ve found in all of my research. I was just up all night long and was just studying, reading and everything so that you don’t have to. Isn’t that great? So, let’s just get started. I just hate the word “pop up” though because I think the world would be a better place with fewer pop-ups but it’s kind of interesting how we need to keep the user in mind a little bit more going forward and what are the common issues that they’re facing in their lives which are very often like anxiety and overwhelm.

Robotic Process Automation Solutions. Business Process Management Services. Identity Management should be a part of Business Compliance - Clay Tech. We are living in a world where multi-tenant application providers understand the value of identity and challenges to manage it.

Identity Management should be a part of Business Compliance - Clay Tech

SAML solves itApplications like Salesforce, SAP etc. are SAAS based applications and their focal point has always been into product advancement. Managing multiple databases of usernames and passwords of all the tenants is just not needed and it’s sad that they still manage it. we understand that they didn’t have a choice in the pre-SAML phase, however, SAML solves it now and I am glad about the fact that these multi-tenant applications are now SAML based applications SSO and Password Management should be a part of organization compliance to my personal capacityImagine, your organization is using Salesforce and the user size is falling in the bracket of 150-250. we all are living with this business pain but we don’t realize it.

Out-of-the- box support for MFA, both on a global and an application level, to secure access to critical applications. World’s Best Customer Experience Management - Clay Tech. Each business will guarantee that it puts clients first.

World’s Best Customer Experience Management - Clay Tech

In any case, numerous organizations still keep on building inside centered procedures that neglect to consider client experience. How much organizations put their clients initially can be seen by taking a look at their business process management. The best organizations will take an “outside-in” approach. That is taking a gander at how their clients need to communicate and after that building the business processes around these associations. In today’s world, a great business process isn’t sufficient. Designing Business Processes for a good customer experience In order to ensure a decent client experience, you have to plan your organizations from the outside – in.

Call Centre Seats on Lease in Delhi, BPO Seats on Rent in Okhla, Delhi. For your business operations at a negligible capital expense.

Call Centre Seats on Lease in Delhi, BPO Seats on Rent in Okhla, Delhi

The most moderate approach to kick your activity off in as right on time as 24 hours. Clay Tech Seat Lease is the one of the rising seat-leasing aggregators in Delhi, India. Vulnerability Assessment Services, Cyber Security & Threat Solutions. Vulnerability assessment can be characterized as “the recurrent routine with regards to distinguishing, ordering, remediating, and relieving vulnerabilities”.

Vulnerability Assessment Services, Cyber Security & Threat Solutions

Organizations utilize vulnerability administration to preemptively safeguard against the abuse of vulnerabilities in organization applications, programming, and systems. Associations that can successfully actualize vulnerability administration will be fundamentally more secure from information breaches and data theft. To remain secure from hacking assaults, each Enterprise needs a perfect Vulnerability Audit strategy.

This procedure can be seen in five key steps: Outline the vulnerability management policy.Discover existing vulnerabilitiesAnalyze the current level of security and rank vulnerabilities by threat level/remediation actions required.Mitigate the causes of vulnerabilities.Maintain security through ongoing testing and discovery. BPO Service Provider, Business Process Outsourcing Services India. HIRE NO.1 IT COMPANY FOR Cyber Security Solutions in Delhi NCR, New Delhi. Clay Tech – CRM, RPA, BPO, Business Intelligence, Web & APP Development, Process Management, Digital learning Solutions , BroadCast Pro App. Vulnerability Assessment Services (VA) - ClayTech.

Enterprise Mobility – Clay Tech. Digital Learning Solution – Clay Tech. We apply our deep understanding of instructional design and visual and customer experience configuration to examine learning prerequisites and change all types of content into effective advanced learning experience.

Digital Learning Solution – Clay Tech

We offer end-to-end advanced learning solution with a firmly coupled customer engagement through every one of the phases of the development procedure, ideal from ideation, to planning, creating, and executing the solution. Our plan approaches incorporate innovative mix of instructional design, for example, situations, stories, and amusements, all of which meet up to shape important learning experience. Clay ERP most recent case study examples – Clay Tech.