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Building a professional learning network on Twitter. January 12, 2013 by tomwhitby For those who do not know, here are two basic Twitter principles: 1.

Building a professional learning network on Twitter

If you only follow 10 people you will only see the general tweets of those 10 people. 2. If only 10 people follow you, only those 10 people will see your general tweets. Although some might argue that the right ten people might be enough, I would argue that ten educators is a very limited Professional Learning Network. 24 Twitter Shortcuts That Will Save You Time. Our Guide to Twitter's Language. The beauty and challenge of Twitter is stuffing your most sophisticated thoughts and feelings into a measly 140 characters (or less).

Our Guide to Twitter's Language

Unfortunately, our traditional methods of communication have proven to be a poor training ground for micro-messaging, and even the most savvy platform users have sighed in exasperation as those bright red negative character signs mock our basic intelligence. But, perhaps even worse, no good tweet is ever going to be 140 characters because it’s impossible to share, respond or reference a tweet that’s already at it’s max. If you want to make a big statement with a small message, you have to trim the fat.

Thankfully, a special subset of finite abbreviations and techniques have cropped up to help optimize your own Twitter lingo. These handy snippets of language — some no more than a single symbol — have been instrumental in fostering more sophisticated sharing and discourse simply because they are small. The 50 Best Education Twitter Hashtags. 50 Important Education Twitter Hashtags–With Meeting Times!

The 50 Best Education Twitter Hashtags

Note: We are updating this list that is now going on two years old. Please suggest any revisions, additions, etc., in the comments below and we’ll make the changes. Twitter chats are a great resource for learning and networking, allowing academics from all over the world to come together on a regular basis to talk about what’s important in education. They’re also ideal for gaining authority and visibility in your field. Better yet, they’re happening all the time. Twitter resources. Quick Guide: How to Speak ‘Twitter’ Okay, let’s start at the very beginning for those shrewd late adopters who don’t use certain technology until it’s absolutely ridiculous not to. With twitter, we may have reached that point–that critical mass where you should at least get on board to fully understand what it is you’re rejecting. Twitter is a social media platform that allows you to connect with others.

It has formal academic potential that we explored recently that make it a difficult tool to ignore for any progressive-minded educator. Like text messaging, you are limited to 140 characters in your messages. Unlike text messaging, your messages aren’t sent to a single person, but anyone that follows you–and viewable by the world. Why Tweet? 100 Ways To Use Twitter In Education, By Degree Of Difficulty. Twitter may have started off as a fun social media site for keeping up with friends and sharing updates about daily life, but it’s become much more than that for many users over the past few years as the site has evolved and grown.

100 Ways To Use Twitter In Education, By Degree Of Difficulty

These days, Twitter is a powerhouse for marketing, communication, business, and even education, letting people from around the world work together, share ideas, and gain exposure. It has become a staple at many online colleges and campuses as well, leaving many academics wondering just how and if they should be using Twitter both in the classroom and in their professional lives. So we’ve revised our our original 2009 list to get you started or up to date. Whether you’re an academic or just interested in building your Twitter profile, keep reading to learn some tips and tricks that can help you take the first steps towards using Twitter for coursework, research, building a professional network, and beyond.

The Basics. 12 Reasons to Get Your School District Tweeting This Summer. Educational Hash Tags. It's All About The Hashtag. If you remember, in my 3 part series on Twitter, I wrote about how I completely changed the way I do professional development on Twitter.

It's All About The Hashtag

In a nutshell, I no longer start with signing up and tweeting the first day. Why Twitter Is a Teacher's Best Tool - Education. Teachers are increasingly bringing the real-time communication power of Twitter into the classroom to help students learn.

Why Twitter Is a Teacher's Best Tool - Education

But I've come to the conclusion that it's great for helping teachers learn as well. Twitter has simply become one of the best places for teachers to collaborate, share solutions to common classroom problems, and discuss education policy. In fact, it might just be the best forum teachers have ever had. As a classroom teacher I remember going across the hall to ask Mr. Top 10 in 10: Influential Tweets 7/10.

10 Interesting/Influential Tweets I’ve Read on Twitter Your messages on Twitter must be 140 characters or less.

Top 10 in 10: Influential Tweets 7/10

This can make sending a message quite challenging at times. Often, people will include a link to a blog post, article, or other information. Sometimes, people will post short, but powerful, messages. Rick Fabbro ‏ @RJFAB “When kids or anyone, for that matter, do something wrong it is not authority’s job to add to the shame, rather to restore dignity.” “@akevy613 well said.The focus of any assessment or check in should plan for growth and work to motivate.Agree grades have opp. effect. Chris Wejr ‏ @MrWejr “We’re bribing students into compliance rather than challenging them into engagement - @DanielPink“ What's a Twitter Chat? A number of my blog posts are reflections of twitter chats, such as #lrnchat and #realwplearn chat.

What's a Twitter Chat?

As vibrant a community these chats represent, I sometimes forget that the participants in these chats represent a very small percentage of the overall community of Learning and Development Professionals. At a recent ASTD Chapter meeting, I was reminded of this fact during a conversation I had with a group of peers. I was asked where I learned about something and I casually replied "We discussed it during a recent #lrnchat". I received silence and a few puzzled looks in response. How To Build A Great Twitter Reputation And Get More Followers And Retweets. If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then this article is for you.

How To Build A Great Twitter Reputation And Get More Followers And Retweets

Want more followers and retweets? New to Twitter and want to make it useful for you? Twitter isn’t working as well as you’d like it to? The three steps to a great Twitter reputation are content, style and connections. First—because this is what makes you really popular—we’ll cover making connections and building your account. Internet Catalogue. 5 Tricks for Twitter Power Users. If you love Twitter—and you also have a life—you probably use Buffer to schedule your tweets: To make announcements at a specific time, to send time-sensitive tweets like for limited-time offers, to communicate when your followers are most likely to notice, and to avoid membership in the tweet-a-minute club.

5 Tricks for Twitter Power Users

If that’s you then you'll want to check out a few ways to make Buffer even more useful. Who better to provide tips than Leo Widrich, the co-founder of Buffer. Here are five tricks he recommends: 1. Use SocialBro. 2. 35 ways to use Twiducate for deeper learning. Reasons to be cheerful…….Twiducate! Here are 35 ways to use Twiducate to deepen learning. I have split the tips up into four sections; using the main “Post to Class” section, using the “Important Dates” section, using the “Class Bookmarks” and using the “Chat” option.

I hope you find it helpful and please, feel free to comment, and it would be great if you could add some more uses! Remember when posting information to your class don’t forget to click the pin icon, this means that YOUR post will remain at the top of the Twiducate feed. 1. Twitter finds a place in the classroom. Twitter has place in classroom A Los Angeles teacher has found Twitter to be an important teaching tool Students can chime in with questions and answers using the Web service Twitter is integrated into 2% of college lectures, says one study Los Angeles (CNN) -- Students tap away at their cell phones, laptops and iPads during Enrique Legaspi's high-tech history lesson.

In some grade schools, pulling out these devices during class would result in a one-way ticket to the principal's office. But Legaspi encourages this behavior, as long as the kids are using Twitter. A technology enthusiast, Legaspi learned how to incorporate the social network into his 8th-grade curriculum while attending the annual Macworld convention in San Francisco earlier this year. "I had an aha moment there," he said. Twitter and Canadian Educators. Do you roll your eyes when someone urges you to go on Twitter? It’s too easy to ignore Twitter and to dismiss EduTweeters (educators who tweet) as a group of ego-driven shit-disturbing techies – with way too much time on their hands – spewing 140-character snippets of “technobabble”.

If you’ve already lurked on Twitter to see what all the hubbub is about, you’ve probably scanned a few teacher exchanges of mutual support and encouragement as they rolled down your screen – or maybe you heard about the contents of an edu-tweeter’s sandwich. Avid and casual edu-tweeps (educators who follow EduTweeters) who are flocking to Twitter are learning to take the good with the inane. For the uninitiated, Twitter is an information network made up of 140-character messages called Tweets.

Some BC Edu-Tweeters To Get You Started « I feel like a Twitter veteran with my five-year subscription anniversary coming up on March 23. And yet, in recent weeks, I have been disillusioned with Twitter — it must be the growing pains of social media. While the current labour unrest in BC has, at times, brought out thoughtful discord, too often, as discussions have moved to Twitter, it has brought out name calling, anonymous accounts, idea trashing, and inappropriate language. Too often, adults have used the power of social media in ways we would never want our kids to.

Too often, I see one of the great powers of social media for educators being misused, instead of fostering its ability to role model for students how we engage in ethical and thoughtful ways. So, with that said, I stand by the comment that I often make — that learning through social media, and Twitter in particular, has been a most powerful and inspirational learning. 5 Tools To Find Out the Best Time to Tweet.

The biggest mistake most of the Twitter users are doing is posting tweets without finding the best time. Twitter Hashtags In The Classroom. Cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by danielmoyle. The Ultimate Twitteraholic’s Guide to tweets, hashtags, and all things Twitter. Twitter resources. Twitter. On Twitter: To Follow or Not to Follow. Recently, I have had students discover my @TheNerdyTeacher Twitter account and follow me. It usually only lasts a few days before they unfollow me -- a few days of my flooding their feed with blog posts, education news and Edutopia articles.

The big question I get from kids is, "Why don't you follow me back? "