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Clavax is a leading software, web and mobile app development company headquartered in San Jose, California. Their main focus is to build innovative products & deliver best services that will add value to our customers in real time & providing services to several industries such as Real Estate, Education, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial, E-commerce etc.

Is it Possible to convert iOS App to Android App? (Steps, Benefits, & Cost) Reading Time: 3 minutes 54 Views.

Is it Possible to convert iOS App to Android App? (Steps, Benefits, & Cost)

Top Programming Languages for Mobile App Development. Mobile technology is rapidly growing and impacting every business sector.

Top Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

With time and age, mobile applications are becoming a premier platform to captivate user engagement. To build a successful app, you require proper market research, resource planning, strategic approach, budgeting, and so on. If you are looking to build an app with seamless functionality and high compatibility, then you should take knowledge about different programming languages that satisfy the needs of modern mobile platforms. Loyalty Program Cost Calculation. The client is a consultant to a pharmacy services company for which the project LifeClub Rewards was made.

Loyalty Program Cost Calculation

LifeClub Rewards is a solution that aims at offering people instant rewards every time they shop at their local pharmacy. The client discovered Clavax Technologies via a consultant and the company, Clavax is selected to provide a mobile based application development services for Android and iOS platforms and also for the website development.

Clavax Technologies was also involved in the marketing aspect of the project. The client is satisfied with the solution offered by Clavax Technologies and quotes that the firm did a great job. The client highly recommends them to colleagues. The client is a consultant to a pharmacy services company for which the project LifeClub Rewards was made. Android App Development Company. Mobile App Development Company in San Jose. How is a Mobile App the correct channel to Business Growth? Mobile apps are now an integral part of any business as eventually every business is turning digital and taking up the right steps to grow their sales.

How is a Mobile App the correct channel to Business Growth?

Since we’re living in a modern era, it’s imperative to know how important the digital aspects are. While there’s a lot talked about, we still need to know why mobile apps are necessary for business? Let’s break down the major reasons- Increase in sales A mobile app is a channel through which one can boost a company’s profit margins, though it can be a significant increase depending on the scale of the audience. App Cost Calculator. It all starts with an innovative concept.

App Cost Calculator

An idea can change the way how the target audience is interacting with your business. But most of these ideas fail due to lack of proper planning, unorganized budgets, and extended deadlines. E-Commerce Web Development Companies in USA. The evolution of the internet has brought endless benefits to the eCommerce industry by taking offline store owners to a new level of success with digitization.

E-Commerce Web Development Companies in USA

The way businesses work has transformed with the help of online apps for eCommerce stores enabling users to buy several products without any sea boundaries. This not only helps business owners to boost sales but also helps to reach more potential customers. Living in the competitive world of today where customers have more choices than ever, a business must be available for customers always through web and mobile apps and deliver personalized experiences with unique offerings. Top Mobile App Development Blogs That You Can Follow in 2021. The best and fastest way to find out what’s new and trending in mobile app development is by going through mobile app development blogs.

Top Mobile App Development Blogs That You Can Follow in 2021

From tips on best designs to strategies for developing successful apps, the blogs give you deeper insights. With increasing competition, there are many app development companies that are offering you similar services. To choose the best, you need to understand in & out to make better investment decisions. Like any forums where you seek answers for your problems, blogs do the same job. A Mobile App Costs How Much?! Check with App Cost Calculator.

Today, almost every business is focusing on developing a personalized mobile app.

A Mobile App Costs How Much?! Check with App Cost Calculator

For mobile app development, you need to begin by determining the cost of developing an app. Although, getting a fixed quotation for app development cost is not easy. Several factors are considered when providing customers with a fixed quote. Estimating the cost is necessary as it helps you wasting a heft amount on development and avoids any future friction with the development company. Bank Reward Program. Real Estate Mobile App Development – Is it Time to Jump on the Bandwagon? COVID-19 has changed the way we are working before.

Real Estate Mobile App Development – Is it Time to Jump on the Bandwagon?

The online search trend is now affecting the real estate market. Out of 10 investors, 9 use real estate mobile apps to buy and sell properties online. With the evolution of digitization, only those realtors will emerge as leaders who can embrace the change. No matter how small or big your business is, a feature-rich app can help you prosper around the globe in a short time. Real Estate Auction Software Solution. App Cost Calculator. Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Australia. Mobile app development is the trend in power bringing better opportunities for businesses to grow and succeed.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Australia

With the technologies racing up, there’s always room for improvement and IT developers are constantly searching for ways to enhance and make mobile apps more user friendly & interactive. In search of the right mobile app development companies in Australia? Let’s get you the list of top 10 companies you should be considering for your mobile app development- · Clavax Technologies Clavax is the leader in IT services, skilled to provide customized solutions in Web, Mobility, Consulting, Big Data & Analytics, and more! Founded- 2011 Employees- 50–249 Hourly Rate- $25. Customer Loyalty Program Software. Top iOS Trends you should be aware of in 2021 – Home. The mobile app industry is entering a new era of technological advancements. With numerous applications entering the space, various genres and extensive competition between Android and iOS are gaining momentum. While this competition resulted in a great user experience, there are numerous reasons for the app entrepreneurs to rejoice.

According to Statista, the mobile application revenue count will reach $639 Billion counts in the coming year. A Quick Review on App Development Pricing and Other Budget Considerations - The Bloggers Page. How much does it cost to build an app? It is the first question that comes to mind when thinking to take the business online.

Several factors need to be considered when estimating the final cost. Most of the quality apps are built from $100,000 to $1,000,000. What are these factors? How costing is dependent on it? Business Model Not every app is the same. Things You Need To Know About Android 12 Before Its Official Release. Android 12 is just around the corner and many Android App Developers must be excited to learn all the new features for Google’s Operating System or Android App Development for Android 12. After the release of Android 11 for some users, Google is all set to launch the Android 12 and the final version is likely to be available to users around September 2021.

However, there is no confirmed release date. As Android 12 is available for the first developer preview, there is already enough information to find out what will be the new features of Android 12. Several Android App Development Companies are looking forward to the new updates of this Android version that are likely to add to the cool factor of this operating system and its usefulness.

Let’s find out what are the important updates and features of this release. How iOS/Android User Behavior Impacts Mobile App Development? With time, the usage of smartphones is increasing at an exponential rate across the world. The majority of the population is spending most of their time on mobile apps for everyday functions. Amid numerous mobile apps are launched every month, but only a few succeed in gaining popularity and sustaining repetitive visits.

To come up with such meaningful and winning apps, you need to understand user behavior. How well do you know your potential mobile users? How much they are willing to pay for your services? Importance of User Behavior What you can’t ignore while building or delivering a successful app is diving deeper to know the target audience’s needs and preferences. Top 10 Real Estate Software Development Companies in USA. We cannot deny the fact that technology has transformed the way businesses work across several industry verticals. With digital adoption & advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain & many more, organizations are catering to ever-changing customer demands and market trends. The real estate industry is no exception when it comes to digitization! Gone are the days when people used to rely on the hectic process of home search with numerous physical visits.

Top React Native App Development Companies in USA. How an E-Commerce Loyalty Program Boosts Business Growth? Every store owner dreams about achieving long-term profits with long-term loyal customers. Things You Need To Know About Android 12 Before Its Official Release. Online Auction Software. Loyalty Rewards Program. How Much to Make an App Cost for Your Upcoming Project in 2021? Everything indeed comes with a price tag! The same goes with your development services for mobile apps where you get the quality of work for what you pay for. However, it doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on a good app! iOS App Development Company. Present scenario, technology has transformed the way we live our everyday lives. With an increasing number of smartphone users, the nature of mobile app usage has grown exponentially. Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai. Android App Developers. Top Mobile App Development Companies in USA. Loyalty Program Software USA. Real Estate Mobile App Development.

Loyalty Program Cost Calculation. Top Website Development Trends in 2021 You Must Know. Customer Loyalty Management Software. Top Loyalty Management Software. Businesses evolve with time to achieve their goals faster. Integrating with powerful loyalty, referral, and rewards program not only change the way companies do advocacy marketing but are a cost-effective way to encourage repeat business.

Grabbing the attention of different users is not an easy task. From acquiring new customers to retaining employees, there are different types of loyalty programs that can be incorporated into your business according to your needs. According to a survey by Deloitte, Businesses with loyalty programs are 88% more profitable than competitors who don’t have. Retail Loyalty Programs. Customer Loyalty Program Software. How Much to Make an App.

How Much to Make an App. Mobile App Development Companies in Texas. It’s every entrepreneur’s dream to build an app that disrupts the entire industry or change the way users interact with their brand or products. Top IT Consulting Companies in California. A huge number of small and medium scale businesses are lacking on the financial aspect, blocking themselves for investing much in the in-house or full time IT department. Customer Loyalty Programs. iPhone App Development Services. How’s PropTech Completely Disrupting the Real Estate Industry? Benefits To Prototype Your App Idea First. React Native Development Companies in UK. App Cost Calculator. Online Auction Software.