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DIY SOLN1-25 Solar Generator | Laser Hacker Alternative Energy. Pages Navigation Menu Alternative projects, inventions, experiments and DIY projects Categories Navigation Menu Home » Featured Projects » DIY SOLN1-25 Solar Generator DIY SOLN1-25 Solar Generator Posted by lasersaber on Jun 10, 2015 in Featured Projects, Solar | 11 comments PDF build sheet: SOLN1 25 Build Guide PDF build sheet: SOLN1 25 Wiring Harness 3D .stl file for 3D printing the spacer ring: Parts List: Battery options are: 4 cell configuration: $76.00 – For smaller loads. 8 cell configuration: $152.00 – For larger loads. You can order the 10Ah Headway energy cells here: Semi Flexible 25W Solar Panel$75.95: 30A PWM Solar Charge Controller$32.95: Samlex SAM 250W DC to AC Inverter$27.95: SOLN1-25 Parts bag contents:

A New Solar / Wind Charge Controller Based on the 555 Chip. UPDATE This 555 based solar charge controller project has won first place in the Utility Category of the 555 Design Contest!!!!! Scroll to the bottom of the page for more information on the contest. Several years ago I began building my own wind turbines and solar panels to provide power on my remote, off-grid property. A charge controller is an essential part of any wind or solar system to ensure the batteries aren't over or under charged. The charge controller monitors the battery voltage and switches the batteries off charge when they are fully charged, and switches them back on charge when they reach a pre-set level of discharge. This is a new and improved charge controller design based on the 555 chip. When I originally posted my home-built wind turbine, solar panel and charge controller designs on the web, they became wildly popular.

The original charge controller design is still working after years of field use. Here is the schematic of my original charge controller circuit. A Robotic lawn mower powered by Solar Energy with an Arduino heart.

This robot will mow the grass of your garden, staying within a defined area, avoiding all obstacles and working in complete autonomy, automatically charging itself with a solar panel. In this post we present a robotic lawn mower, powered with solar energy and able to operate just with the clean energy from the sun; this one is a great difference from the commercial projects having a robot in need of a charging station connected to the electrical grid. When designing a lawn mower powered by solar energy, it is essential that most of the energy comes from the sun, and of course the ultimate result would be obtained if solar energy were enough to completely power up the robot: this one is however an objective that will be very difficult to obtain, given the low efficiency of existing solar panels.

For this kind of usage, less power is needed, and can be easily managed with a battery powered system. Let’s move now to a more detailed description of the electric part adopted by this project. Robotic mower with automatic garage door.