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Donna Hay - Recipes. Caramelised pork with five-spice broth 1 x 300g pork fillet, trimmed 1 ½ tablespoon hoisin sauce 1 teaspoon sesame oil 20g ginger, peeled and sliced 1 clove garlic, sliced ¼ teaspoon Chinese five-spice powder 50g coriander (cilantro) 1 litre chicken stock 2 teaspoons soy sauce 100g medium flat rice noodles 1 bunch baby bok choy, halved thinly sliced green onion (scallion) and small red chilli, to serve Preheat oven to 200ºC (390ºF).

Donna Hay - Recipes

Brush pork with hoisin and place on a tray. Roast for 10 minutes each side or until cooked through. Set aside and keep warm. Coriander & Chili Monkfish Cheeks Stir-Fry. Coriander & Chili Monkfish Cheeks Stir-Fry As well as fishing sustainably, we should also be using every part of the fish that’s edible.

Coriander & Chili Monkfish Cheeks Stir-Fry

Monkfish liver, for example, is a delicacy. Monkfish cheeks and even the bones and heads can all be put to use in the kitchen! Not too long ago, I found out a cheaper way to eat monkfish! Previously blogged recipe – Monkfish in salted soya bean and black bean sauce, is one of the best ways to prepare monkfish. Not long ago, I went to my usual fishmonger that sells diver scallops. Monkfish cheeks are of course the flesh from the cheeks of monkfish. Thai Stir-Fry Chicken with Cashew Nuts. Thai Stir-Fry Chicken with Cashew Nuts Thai food is full of flavours and it’s a cuisine that I am familiar with.

Thai Stir-Fry Chicken with Cashew Nuts

We get a lot of influence from Thai cooking, especially Southern Thai as there’s a small Thai community in my hometown. So, Thai food is always very easy to get hold with! Shumai/Siumai (Pork & Prawns Dumplings) Shumai/Siumai (Pork & Prawn Dumplings) Dim sum (點心) is the name for a southern Chinese cuisine which involves a wide range of light and small portion of food, that comes in the form of steamed, baked, or fried.

Shumai/Siumai (Pork & Prawns Dumplings)

Chinese dumplings and potsticker recipe. Recipe: chinese dumplings and potstickers [warning: a long post] Do you know what that one recipe was that started you on your cooking passion?

chinese dumplings and potsticker recipe

I have cooked since I was a kid, but I didn’t get serious until I was a sophomore in college and I felt this cultural obligation to make dumplings from scratch to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Kenny Lao's Rickshaw Dumplings. Previous image Next image We recently ran a tour of Kenny Lao's kitchen in the East Village.

Kenny Lao's Rickshaw Dumplings

Potstickers Recipe (Chinese Dumplings) Kung Pao Chicken Recipe. K&S – you have never tried them…do try it, I bet you will like it. :) Lydia – yes, this is a very friendly dish so anyone can easily fall in love with the dish and be intrigued by the cooking method behind it.

Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

Good to hear that you are going to try my recipe! Andaliman – hehe, I like it too. Nags – well, I wonder how’s the one served at the restaurants in your place…;) Cashew Chicken Recipe. Orange Chicken Recipe. This isn’t your typical Orange Chicken Recipe. While dinkin’ around online for inspiration for a recipe idea I came across this Copy Cat recipe for Bang Bang Shrimp , which had a surprising ingredient in the sauce that I least expected to find….Mayonnaise! (yea, shocking right? Or is it just me, that thinks it’s weird in an ‘Asian’ recipe?) So I decided to try it. Now unlike most recipes I post here, I usually try the dish out before hand or at least know what I’m doing to begin with.

Kung Pao Chicken. Kung Pao has been one of my favorite chicken recipes ever since I can remember.When I found this finger-licking recipe from Bobby (, I immediately knew my fate was sealed.

Kung Pao Chicken

It looked so delicious I needed to prepare it as soon as possible.Here’s how Bobby himself describes this recipe: ‘Kung Pao chicken first originated in central-western China and has become very popular in the United States. This is the westernized version of kung pao chicken consisting of wok fried chicken pieces, roasted peanuts, scallions and a spicy sauce. Sweet and Sour Pork Noodles. Hainanese Chicken Rice (Poached Chicken) Recipe. Chicken rice!

Hainanese Chicken Rice (Poached Chicken) Recipe

Have I told you how much I love chicken rice? There’s just something about it that keeps you wanting more. I have been known to eat chicken rice and char siu rice (popular in Malaysia and Singapore) everyday for 3 weeks and I have never gotten sick of it. Up to this day, even when I return home to Malaysia, I would harp Madam Mummy or the Boy to take me out to my favourite chicken rice shops so that I can indulge. Delicious Chicken Wonton Soup. Today I really badly needed a good bowl of soup and I had 2 reasons to justify my need.

Delicious Chicken Wonton Soup.

Well to start with I woke up little sick; rather too exhausted and secondly I was totally in Oscar-hangover mode! Ok, if you are unaware of this crazy Oscar-hangover mode let me enlighten you right now. It is a mode when you are totally thinking about all the beautiful stars, their dresses, their bodies, those super toned legs and absolutely flat abs and telling yourself it is going to be only soups and salads from today and nothing else. Curried Pork Potstickers with Soy-Ginger Dipping Sauce by Mary Anne & Mariel on Epicurious Community Table. Mariel here. Many moons ago, my husband and I spent an incredible year living in Hong Kong.

We were in our mid-20s, unmarried and unmoored from all those wonderful anchors of adulthood. Feeling restless and in search of adventure, we both decided to part with our jobs and experience life away from the east coast, so we bought plane tickets and booked a hotel room in Causeway Bay…for 3 nights. I’m not exaggerating when I say that’s the extent of our pre-departure plan-making.

It turned out to be one of the best years of our entire lives and later, after returning to New York, we flew back to Hong Kong to get engaged. It’s also the place where I cultivated a deep and abiding love for dumplings. You can’t throw a stone in Hong Kong without hitting a delicious dim sum dive; there is no visiting this sparkling city without partaking in some sort of dumplinged lunch, brunch or dinner. Note: There is a print link embedded within this post, please visit this post to print it. 2. 3. Dumplings by Kathy Patterson. On one of the final episodes of that Food Network classic, "Worst Cooks in America," the worstcooktestants are tasked with making dumplings - Chinese siu mai and wontons and Japanese gyoza. As I was watching, I thought to myself, "if those mostly-incompetent people can make an edible dumpling, a mostly competent person like me can, too! " Honestly, they made it look very easy, right down to the little pleats on the gyoza.

Gyoza, or jaiozi, in Chinese, has been my family's favorite Chinese restaurant appetizer forever. No Chinese meal was complete without them. And they had to be fried. I recall making jaiozi with a friend some years ago, and it seemed like a huge production. I think she was mostly paranoid about using raw ground pork in the filling, but she needn't have been. A quick online search brought up myriad variations on that filling. In any case, dumpling making was much simpler than expected. Potstickers Remove cooked dumplings to a plate and serve with dipping sauce. Japanese Udon Noodle Soup. I'm a sucker for any type of noodle soup, I've been known to even sneak an instant ramen for a snack! Udon noodles are thick, hearty, wheat-based Japanese noodle. You can find udon dried or fresh in shrink-wrapped package.