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Sur le Web, l'article journalistique a-t-il encore un sens ? Le groupe Le Monde renouvelle son abonnement à l'AFP. HTML5 Frameworks and Useful Apps for Mobile Web Development. During the past two years the acceleration of touch screen devices such as iOS or Android based platforms has compelled developers and web designers to rethink the structure of their own webapps for the new “touch experience” introduced by the iPhone in 2007.

HTML5 Frameworks and Useful Apps for Mobile Web Development

Mobile web apps offer abundant advantages over native apps; and although they may encounter some design, development and deployment challenges, they are a powerful cross platform, scalable and an affordable solution. Mobile apps are all the rage, and there are a myriad of start-ups aimed towards the iPad, and countless entrepreneurs are busy hacking together the next killer iPhone app. Basically, every big company has released an app of some type. With the ever increasing introduction of Android phones, developers are competing to port their software and it seems that the innovative possibilities behind them are endless and only limited to the imagination. 10 Best Online HTML5 Tools For Designers. HTML5 is a new language for structuring and presenting content on the web.

10 Best Online HTML5 Tools For Designers

It boasts many great features that make incorporating video, audio, fonts, drag & drop, web graphics & animations into your web pages very easy. HTML5 is backwards compatible so don’t worry about your old designs in HTML 4 or XHML1 they will look just the same as they used to! HTML5 is all over the web already and experts are enhancing it everyday to provide Web Designers & Developers with amazing new features.

So here are 10 Awesome Online HTML5 Tools For Web Designers that can prove to be really helpful for all the web designers. Check them out. 7 Best Practices for Improving Your Website's Usability. The Web Design Usability Series is supported by join.me, an easy way to instantly share your screen with anyone. join.me lets you collaborate on-the-fly, put your heads together super-fast and even just show off.

7 Best Practices for Improving Your Website's Usability

Writing content for web users has its challenges. Chief among them is the ease with which your content is read and understood by your visitors (i.e. its readability). When your content is highly readable, your audience is able to quickly digest the information you share with them — a worthy goal to have for your website, whether you run a blog, an e-store or your company's domain.

Below are a handful of dead-simple tips and techniques for enhancing the usability and readability of your website's content. These tips are based on research findings and suggestions by well-regarded usability experts such as Jakob Nielsen. 50 Fresh Free HTML5 and CSS3 Website Templates. Case Study: Huffington Post. 10 Creative Adobe Illustrator Tutorials. This post put together some handy creative Adobe Illustrator Tutorials, mostly about retro poster style. Check out new tricks that you can learn and apply it to your own designs. These tutorials are the best from great sites such us Digital Arts online, Veerle's blog, Vectortuts+, Vectips, Pixel 77, Computer Arts magazine and GoMediaZine. Hope you like it!!! Create Retro Poster Art | Digital Arts online. 5 Beautiful Landing Pages That Prove Great Design Still Sells. Have you ever pulled up a landing page that made you want to gag?

5 Beautiful Landing Pages That Prove Great Design Still Sells

Probably more than once, right? When it comes to designing landing pages, most people seem to believe ugly converts better. If it doesn’t have a gigantic red headline, lots of yellow highlights, and a blinking “BUY NOW!” Find a Job in Social Media, Communications or Design. If you're seeking a job in social media, we'd like to help out.

Find a Job in Social Media, Communications or Design

For starters, Mashable's Job Lists gather all our resource lists, how-tos and expert guides to help you get hired. In particular, you might want to see our articles, How to Leverage Social Media for Career Success and How to Find a Job on Twitter. But we'd like to help in a more direct way, too. Mashable's job boards are a place for socially savvy companies to find people like you.

Designing With Tablets in Mind: Six Tips to Remember. Today I'm going to recap some concrete considerations you should make in order to make sure your web design is optimized for use on a touch-based tablet.

Designing With Tablets in Mind: Six Tips to Remember

In March, I wrote an article entitled How the iPad (and Tablets) Are Driving a New Age of Web Design. In that article, I looked at the iPad - a platform I'd been using on a daily basis for about ten months - and how it had changed the considerations of the modern web designer. 27 Examples of Color Usage in Web Design. Here on WDL, we’ve discussed how colors can be used to invoke various emotions.

27 Examples of Color Usage in Web Design

For example, the color red symbolizes excitement and energy, while the more tranquil color blue represents calmness and stability. Here we’ve gathered a collection of web designs that make good use of color. In these examples you’ll notice some using color to highlight and draw attention to specific elements, while others use larger amounts of color to set the over all tone of the site. Nevertheless, there’s plenty of color usage here to inspire you. Consulting stratégies innovantes - Conseil en stratégie / stratégie océan bleu / Blue Ocean Strategy. Design Inspiration: 7 Galleries of Excellent Ecommerce Sites. This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

Design Inspiration: 7 Galleries of Excellent Ecommerce Sites

Have you ever contemplated the expansion of your small business through the launch of an online store? The first phases of any new venture, big or small, is to generate initial ideas and scope out what's already out there. Having a good vision of your soon-to-be e-store at hand will help you communicate better with your designer. Knowing what's possible will also allow you to determine your desired outcomes. 20 webdesign efficaces pour présenter une application mobile - webdesign-inspiration. Webdesign : ce que les couleurs et les polices disent sur vous. 21 Fresh Examples of CSS Web Design from 2011. Advertisement Creativity has no boundaries.

21 Fresh Examples of CSS Web Design from 2011

Designers are looking attractive and decent ideas for their clients. As a designer 2010 and 2011 has been rich on creative, beautiful and unusual design concepts. This showcase is all about creative and fresh design taken from different designer’s sites. Photoshop : 6 tutoriaux pour réaliser le design de votre blog ou de votre site. 25 raisons pour lesquelles on va quitter votre site en 10 secondes. Une feuille de styles de base pour le Web mobile - Journal du Net Développeurs. L’outil pour définir ses personas E-commerce. Anatomie d’un courriel Apple. Design Tutorials and Templates.

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