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Puffin Web Browser Free (Iphone) - Télécharger. Scratch Viewer- Puffin Web IOS V1.2 on Scratch. Free software for hooking Scratch up to Kinect. Kinect2Scratch. Scratch Resources. Hidden Sprites. A hidden sprite is a sprite that does not appear in the sprites pane, but can still be programmed with accessed by selecting in the sprites pane. Scratch 1.4 required a more lengthy process than Scratch 2.0's method. Creating a hidden sprite. Install scat (Scratch) to Android Tablet(XOOM) 今天Jimmy's papa將XOOM成功的升級到Android 3.2版本,雖然沒看到什麼讓人驚豔的功能,但很高興我的XOOM沒有成為棄嬰,希望MOTO給我努力用力的升級下去,因為Jimmy's papa很想吃到Ice Cream啊!!!

Install scat (Scratch) to Android Tablet(XOOM)

Jimmy's papa也趁便測試一下是否不需要PC,直接在Android安裝scat(Scratch)及CogDroid,安裝流程如下,希望大家看得懂我的poor english,haha!!! 1.Open Web Browser in Android 啟動平板電源,並且打開Android Browser 2. Citilab - Projecte Scratch. Scratch Forums / Mesh - how to get it, use it, and program with its features. Build Your Own Blocks (BYOB)