Building Information Modeling (BIM)

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Revit Add-Ons. Learn About Network Management & New Network Technologies – Geek Guides. Boost Your Brain in the SolarWinds Resource Center!

Learn About Network Management & New Network Technologies – Geek Guides

We’ve been busy filming videos, taping webcasts, writing whitepapers, developing free tools, and creating comprehensive guides on a wide variety of network, storage, and application management topics. Now we've collected all this geeky goodness into one place where you can find answers to your toughest IT management questions. Check Marks in a Drawing Index. The drawing index can be a very complex type of schedule. What to list, how to group it, date it, and graphically represent it are all issues that come into play when creating the neatest drawing index. A widely used graphic in drawing lists is the check mark. Bimtraining's Channel. HOK BIM Solutions. BIMtopia. Public Data Explorer. Importing Autocad Drawings into Revit. Back in September I wrote this about using Autocad files in Revit and thought I'd rehash it a little for our SMPC blog.

Importing Autocad Drawings into Revit

I've found that there are about 5 reasons for importing Autocad drawings into Revit Starting a Revit model from an Autocad design floor planReferencing consultant drawingsInserting Site plan for locating shared coordinates and or an architectural site plan notingInserting already established standard detailsCreating detail components form manufactures details. Creating a Revit Template. 1.

Creating a Revit Template

This is just one persons philosophy. MANY people do it very differently. 2. The resulting template will be large. Again, one persons philosophy. Air Force Building Information Modeling for MILCON Transformation. USAF BIM Project Execution Plan Template to fulfill Attachment F Requirements DOC 661 KB BIM Templates Autodesk Revit S-File Template, Version 2011 RVT 2.6 MB Using the Autodesk Revit S-File Template, Version 2011 PDF 518 KB.

Air Force Building Information Modeling for MILCON Transformation Ideate - White Papers. Tech: Friday Reprieve #30. Let's take a little trip down memory lane, shall we?

Tech: Friday Reprieve #30

I want to give you a brief history of documentation in Architecture in the 21st century in Kansas City, MO. I think there's a direct correlation between information DATA within our industry, how accessible it is, and how we do our documents. To help demonstrate this, I offer the following history of building: The Nelson Atkins Museum. Built 1931. 23 sheets in the drawing set.