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How to Host or Join a Party on PS4 - Tech Drawn. How to Use an Alternative Hot Phrase Instead of OK Google - Trust Eximine. The time in which we are living is full of artificial-intelligence-based technology.

How to Use an Alternative Hot Phrase Instead of OK Google - Trust Eximine

It has provided us several awe-inspiring innovations, including voice assistants. Amazon provides Alexa, Apple provides Siri, Microsoft provides Cortana, and Google provides Google Assistant. iPhone 12 Camera Features & Upgrades: LiDAR, Dolby Vision, And More Explained - Trust Jone. Apple has launched its new iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max with a more improved and enhanced set of features.

iPhone 12 Camera Features & Upgrades: LiDAR, Dolby Vision, And More Explained - Trust Jone

Due to the increasing attention on photography in the last few years, Apple has mainly focused on the iPhone 12 lineup camera and its powerful A14 Bionic processor chip. The new iPhone 12 comes with an improved camera technology along with the latest 5G connectivity. It also comes with the fastest mobile phone processor ever by Apple. If we talk about the camera features of the four newest smartphones from Apple, the iPhone 12 has an identical camera to the iPhone 12 mini. On the other hand, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max share similar features in the camera area and are equipped with a more advanced set of features. The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max come with another excellent feature of LiDAR, which can be expanded as Light Detection And Ranging.

More features from Apple are expected to hit very soon, such as Apple ProRAW. Is Zaheer From the Legend of Korra Inspired by Bane? - Bloggerlys. Superficially, it would appear that the Legend of Korra and the Dark Knight Rises have nothing in common.

Is Zaheer From the Legend of Korra Inspired by Bane? - Bloggerlys

Even though this conclusion is wrong, it won’t be right to blame anyone for thinking that. They have a completely different world altogether; there’s no doubt about that. Lenovo’s Smart Clock Essential has Echo Dot-like Features - Setup Mag. A vast number of announcements have been made for smart-home owners within a couple of weeks.

Lenovo’s Smart Clock Essential has Echo Dot-like Features - Setup Mag

No doubt, the few weeks have been full of announcements. In the previous month, Amazon had revealed its range of new speakers and displays equipped with a smart assistant. After that, in early October, Google unveiled its all-new Nest Audio. Now another manufacturer, Lenovo, has brought the Smart Clock Essential, which has Echo Dot-like behavior. A Guide to Share Your Location on Google Maps - Tech Drawn. Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation services available for smartphones.

A Guide to Share Your Location on Google Maps - Tech Drawn

Google Maps allows you to find different locations, use live navigation, and check the public transport available in an area and a few other advanced features. User-friendly interface, accurate calculations, and available customizations make it one of the best services in the field. Along with doing all the basics right, there are features like location sharing, making it a great app. The location-sharing feature of Google Maps can be used to share your location or track your family members’ or friends’ locations. A Variety of Apps and Skills for Alexa - Trust Eximine. Alexa is entirely a very powerful and popular personal assistant service that can help you in various ways.

A Variety of Apps and Skills for Alexa - Trust Eximine

However, it’s limited to Amazon Fire devices, Amazon Echo devices, and a few other devices. But today, we will share various apps and skills for Alexa that you can use to get the best out of Alexa. Anne Hathaway's The Witches is the New Victim of the Pandemic - Trust Jone. The “Interstellar” actress will see her latest film “The Witches” become a new addition to the list of films being moved straight to the video-on-demand format bypassing the theater release completely.

Anne Hathaway's The Witches is the New Victim of the Pandemic - Trust Jone

The move is not a surprise; a lot of films like “Mulan,” “The Doorman,” Tom Hardy’s “Capone,” “Da 5 Bloods,” “Onward,” “Soul, “Bloodshot,” etc., did move to Video on Demand format in the recent months as the future of the theaters is now facing a gloomy uncertainty. Apple iPhone 12: Specifications, Price, & Other Details - Bloggerlys. The launch of Apple iPhone 12 is almost here as Apple gears up to give its fans the latest design.

Apple iPhone 12: Specifications, Price, & Other Details - Bloggerlys

Apple has rolled out the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Max all in a single event. Apple Watch 6 Blood Oxygen Monitor: How to Use It - Setup Mag. The fact that the Apple Watch 6 can measure the blood oxygen levels (also referred to as SpO2) made it Apple’s 2020 flagship smartwatch.

Apple Watch 6 Blood Oxygen Monitor: How to Use It - Setup Mag

How to Make and Receive Calls Using Windows 10 PC? – Tupalox. The tech giant Microsoft has been continuously attracting its consumers by providing exciting and useful features.

How to Make and Receive Calls Using Windows 10 PC? – Tupalox

One such feature allows users to make calls directly from the Windows device. Users can use the “Your Phone” app for making and receiving calls directly on their Window 10 device by connecting their Android Smartphone. How to Delete System Restore and Shadow Copies on Windows 10? - DPioneer. Volume Shadow Copy or VSS is the snapshot creating service of Microsoft that quickly creates the Data snapshot in a specific volume that can be used for the process of restoration.

On the other hand, System Restore is the tool that enables the user to load back your windows to an earlier state of the machine where there is smoothness in the performance. It is used to bypass an unavoidable error that occurs on Windows 10. Sometimes these files get corrupted or take large storage space on a machine, creating lags in computer and performance slow down issues. There are two kinds of shadow copies located on Windows 10, namely VssAdmin and DiskShadow. How to Change Mouse Sensitivity on Windows 10? - DMogul. The mouse is one of the most important peripheral devices connected to the computer. It used to execute the tasks faster and smoother. Sometimes, users need to change mouse sensitivity or speed as per their desire. If you are also among those who want to change the mouse sensitivity, then this blog is for you. Here we are providing various effective ways to modify the sensitive nature of your mouse.

How to Use an Apple Pencil? - Dcomparison. Apple Pencil is a line of wireless stylus pens used for making artistic drawings, marking up several documents and note-taking tasks on iPad devices. Apple Pencil provides a dynamic line thickness with full pressure sensitivity mechanism. You can easily use it to tilt control for shading effects, palm rejection for complete sketching tasks. Apple Pencil comes in different versions such as Generation 1 and Generation 2 Apple Pencil.

How to Use Chat-Based Cortana UI on Windows 10? - DIndependent. Microsoft Windows 10 provides several exciting tools and features. The updated version of MS Windows 10 is packed with Chat-based Cortana UI interface. It is launched to improve the productivity level and make things more accessible than before. You may easily use Chat-based Cortana UI directly on your Windows 10 for various other purposes, such as the latest news, regional information, definitions, financial updates, and weather reports and more.

Best Phones Under USD 200 - Tech Drawn. Best Podcast Apps for Android - Trust Eximine. Podcasts have recently become highly popular, mainly because of the fresh content or the raw vibes they bring in. It’s always a treat to listen to an interesting conversation, may it be gossipy or not-so gossipy. But podcasts have their charm by which they are attracting millions of listeners. Listening to podcasts might be a leisure activity, but they provide a lot more than just entertainment. And the best part is you can listen to your favorite content while you are in the car, working out, working in the office, or going to sleep.

Although podcasts are audio files of spoken works, however, these days, some of the popular podcasters are releasing the video files of their podcasts as well. Spreaker Studio Spreaker Studio, this app is meant for podcast creators, as it allows you to record your podcasts, publish them, distribute them, and then analyze them to check their reach and reviews. Best Sega Genesis Games 2020 - Trust Jone. Best Time-Saving Analytics and Productivity Tools - Bloggerlys. Analytics and productivity tools enable you to automate the recurring tasks and help you focus on important tasks. Biggest Content and Web Design Mistakes During Web Redesigning - Setup Mag. Every business needs a site that performs well, brings quality traffic, and drives qualified leads. A website acts as a front face for your brand and should be able to establish your brand’s credibility.

The major backbone of any website is its content. Best Website Blocker Apps of 2020 - Trust Fiver. If you want to keep your kids safe and away from inappropriate websites on the internet, you can try out these website blocker apps below. Best Tips to Use Hashtags to Increase Views on YouTube – To UK. Are you looking for ways to increase your views on YouTube? Best Sites to Download EDM Samples for Free – 247Yellow. In today’s world, music producers compose music with the help of music samples. Best Label Designing and Printing Software – TrustLoon. Best Alternatives to Logic Pro for Windows – RedTopix. Logic Pro is a professional audio recording and editing software specially developed for Mac.

In the world of music production, it is highly regarded by music producers, but it works only on Mac.

Fortnite: All Season 4 Week 7 Challenges – Tupalox. Pokemon Sword and Shield Third DLC Might Have a Starter Problem - DIndependent. How to Work With the New Editor Feature of Google Photos App - Dcomparison. The New Feature of Windows 10 Will Warn if Your Drive is About to Fail - DMogul. Crash Bandicoot 4: How to Perform Triple Spin - DPioneer. Google Map has More Features Than Driving Direction - Setup Mag. Distrokid vs Amuse: Which One Is Better? - Bloggerlys. Distrokid vs Amuse: Which One Is Better? - Bloggerlys. What Makes Demon Slayer the Best Anime Right Now - Trust Jone. Crime Film To Watch If You Liked The Irishman - Trust Eximine. Conan The Barbarian is Creating By Netflix - Tech Drawn.