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Economía Naranja: ¿Por qué la cultura no vale nada? Ancient Egypt. Stone age man. Indigenous Peoples of the world. Antropologia. Mvine. The mystery of the labyrinth. Ancestry5_medium.jpg (JPEG Image, 1500×768 pixels) - Scaled (85%) AnthroBase - Social and Cultural Anthropology - A searchable database of anthropological texts. Written in Bone - A Highly Unusual Case. In 2002, archaeologists uncovered an isolated grave just outside the log wall of a fort built on an island in the James River almost four centuries earlier.

Written in Bone - A Highly Unusual Case

Who was buried there? Male skeleton (burial partially re-created for an exhibition) 1607, James Fort site, Jamestown Virginia. Image courtesy of: APVA Preservation Virginia/Historic Jamestowne The discovery mystified investigators. Unlike nearly all the other early fort burials they had found, this one once held a coffin. Smithsonian forensic anthropologists joined archaeologists from APVA Preservation Virginia who were excavating the site where the fort once stood—the first permanent English settlement in North America.

The Tarahumaras: An Endangered Species : Mexico Culture & Arts. Shep Lenchek Never conquered by the Aztecs and despite being defeated by Mexican armies, the Tarahumaras still consider themselves an independant nation.

The Tarahumaras: An Endangered Species : Mexico Culture & Arts

So strong is this conviction that in the Fifties they more than once took complaints directly to the United Nations. Perhaps the purest and most unmixed of any Indian tribe in Mexico, so little is known about them that their true name "Raramuri" was corrupted to "Tarahumara" by white men and never corrected. Most of the world knows them only as long distance runners. Living in high altitudes, they have developed tremendous lung capacity and in more primitive times hunted deer and mountain goats, running them down on foot. However, this running ability is only one facet of their life style.

Psychologists suggest that over the centuries this value system has actually caused physiological changes in their brain that preclude speaking anything but the truth. Luis G. God is both Father and Mother. Human Intelligence: The Flynn Effect. This page is now located at an updated address.

Human Intelligence: The Flynn Effect

Please update your bookmarks! The new address is posted below. You will be redirected to the new page in 15 seconds or you can click the link below. The Flynn Effect. Researchers uncover 8,000 years of human history hidden in the Middle East. Which would be interesting, seeing as, when interpreted literally, the Bible also claims that the universe was created between 6000-8000 years ago.

Researchers uncover 8,000 years of human history hidden in the Middle East

Which is problematic, to say the least. EDIT: Not to mention the mental gymnastics required to reconcile the (presumably) carbon dating of the earliest Mesopotamian settlements to 8000 years ago and the fact that that same dating methods go on to describe artifacts and fossils that are up to 40 000 years old. As I recall, Asimov hypothesized that the age of creation used in the Bible is actually linked to the point at which we (or rather Near Eastern peoples) began recording history in the form of writing. Comics & Anthropology « Public Space, Information Accessibility, Technology, and Diversity at Oslo University College. This comic book, in both its form and content, breaks with the traditional way of presenting ethnography.

Comics & Anthropology « Public Space, Information Accessibility, Technology, and Diversity at Oslo University College

Traditionally, anthropology has been a written enterprise. Writing is perceived as the most scientific form of representation of social life. However, other forms of representation exist—not only in other disciplines (like art) but also within anthropology and social sciences. Anthropological findings have been presented in such forms as photography, film, and material exhibitions. Anthropologists are becoming increasingly inspired to branch out from the written word and use other forms of expression to present their findings.

Visual anthropology is mostly concerned with the examination and production of ethnographic film and photography in which the product shows signs of a documentary perspective and real individuals participate in those productions. Digital Ethnography - @ Kansas State University. Top 100 Anthropology Blogs. Zero Anthropology Project. HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory. Living Anthropologically. Tutorials - Google Apps Script. These tutorials are designed to help you start using Google Apps Scripts more quickly.

Tutorials - Google Apps Script

Some of these tutorials focus on the basics, some provide an in-depth analysis of a complex script, while others address specific nuances of the Google Apps Script system itself. Basics and working with Google Sheets Your First Script - This tutorial covers the basics of writing and executing a script, demonstrating how to create a Google Document and send an email.

Your First Custom Function - This tutorial teaches you how to create custom spreadsheet functions which can be used as part of normal spreadsheet formulas. Sending Emails from a Spreadsheet - This tutorial shows how to use spreadsheet data to send emails to different people. Animated Web Search Tutorials. Improve Your Search Skills with These Challenges. Daniel Russell is a Google employee who studies how people search on the Internet.

Improve Your Search Skills with These Challenges

He's a search anthropologist. I had the pleasure of meeting him and learning from him at the Google Teacher Academy that I attended in 2009. On his blog Search ReSearch Daniel Russell posts search challenges for readers to try. Then a few days later he explains how to solve the challenges. The challenges are not challenges that you could solve with just a basic query or even if you used the built-in Google Advanced Search tools. Applications for Education If you want to become a better web researcher and pass those skills on to your students, try Daniel Russell's search challenges. Top 100 Anthropology Blogs. Anthropology.

Antropologia del ocio y del turismo

History/Anthropology. Welcome to Open Access Anthropology. Top 100 Anthropology Blogs. Living Anthropologically. Digital Ethnography - @ Kansas State University. Cultural anthropology.