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Changing identities in the UK. Drones. India Widens Internet Clampdown. 30,000 secret surveillance orders approved each year, judge estimates. A federal judge estimates that his fellow federal judges issue a total of 30,000 secret electronic surveillance orders each year—and the number is probably growing.

30,000 secret surveillance orders approved each year, judge estimates

Though such orders have judicial oversight, few emerge from any sort of adversarial proceeding and many are never unsealed at all. Those innocent of any crime are unlikely to know they have ever been the target of an electronic search. In a new paper, called "Gagged, Sealed & Delivered" (PDF), US Magistrate Judge Stephen Smith bashes this culture of continuing secrecy. (Magistrate judges are important members of the federal judiciary; they handle many of the more routine judicial matters, such as warrant applications and initial case management.) In his work as a judge, Smith has become dismayed by the huge number of electronic surveillance orders he sees and by the secrecy that accompanies them.

But when surveillance enters the digital realm, secrecy becomes the norm.

State cyberespionage

FBI creates net-surveillance. London's Amazingly Explicit Surveillance State Mascot For The 2012 Olympics Has A Huge Camera Eye That 'Records Everything' CISPA. Under cover FBI agents on SM. Cameras surveillance salaries. Feds: We obtained MegaUpload conversations with search warrant. One of the most curious aspects of the U.S. government's case against MegaUpload is the large number of the company's internal communications acquired by the FBI.

Feds: We obtained MegaUpload conversations with search warrant

In one exchange, MegaUpload managers fretted via Skype IM chat in 2007 that founder Kim Dotcom wasn't "safe with his money" and "the current situation is a bit risky," according to documents U.S. authorities filed with a New Zealand court this month as part of their criminal pursuit of the embattled cyberlocker service. While it's still not clear how federal investigators gained access to the conversations of founder Kim DotCom and other top managers, there are hints that the FBI managed to place government-issued spyware on the defendants' computers.

The FBI cites alleged conversations between DotCom and his top lieutenants, including e-mail and Skype instant-messaging logs. The EDRi Papers. Download Human rights and privatised law enforcement Published 22.12.2013 Download Net Neutrality Published 05.11.2013 Download Copyright Published 02.02.2013 Download Data Protection Published 28.01.2013 Download Article 27 of ACTA Published 09.07.2012 Download DRM Published 05.02.2012 Download How the internet works Published 23.01.2012 Download EU Surveillance Published Download Activist guide to the Brussels maze Published 18.01.2012 Download What makes ACTA so controversial (and why MEPs should care) Published 03.01.2012 Download The slide from self-regulation to corporate censorship Published 25.09.2011 Download Booklet On Internet Blocking Published 27.09.2010.

The EDRi Papers

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DO You Know Whos Watching You. 5 Ways You're Secretly Being Monitored. It's so easy to tune out the crazy bloggers and Alex Jones types, screaming that the NWO is watching your every move.

5 Ways You're Secretly Being Monitored

After all, these guys are paranoid about everything, all the time, so there's probably nothing to it. Right? Well, whether or not there is actually a massive room full of government operatives monitoring everything you say or type, you are being tracked. Whether it's done in the name of theft prevention or stopping terrorism, basically nothing you do - nothing - is a secret any more. Who do you have to thank for that? Public Transit Audio Surveillance You roll over at 10:47am to see that you've overslept and, shit, you're late for work! You just barely make the bus, plop down and start venting to anyone who will listen about how much you hate modern technology and the fact that it must be a government conspiracy that makes your alarm clock suck balls.

Little Did You Know... Keep in mind, this was in 2001, not even close to the height of post-9/11 paranoia.

CCTV cameras

Life under digits. Update 20/03/2012 This could be titled ‘when reality catch up with science fiction’.

Life under digits

How to beleive that your refrigeratoris telling on you to the CIA and your flat screen TV is watching you? Well, it’s all true, read by yourself. - ‘CIA: We’ll spy on you through your refrigerator‘ - ‘Is Your New HDTV Watching You? - ‘Who is snooping into your address book? - ‘Special Report: Chinese firm helps Iran spy on citizens‘ Do you beleive these technologies are only used in Iran and China? - ‘Investigators question what Google knew, and when‘ - ‘Google asked to clarify privacy policy issues in ongoing EU laws compliance investigation‘ Keir Starmer says the purpose of new guidelines on protests 'is to distinguish between those who want to be violent … and those who go with an essentially peaceful purpose but get caught up in things'.

Photograph: Linda Nylind for the Guardian People who mask their faces to conceal their identity or carry anything that could be used as a weapon during protests should be pursued more vigorously by the law in the event of disorder, according to fresh guidance from the Crown Prosecution Service. Telephone and computer records should also be checked to see if there is evidence of planning violent or illegal disturbances, the advice drawn up by the director of public prosecutions (DPP), Keir Starmer QC, states. Prosecutors are also being urged to work more closely with the police to examine social network sites.

The DPP's guidance is intended to strike a balance between the rights of peaceful protest and free speech, and preventing the breakdown of public order. Every email and website to be stored by government.