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Data center : pannes électriques du cerveau électronique de la NSA. Que se passe-t-il dans le méga-datacenter de la NSA localisé à Bluffdale (Utah) ? La puissante agence de renseignement rencontre des problèmes électriques avec cette infrastructure moderne. Celle-ci est pourtant considérée comme « le plus grand centre d’espionnage électronique des Etats-Unis ». Le data center opérationnel venait d’être livrée à la National Security Agency. Sa construction avait coûté 1,4 milliard de dollars. Wired l’avait déjà repéré dans une enquête détaillée qui avait été publiée en mars 2012. La récente enquête du Wall Street Journal évoque des « surtensions chroniques ayant provoqué la destruction de centaines de milliers de dollars de matériels et retardé l’ouverture du datacenter d’au moins un an. » Une dizaine de pannes sont survenues en 13 mois.

La plus récente remontant au 25 septembre. Selon, le data center de Bluffdale est considéré comme la plus grande infrastructure de calcul à disposition de la NSA (superficie de 110 000 mètres carrés). Hunderclap: Stop $ for NSA Call Spying. National Security Agency chief Gen. Keith Alexander: Edward Snowden got call-tracking order during training.

The National Security Agency contractor who disclosed the spy agency's collection of data on billions of telephone calls made by Americans apparently obtained a highly-classified court order about the program during a training stint, NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander said Tuesday. Alexander told reporters after a House Intelligence Committee hearing that the man who's acknowledged being the source of the recent leaks, Booz Allen Hamilton information technology specialist Edward Snowden, had access to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court order and related materials during an orientation at NSA. "The FISA warrant was on a web server that he had access to as an analyst coming into the Threat Operations Center," Alexander said. "It was in a special classified section that as he was getting his training he went to.

" The court order to Verizon which Snowden leaked to Britain's Guardian newspaper, required broad production of daily information on local and long distance calls. NSA spying costs U.S. a $4.5 billion defense contract with Brazil. The global reach of American spying operations may have just cost the U.S. $4.5 billion. Reuters reports that the nation of Brazil has awarded a $4.5 billion fighter jet contract to Swedish company Saab AB, passing on a deal with U.S. aviation company Boeing that had been in the works for years. Though Saab is reportedly offering a better bargain, Brazilian officials blame recent allegations of U.S. spying for derailing the deal.

"The NSA problem ruined it for the Americans," an anonymous Brazilian government source told Reuters. The timing of the announcement took many by surprise. The deal, to replace Brazil's aging fleet of fighter jets, had been in negotiations for more than a decade. The Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet was viewed as the frontrunner. A U.S. official close the negotiation, however, told Reuters that whatever outrage existed over American intelligence gathering likely did not outweigh the financial factors of the deal.

Photo by Roy Niswanger/Flickr. Patriot Act author prepares bill to put NSA bulk collection 'out of business' | World news. The conservative Republican who co-authored America's Patriot Act is preparing to unveil bipartisan legislation that would dramatically curtail the domestic surveillance powers it gives to intelligence agencies. Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, who worked with president George W Bush to give more power to US intelligence agencies after the September 11 terrorist attacks, said the intelligence community had misused those powers by collecting telephone records on all Americans, and claimed it was time "to put their metadata program out of business".

His imminent bill in the House of Representatives is expected to be matched by a similar proposal from Senate judiciary committee chair Patrick Leahy, a Democrat. It pulls together existing congressional efforts to reform the National Security Agency in the wake of disclosures by whistleblower Edward Snowden. "[Party leaders] are going to have to review what kind of people they put on the intelligence committee.

Justice Department Fights Release of Secret Court Opinion Findin

NSA statement does not deny 'spying' on members of Congress. Reform of NSA. Constitutionality of NSA spying. NSA infringing copyR? No morsel to minuscule for all-consuming NSA. Espionage et infiltration des reseaux. NSA pushed 9/11 as key 'sound bite' to justify surveillance. NSA Spying - America's Breach of Trust. For those of us who thought the Cold War James Bond - 007 era with all of its spying and intrigue was over, the latest revelations that the US National Security Agency - NSA - has been spying on America's "friends" has disabused us of that idea. Spying is clearly alive and well. Its just no longer being done or uncovered 'Old School' style. There are now new and intriguing ways to learn what both friends and enemies of the US are up to.

The revelations that the NSA has been monitoring the private mobile phones of world leaders including German chancellor Angela Merkel and has also been monitoring the calls of citizens in friendly nations has not only shocked and surprised the 'targets' of those activities - it has also shocked, baffled and disgusted the American people. It is also clear that Edward Snowden and his stolen treasure trove of classified information is the 'gift that keeps on giving'. What is also clear is that this is not be the best way to address potential governmental abuses.

An Exceptionally Arrogant Defense of NSA Spying on Foreigners

NSA chief says government must stop media. Cyberscare: Ex-NSA chief calls transparency groups, hackers next terrorists. The cyberscare, like the redscare or the greenscare of the ’90′s, is already under way. We’ve seen it take root with the fierce federal persecution of Aaron Swartz, the hefty charges and prison sentence facing LulzSec hacktivist Jeremy Hammond and the three-year jail sentence handed down to Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer for pointing out and sharing a vulnerability in AT&T’s user information network.

On Tuesday, former NSA chief Michael Hayden put it into words. Hayden warned that hackers, cyberactivists and transparency groups who might act in support of NSA leaker Edward Snowden could target the U.S. government — equating such groups and individuals to al-Qaida terrorists. Using trite and old-fashioned descriptions of anarchists and hackers as dangerous loners, Hayden said during a Washington speech Tuesday (as the Guardian reported): “If and when our government grabs Edward Snowden, and brings him back here to the United States for trial, what does this group do?”

NSA Surveillance and Mission Creep

Us secrets and lies on NSA. NSA Surveillance Protests Shine Light on Legalized Bribery Poste. XKeyscore, l'outil de la NSA pour examiner "quasiment tout ce qu. Privacy panel shared with Obsma. Verizon to Release First Transparency Report.