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Mediation in surrey

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Mediation Works. Voluntary Support North Surrey. Welcome to the Frontpage. Partners Funderss and Research. Training. ‘Mediation Munch’ - a free lunch ‘n learn session Whilst many HR professionals are aware of what mediation is, relatively few have a good understanding of how it works and in particular the business case for using it and the situations that are suitable.


This session is a great overview, ideally suited as a lunch and learn session for HR teams - and here’s the best bit, we bring donuts! The flyer below gives you some more information and contact us if you’d like to find out more. Internal Mediation Services – Surrey County Council in partnership with South East Employers. Surrey County Council’s cultural strategy is clear – it wants to create a coaching culture and a style of management that is based upon ‘meaningful conversations’ and personal inter-action rather than rigid policies and procedures.

Internal Mediation Services – Surrey County Council in partnership with South East Employers

This is no easy task in view of its well- publicised difficulties in recent years, including an interim Chief Executive report that accused various parts of the council as having an atmosphere of ‘systemic bullying’. One strand of its strategy is to set up a system of internal mediation and it has gone about this in an innovative way, separating it from mainstream HR activity and empowering mediators and those staff involved to access and find their own solutions within the mediation service.

Benefits have been quick to arrive and have exceeded initial expectations by ‘spinning-off’ into general management practices and staff inter-action. Benefits identified so far include: Background How Success Was Achieved – Key Principles The Skills Piece The Benefits Council. Mediation - Neighbour Problems? What is mediation?

Mediation - Neighbour Problems?

Mediation is a way of helping people explore their problems and aims to help people communicate effectively with other parties in dispute situations. With the help of trained mediators neighbours get a real chance to address their problems in a non-confrontational, safe and sensitive manner with the aim of allowing those involved to live side by side more peaceably without fear or loss of quality of life. You remain in complete control of the processMediators do not take sidesCommunity mediation within Elmbridge is free|Mediation North Surrey (MNS), an independent charity, has undertaken mediation within the Borough of Elmbridge since 1998. How does it work? If you are having a problem with your neighbours, you can contact Mediation North Surrey directly or via ourselves (Environmental Health & Licensing) With your permission trained mediators will visit you at home to listen to your problems.

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Family mediator based in Surrey – Gregory Fordham. Mediation Surrey - Barclay DeVere - Mediators Surrey. Mid-Surrey Mediation Service (MSMS) Mid-Surrey Mediation Service ("MSMS") is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a grant of £2,400 by the National Lottery from the Big Lottery Fund.

Mid-Surrey Mediation Service (MSMS)

The money is available for one year and is to be used for training. MSMS is therefore seeking 6 new recruits to train as part time volunteer mediators in Mole Valley and Epsom & Ewell where they will help to resolve neighbourhood disputes. To be a mediator, you need to be a good listener, like working with people and have some time to spare, preferably in the daytime as well as evenings. You also need to have the use of a car. The free training course, which takes place over 6 days at weekends, is accredited by the Open College Network and gives participants plenty of opportunities to practise their new skills through role play. The next course takes place on 3rd, 4th, 24th and 25th November and 1st and 2nd December, and a further one is planned for spring next year.

Mediation service in Surrey looking for new volunteers. Comments (0) MID Surrey Mediation Service (MSMS) was set up about 15 years ago as a "go-between" to sort out neighbourly disputes.

Mediation service in Surrey looking for new volunteers

The charity, which works in Mole Valley and Epsom and Ewell, trains volunteers to go into people's homes and talk through their issues. Committee member Julia Williams said: "We train volunteer mediators to deal with low-level community neighbourhood disputes and try to solve those. "They go through a six-day training regime, then they go and visit each party in their own home first and try to understand what the situation is. " The disputes can range from music being played late at night, cars parked in the wrong place and unruly pets, to more serious issues like abusive or antisocial behaviour. Mrs Williams said: "We try to get both parties to a neutral venue where they each have ten minutes to say what the problem is. Like many other charities, MSMS is struggling with the economic climate. Mrs Williams also wants more people to volunteer as mediators.

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Civil Mediation.