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Google Asks Glass Users To Please Stop Being So Fucking Creepy. The Google Glass Sex App is just the beginning of a horrific age of intimacy. It has been revealed that Google Glass has mounted an app that allows the wearer to observe the act of sex from the perspective of the other partner.

The Google Glass Sex App is just the beginning of a horrific age of intimacy

Apparently the technology requires both parties to wear Glass for the act. On the command, “OK, Glass, it’s time” the app then sends a live video stream to the other person’s display, letting them see what you see in real time. According to the app’s website you can then stop the stream with the words, “OK, Glass, pull out“. If anything could be more calculated to put a downer on the act of sex, this is it. Even the Catholic church could not have conceived such a contraceptive. Imagine the horror of seeing what your partner sees – the wrinkled neck, the huffing and puffing, the slight dribble from the left side of the mouth. But this is just the beginning.

Google Glass App for Sex

G Glasses fused to skin. Hack Google glasses. Google Is Shipping A Mysterious Package To Its Glass Users. Google Glass is just the beginning: Invisible cameras and the privacy headaches of tomorrow. Wearable computing devices are heading for the mainstream but unless issues around privacy are tackled now, those problems are only going to get bigger as the devices themselves get smaller and less noticeable.

Google Glass is just the beginning: Invisible cameras and the privacy headaches of tomorrow

Wearable tech, from activity trackers through to Google Glass and the much-rumoured Apple iWatch , is part of a new category of devices that allows users to measure and record their own behaviour and the world around them. But just as wearable computing comes in a number of form factors, so too do the potential privacy issues it creates — some a way off, some more immediate. As a result, policy makers to be discussing the implications of wearable technology now, while it's still at an early enough stage of adoption, according to Chris Brauer, director of the Centre for Creative and Social Technologies at Goldsmiths University, who has conducted a study of wearable computing. "We are often reactive in this process," he said. Google Glass just got creepier. Google glass hasn’t even been out two months and people have already taken its potential to the creepiest levels.

Google Glass just got creepier

Three apps are set to make Google Glass extremely creepy as well as heighten privacy concerns. Google Glass porn POV . There’s also Winky , the app that let’s you take pictures of people by merely winking. Google Glass was designed so that, in order to take pictures, you had to wave or use a voice command, alerting people that you were taking a photo.

With Winky, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Facial recognition capabilities

Is Letter to Larry Page the First Step Towards Legislating Googl. Google Glass spurs privacy questions from Congress. Is Google Glass an affront to privacy? Google Glass Gets Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr Apps. Early Google Glass users finding 'sense of freedom' A software engineer for Comcast got his early version of Google Glass last weekend, grabbed his bike and shot video of his ride across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Early Google Glass users finding 'sense of freedom'

"I got a 10-minute video riding across," said Eric Schrag, a senior Android engineer for Comcast. "It was cool. I'll be able to share this with my family that's never been here. " (See image, below.) Google Glass : des idées d'usage en pagaille. Sauf nouveau changement dans le calendrier, la paire de lunettes à réalité augmentée de Google ne sera pas disponible avant l'année prochaine.

Google Glass : des idées d'usage en pagaille

Mais 'ici là, le moteur de recherche continuera d'en parler. La promotion de ce dispositif a débuté à vrai dire depuis un petit moment, avec la diffusion d'une vidéo donnant l'impression de porter ces lunettes , la présentation de quelques applications et le détail des caractéristiques . Ce dispositif soulève des craintes légitimes, notamment en matière de vie privée , de sécurité routière et de propriété intellectuelle . Mais il pique également la curiosité de nombreuses personnes, qui essaient d'imaginer ce que pourrait être la vie quotidienne avec les lunettes Glass.

C'est justement ce futur qu'a voulu mettre en vidéo l'agence canadienne Playground. D'ailleurs, aimeriez-vous utiliser un tel dispositif ? Developing For Google Glass. Why Google Glass Will Crater. Google Glass is now “unofficially officially” out in the wild, early reviews are in, and they’re not spectacular.

Why Google Glass Will Crater

I’ve been a Glass skeptic from the start, but now I’m just going to come right out and say it: If the developer version is at all an accurate representation of what Glass will look like as a finished product, it's going to fail.

An Etiquette Guide

Augmented Reality: Google Glass contractual restrictions. *Well well, this is gonna get interesting.

Augmented Reality: Google Glass contractual restrictions

“Google is barring anyone deemed worthy of a pair of its $1,500 Google Glass computer eyewear from selling or even loaning out the highly coveted gadget. “The company’s terms of service on the limited-edition wearable computer specifically states, “you may not resell, loan, transfer, or give your device to any other person. If you resell, loan, transfer, or give your device to any other person without Google’s authorization, Google reserves the right to deactivate the device, and neither you nor the unauthorized person using the device will be entitled to any refund, product support, or product warranty.”

“Welcome to the New World, one in which companies are retaining control of their products even after consumers purchase them. Google Glass: A Review - Pentagon Post. Posted by Rhea KapoorTech & Science Sergey Brin, the cofounder of Google has been speaking about Google glass ever since two years however ever since it was released, it has managed to please a lot of people.

Google Glass: A Review - Pentagon Post

The technology is smart and innovative and if it actually turns out to be truly successful, it may be the next big thing in the world. It is basically like an eye gear and comes loaded with a lot of features, the main being the following. I, for One, Welcome Our Google Glass-Wearing Cyborg Overlords. You may have noticed the Google Glass backlash is well underway.

I, for One, Welcome Our Google Glass-Wearing Cyborg Overlords

Once we were thrilled by the promise of the eye-level connected screen and camera technology; once we poked satirical fun at it. But no more. Thirty-Five Arguments Against Google Glass. Google Glass is a snazzy set of specs that will part the Red Sea if you tap it from the right angle.

Thirty-Five Arguments Against Google Glass

It aims to fuse smartphones and computers into a hands-free user experience more pleasurable than sex, religion, and world domination combined. Glass is not yet on the market, but the news of its existence cut a hew through Mountain View with the strident fife of an unpaid piper wooing unsuspecting kids into a dark cave. It inspired Google co-founder Sergey Brin to publicly announce that he felt less male with the thick tools that came before.

Some wondered why Brin didn’t just hold hard to his smartphone and slam down shots every Friday night like the rest of America. But when your net worth is $23 billion, different rules apply. Brin was good enough to describe his new instrument to the Wall Street Journal last September: Les Google Glass dévoilent leurs premières applications lors du SXSW 2013. 01net. Life through a lens: Will Google Glass turn us all into drones? Google Glass was demonstrated at SXSW this week, prompting much debate about whether the tech giant's latest gadget will change how we see the world. But more than that, what effect will real-time, heads-up data have on our consciousness over time? Ed Castillo, head of planning at TBWA\Chiat\Day in New York, goes through the looking-glass...

The demonstration of Google Glass at SXSWi has aroused – or at least has coincided with – Twitter activity from technologists and ad types (Twechs and Twads?) About everything from hyper-practical concerns to thoughtful accounts of how this innovation might change the shape of public life. Even a cursory look at the digital echo emanating from Monday’s demo reveals the disruptive promise of this innovation. Diary of a Google Glass enthusiast. Awesome! My Google Glass arrived today. Or is it Google Glasses? Who cares. Now I’m certain to be cool. Marie from Accounts will HAVE to notice me. I can’t stop the annoying flashing blue icon in my cornea.

Google Glass: is it a threat to our privacy? If you haven't heard about the excitement around Google Glass – the head-mounted glasses that can shoot video, take pictures, and broadcast what you're seeing to the world – then here's an idea of the interest in them. Last week, someone claiming to be testing Glass for Google auctioned their $1,500 (£995) device on eBay.

Bidding had reached $16,000 before eBay stopped it on the basis that the person couldn't prove they had the glasses. (They weren't due to get them until last Friday.) Google Glass is the most hotly anticipated new arrival in "wearable computing" – which experts predict will become pervasive. In the past 50 years we have moved from "mainframe" computers that needed their own rooms to ones that fit in a pocket; any smartphone nowadays has as much raw computing power as a top-of-the-line laptop from 10 years ago. Welcome to Forbes. How people might misuse Google Glass.