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Geolocation IP Address

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IP Address Geolocation to Identify Website Visitor's Geographical Location. Geolocation by IP Address. The Internet has become a collection of resources meant to appeal to a large general audience. Although this multitude of information has been a great boon, it also has diluted the importance of geographically localized information. Offering the ability for Internet users to garner information based on geographic location can decrease search times and increase visibility of local establishments. Similarly, user communities and chat-rooms can be enhanced through knowing the locations (and therefore, local times, weather conditions and news events) of their members as they roam the globe. It is possible to provide user services in applications and Web sites without the need for users to carry GPS receivers or even to know where they themselves are.

The benefits of geolocation may sound complex, but a simple example may help illustrate the possibilities. By contrast, these environments already are witnessing a growing trend of installing wireless access points (AP). Quova Adds Free IP Geolocation API. We’ve previously covered 3 free to geolocate any user. Today there’s another option, with Quova offering its service for free for the first time. The simple API provides extensive geographic information with only a user’s IP address (like as input. The service was announced, along with a developer portal, at the Business of APIs conference in San Francisco. “Quova has had an API available for our customers for a long time and we wanted to open that up to a wider audience,” Perry Tancredi, Senior Director of Product Management, said. “Developers can just copy and paste into their application and get going.” Quova’s current customer’s include Major League Baseball (MLB) and the BBC, among others.

GeoPosty is a WordPress plugin built on top of Quova. IP geolocation, of course, has been around for some time. One of the early proponents of the technology was Sanjay Parekh, who sold his Quova competitor Digital Envoy in 2007. Both comments and pings are currently closed. ACS:Law facing legal action over data breach - - formerly