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Location-apps-privacy. Location-based mobile app takes a fresh approach. New York Restaurants. Mapping, Geolocation and the Future of Scalable Disaster Response. On Jan. 12, 2010 an earthquake of catastrophic proportions struck Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince.

Mapping, Geolocation and the Future of Scalable Disaster Response

Among the buildings that were leveled was a school. In spite of the roof caving into the classroom, some of the children survived and one of them managed to send an SMS message.

Gowala geolocation

Study of locationa aware Apps. Which Service Will Get You on Your Customers' Map? I don't know how high school dances work these days, but it used to be that the boys slouched against one wall of the gymnasium and the girls huddled around at the other end. It was a selection process and if you were a guy, you had to make a decision, walk over and ask the girl to dance.

It's the same thing for selecting a location-based social media platform to generate leads for your business. Which one is right for helping your particular company, store or service find customers? Just like picking a dance partner, you're going to have to narrow the field, and even though new services, like those from Google Latitude and Yelp Mobile , may eventually gain traction, today I'm going to focus on those location-based services that have a million or more registered users: With more than 500 million active users, Facebook offers a slick mobile-device service that enables members to earn rewards and access deals by "checking-in. " Your mobile app is spying on you. The odds are pretty good that if you’re a big consumer of mobile apps, the private information on your phone has been collected and sent somewhere without your knowledge.

Your mobile app is spying on you

That’s the finding of the App Genome Project mammoth study by Lookout, a mobile security company that has scrutinized more than 300,000 apps on both the iPhone and Android mobile phone platforms. San Francisco-based Lookout provides security such as anti-malware for mobile phones. It decided to decipher exactly what mobile apps do when they run, and it found that apps are tapping into personal data and accessing other phone resources without telling users.

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Geolocation Based Social Media for Brands. The Top 10 Buzziest Blogs in Geolocation This Week. Geoloqi Aims to Unlock the Magic of Mobile Location. I want an app that automatically sends me a link to the Wikipedia entry for any historic building I travel nearby.

Geoloqi Aims to Unlock the Magic of Mobile Location

5 Important New Trends in Location. As Facebook enters into the location market with Facebook Places, the world's largest social network will help to make the edgy concept of checkins and location-sharing a mainstream practice.

5 Important New Trends in Location

Facebook is just one company attempting to add location for context; there are countless others going above and beyond checkins to push the space forward. What Your Digital Photos Reveal About You. The moment is special: Your kid just learned how to ride a bike without training wheels.

What Your Digital Photos Reveal About You

So you fire up your iPhone's camera, snap a photograph, upload the image to TwitPic, and share the evidence of your child's triumph via Twitter. Making Geolocation Privacy a Priority With the Social Networking App face2face. Banks Using Social Media Sites For Mining Personal Information. Banks and other financial organizations are collecting and archiving information such as status updates that users post on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, according to a recent ABC News article.

Banks Using Social Media Sites For Mining Personal Information

The ABC article maintains that due to the wealth of user data available on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, banks can now have a very detailed and elaborate view on the personal lives of its clients. Personal finance expert Erica Sandberg thinks that anyone can get information about her financial conditions from Facebook or LinkedIn and can then use this information to may even deny credit to her.

Coupons, Discounts, and Deals on the Best in Boston. Meet Booyah’s InCrowd, A Location-Based Second Life. Booyah’s InCrowd, famously announced by founder Keith Lee at the Facebook Places launch event earlier this month, just hit the App store.

Meet Booyah’s InCrowd, A Location-Based Second Life

InCrowd is the first of the inevitably many apps that will be built off the Facebook Places API and the only location-based app that has exclusive access to Facebook search. Enterprise-level IP Geolocation Made Available Via API. The ‘Big Data’ service Infochimps now offers IP geolocation from Digital Element.

Enterprise-level IP Geolocation Made Available Via API

Infochimps is best known for making huge datasets available as bulk downloads and through RESTful APIs. Digital Element has traditionally offered enterprise level services to large companies like AOL, CNN, and Ask.Com. Both companies hope that the Infochimps RESTful API interface and aggressive entry pricing will entice smaller companies to use the service. IP Geolocation takes an IP address from the computer visiting a web site and associates it with a location. This can be as specific as an address but is more likely to be a zip-code or neighborhood. GPS-enabled smartphones and WiFi Geolocation offer better precision, but those location methods can be overkill for some applications.

Infochimps substantially reduces access barriers to Digital Element IP location business by integrating it into the Query API. Vail Resorts unveils ski slope geolocation system. A few months before its five ski resorts open for the season, the Colorado-based Vail Resorts has unveiled a preview of something called Epic Mix, a set of Web and mobile apps based on skiers' activity as logged by radio frequency (RF) readers around its resorts.

Vail Resorts unveils ski slope geolocation system

It'll go live when the first of Vail's resorts, Keystone, opens for the season in early November. iTunes Features Location Apps with New "On the Grid" Section. When social networking behemoth Facebook launched its foray into the location game with Places, some declared that apps like Foursquare and Gowalla would be rendered obsolete.

iTunes Features Location Apps with New "On the Grid" Section

The result, so far, has been quite the contrary, as the megaphone of Facebook has helped spread the word about location apps to the laypeople. Today, the mobile location app market got another big boost as iTunes launched "On the Grid," (iTunes Link) a special showcase featuring geosocial iOS apps on the front page of the App Store. You can find the new section both in the App Store tab within iTunes, or in the "What's Hot" section of the App Store on iOS devices. Disappointingly, however, iTunes is shining the spotlight on just 12 applications, some of which use location as merely an added feature to its main function. EchoEcho. Real Time Location Recruiting: Using Emerging Technology to Meet Prospects. Dr John Sullivan and Master Burnett The smart phone and the applications associated with it are radically changing the game for advanced, technically savvy recruiters (others need not read on unless you like shaking your head in disbelief).

SpringerLink - Shopkick. SCVNGR. Booyah - Play MyTown! Epic Mix - Home. MTV Teams Up with Foursquare for VMAs. Cars hacked through wireless tire sensors. The tire pressure monitors built into modern cars have been shown to be insecure by researchers from Rutgers University and the University of South Carolina. The wireless sensors, compulsory in new automobiles in the US since 2008, can be used to track vehicles or feed bad data to the electronic control units (ECU), causing them to malfunction. Where Are All the Location Web Apps?

It’s been a year since iPhone added geolocation to its browser. It’s also now available in Android and in many desktop browsers. The standard provides a device’s location to any website through a couple lines of JavaScript. So, why do so few take advantage of data that important? Blacktop: unlock your check-in history. Technology Review: Why Privacy Is Not Dead. Each time Facebook’s privacy settings change or a technology makes personal information available to new audiences, people scream foul.

“Foodspotting” Foursquare for Foodies? Chrisyour's geo_location at master - GitHub. Help Localize The Twittersphere! Help Localize The Twittersphere! Home. Geolocation API Specification. API. Brightkite. Mologogo. Fire Eagle. Plazes. Rummble. Commons:Outils. Cette page liste les outils que vous pouvez utiliser pour faciliter ou rendre plus efficace l'utilisation de Wikimedia Commons.

Les tâches concernées sont, entre autres, l'organisation du contenu de Commons (catégorie, description, ...), l'importation de fichiers, la recherche de fichiers, la surveillance et la maintenance de Commons. Plusieurs outils sont intégrés directement dans des fonctions de Commons (par exemple Flinfo est proposé dans la fonction « Importer un fichier » si vous rapatriez une image Flickr dans Commons).Certains outils effectuent leur recherche dans une copie de la base Commons gérée sur le serveur des Outils Wikimedia dont la mise à jour peut être légèrement décalée de la base source ou plus rarement hors service.Certains outils peuvent être directement intégrés dans votre interface Wikimedia Commons.

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