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Our house. Very fine house. To gazebo. The gazebo. Some yard. Yard Las Margaritas. Our chickens. Mini me. Ave was born here. Ave 3 bdy Sta Cruz Little Fawn & Kether. On Annie McGee. Annie McGee. Michael & Rodney.

Red hair

Looking very renaissance. William Harris (Tudor person) many greats grampa. Sir William Harris (1556–1616) was an English knight, land owner, and a notable incorporator in the third Virginia Company of London.

William Harris (Tudor person) many greats grampa

This Harris family appears to have originated some 40 to 50 miles east-north-east of London and on the north bank of the River Crouch. The village of Cricksea (or Creeksea) exists today on this peninsula in Essex County. Creeksea is located about 2 miles west of Burnham-on-the -Crouch and about 18 miles inland from the North Sea. Anciently Called "Danes Island", this area was inhabitted largely by Norman families after the conquest 1066. I am # 234,335 of first million genomes at 23 & me. Michels & Owens Family Photos.