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Zone System

A Simplified Zone System By: Norman Koren This tutorial on the Zone System, written by Norman Koren, will be of primarily interest to newcomers to photography who use negative film — either colour or B&W. Even experienced transparency users will find it of interest as a review of an often misunderstood topic. — Michael Reichmann Why Negatives? Most professionals work with color slides instead of negatives because clients demand them. Zone System
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Dramatic Black and White Photography by Benoit Courti

Photo Friday - The Weekly Photo Challenge

Photo Friday - The Weekly Photo Challenge Thu Aug 15, 2013 Garin Horner gives his take on the History of Photography in 60 Seconds. It's quite remarkable how little time it takes to recognize an image as something familiar, and there are many famous, even iconic, photos in this video. Images flash by very quickly, but not every photo is "work safe"! Watch: 'History of Photography in 60 Seconds' on YouTube » Fri Aug 09, 2013

[daily dose of imagery]

The Beaches in Toronto. This is it. Ten years worth of daily images is over. I don't know how to thank you for supporting me over the years. [daily dose of imagery]
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