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30 Illustrator Video Tutorials Every Designer Should See


HOME - The Association of Illustrators. Hello! My name is John Martz. I am an illustrator, cartoonist, and designer living in Toronto, Ontario.

Hello! My name is John Martz.

I am the author of Destination X (Nobrow Press, 2013) and Machine Gum (La Pastéque, 2013). I am the illustrator of the picture books Dear Flyary by Dianne Young (Kids Can Press, 2012), Who's on First? By Abbott & Costello (Quirk Books, 2013), and Black and Bittern Was Night by Robert Heidbreder (Kids Can Press, 2013). I was the founding editor of the popular illustration blog, and I make up one quarter of the jam comics collective Team Society League. I won the 2013 Ignatz Award for Oustanding Story for my comic book Gold Star. Keep up-to-date by following me on Twitter, visiting my blog, or subscribing to my newsletter. Partial Client List The Globe and Mail, Cartoon Network, MAD Magazine, Hallmark Cards, Lucky Peach, Maisonneuve, Quirk Books, Kids Can Press, JibJab, First Second Books, Nobrow Press, chickaDEE Magazine, La Pastèque, Koyama Press, Uppercase Magazine, The Toronto Public Library Contact.

You are being watched. - - Art - Cross-Hatching and Stippling Tutorial. Beautiful Books - The Folio Society. House Of Illustration. How to draw a tree - tree drawing. I would like to use one of my own drawing attempts to introduce two of the "tricks" I have learned from others.

How to draw a tree - tree drawing

One of the very convincing tricks is to combine detailed depiction of important areas with unfinished or blank areas. The second one is to illustrate dimensions,proportion and space by the surrounding of the tree. 1.The tree trunk A trunk looks convincing when the viewer sees how the tree grows out of the earth. For that reason I paid particular attention to area at the trunk base. Are the roots to see? Also the play of shadows thrown by the foliage can add a lot to a drawing especially when it´s combined with marks that emphasize the three dimensional form of a stem. 2. 3.Proportion and space The other trees in the background right and behind the main trees are simply there to illustrate the general form and the proportions between stem and crown as well as the space that they fill. Writing with Pictures: How to Write and Illustrate Children's Books: Uri Shulevitz.

American Modernist. Learn to be a Comic Book Illustrator. Who is your favorite teacher?

Learn to be a Comic Book Illustrator

I've never had an answer to this question. Early on I wanted to study illustration, but few opportunities were offered in my academic sphere. Kiss - A Love Story. Childrens' book Illustrator - Lynne Chapman. Book on a blog. An Illustrator's Life For Me!: How to Draw People: Sketching in Public Places. I often get emails from people who've seen my train drawings, asking for advice on how to go about sketching strangers in public.

An Illustrator's Life For Me!: How to Draw People: Sketching in Public Places

So, although I have probably said a lot of this before, in bits and bobs, I thought I'd put it all together, to maybe help give people the confidence to have a go. Firstly, I never, ever ask permission: if you do that, you're stuck drawing a 'portrait', which is a totally different thing; people are no longer natural, plus there's suddenly an expectation on you to achieve a likeness (as well as a need to make sure it's flattering!) , which makes things quite stressful. My 'victim' sometimes works it out halfway through, but then they tend to hold the original position and carry on with what they were doing. An Illustrator's Life For Me!: SketchCrawl in Buxton, Welcoming Di from Oz! It's a busy period on the SketchCrawl North front: this weekend we went out on the first of 3 SketchCrawls, taking place on 3 consecutive Saturdays.

An Illustrator's Life For Me!: SketchCrawl in Buxton, Welcoming Di from Oz!

We normally do once a month but sometimes opportunities are too good to miss. This one was in celebration of fellow-sketcher Di being in the UK for a visit from Australia. Now, anyone reading this from the UK will know that Saturday was not the best advertisment for a British summer. It was certainly freezing in Buxton! About « Dr Sketchy Sheffield. Andrea joseph's sketchblog. Etchings on Illustration Served. Comics: Philosophy & Practice - May 18-20, 2012 // University of Chicago. Being a freelance illustrator.

The Magpie Girl: daily outfit post. So Im finally back!

The Magpie Girl: daily outfit post

I had the best weekend away in Mullingar for my hen party weekend. My bridesmaids (who you met in the last post when they took over my blog!) Went above and beyond and created the most amazing weekend ever. I am going to put together a post all about it as soon as I get a minute so I can share it with all you guys. Snippets will include the Great Gatsby 1920's theme soiree and a Mad Hatters Tea Party! These photos were taken by a photographer friend of mine who has recently launched his own photography blog with you can see here. Portfolio / Selected Work - Esra Røise. Ffffixas. Rob Hodgson Illustration. Camilla Engman. Geninne's Art Blog. The Dawn Chapel - A Fine Day Out. 8 results.

The Dawn Chapel - A Fine Day Out

Oct 29th, 2009 Nov 5th, 2009 Nov 12th, 2009 Nov 19th, 2009 Nov 23rd, 2009 Nov 26th, 2009 Dec 3rd, 2009 Dec 10th, 2009. Meaty Yogurt - When I first started doing this comic, the plan was to update it a chapter at a time about once a month.

Meaty Yogurt -

It's what I did for the first three chapters. It was working out well. Somewhere along the line, folks convinced me to update once a week, that this would increase readership and make the comic better. Except the pacing of the story is such that it makes more sense and is more entertaining when read in large chunks rather than spaced out. Webcomic Wednesday: Interview with B.Root of Dawn Chapel. Fuel Your Illustration. Jess Marshall Illustration. The Neat Work of Andrew Kolb!

Janet Bolton - Textile Pictures. Stacey Rozich. Citizens for Optimism. Showcasing & discussing the world of typography, icons and visual language. Artist + Author + Textile Designer. Elf Machine. A Collection a Day, 2010. Lisa Congdon : Home. Tomer Hanuka.

Mcbess. Nobrow - Home. ...being the blog of Steve Kirkendall. Fri-llustrator-day #17.

...being the blog of Steve Kirkendall