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Page from Exploring English: Shakespeare - British Council. CliffsNotes _Macbeth_ _ Cambio- bosy .asf. Shakespeare a-t-il écrit ses pièces ? - Natalya St. Clair et Aaron Williams. 35 Present Perfect Simple & Continuous games. An array of fun classroom games to help your students understand the difference between present perfect continuous and present perfect simple. 1.

35 Present Perfect Simple & Continuous games

Silly Perfect Mimes Give students a list of Present Perfect Simple and Continuous sentences which are silly or could be interpreted in a silly way, e.g. Past Continuous activities. 1.

Past Continuous activities

Past Continuous Accusations This is not only a classic activity for the Past Continuous, but also an all time classic TEFL game. Students are given a list of strange actions and ask their partners to come up with innocent reasons why they were doing those things, e.g. “When I saw you, you were painting over your windows. Why were you doing that?” 2. Understanding The Present Perfect. Kid's Felt Pencil Toppers - Lia Griffith. After the huge success of our felt hair accessories, we have been desperate to design more cute felt projects and the current Back To School fever has given us the ideal excuse.

Kid's Felt Pencil Toppers - Lia Griffith

It’s always a good idea for the kiddos to personalize their belongings at school and these felt pencil toppers do the trick perfectly. They are super-cute, simple-to-make and come in four different designs. Here, we are showing the apple design in two colorways, the cheeky little bunny, that adorable bear and the oh-so-sweet kitty cat. Each pattern is simple to cut even for the kiddos and the eyes and rosy cheeks are simply glued into place using a low temp glue gun or fabric glue.

We used a simple blanket stitch around the edges of our little felt friends which, in my opinion, is a great stitch to get the kids started with basic sewing skills. Letter of the Day Worksheet. These worksheets provide children with different skill building activities on a daily basis.

Letter of the Day Worksheet

Fold an Origami Crane, Tutorial. Peace Dove Origami Instructions (Traditional origami) Crazy-abilities. Games & Activities for the ESL/EFL Classroom - Page 7. 17 colouring books for kids (and parents!) Crayons, pencils, textas, metallic or fluorescent?

17 colouring books for kids (and parents!)

Colouring books are the ultimate childhood canvases where budding artists can express their creativity with the medium and hue of their choice. But colouring books are much more than just trying to stay inside the lines. Interacting with their favourite stories, learning something new about the world or perhaps deliberately going OUTSIDE the lines are all part of the fun! 100 esl-games. Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations: Daily 6 Chapter 6-Part 2 Word Work. This is by far one of my favorite parts of D5.

Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations: Daily 6 Chapter 6-Part 2 Word Work

My students have loved all the activities I've made for them. I split up this chapter because I have so many ideas that I have used for writing & word work & wanted to share them with you! I do work work activities based around spelling, vocab, seasonal, word wall, amazing & sight words. First I show them some but not all the materials they can use during word work.

They must know where to find the materials and where to put them back independently. Printable Puppets - Five Cheeky Monkeys... and a Crocodile! - Picklebums. Illustrator for childrens books, greetings cards, advertising, editorial<meta name="keywords" content="Illustration, cartoons, watercolours, digital, pen and ink drawings, humour" /> <meta name="description" content="Judy Brown is a widely published humor.

Robot Coloring Pages. Welcome to a future with robot friends helping us out!

Robot Coloring Pages

Can robots do what people do? Let’s have a look… It’s a People VS Robot coloring pages competition! Farm-bot Coloring Page Powered by solar energy panels on the chest, farm robot is helping the farmer to sow seeds and dig up the vegetables. Beach-bot Coloring Page Robots don’t only work hard but also have holidays and enjoy themselves. Here’s one on the beach – be careful not to over-heat! Rusty Coloring page Poor ‘Rusty’ is walking in the rain. Science Worksheet: apple tree needs - The Mailbox. Lightbulb Books » “To Be” Sentence Puzzles. My five-year-old starts kindergarten tomorrow (sniff, sniff).

Lightbulb Books » “To Be” Sentence Puzzles

He’s a great kid and he’ll be fine. I, on the otherhand, turn into a bowl of melted butter just thinking about him leaving for school. Games and songs: My Favourite Colour Crafts - Second Grade. How to Teach the Verb "To Be" to Beginners. Kjersten Anna Hayes: Collage Children's Illustration. More Collage: Click images for close-up views.

Kjersten Anna Hayes: Collage Children's Illustration

Doors opening, level 2: Things To Do. Animals, Colors, Colours, Clothes & Numbers ESL Vocabulary Wheel Game. Traditional Tuna Salad . Food . Fizzy's Lunch Lab. Printable worksheets (verb be) THE VERB TO BEprintable worksheets nouns In this unit you will learn about nouns, a very important part of English grammar.

Printable worksheets (verb be)

Choose the topic you want to learn, study the grammar explanations, do some exercises, then take online tests and print out our worksheets. Curious George . Printables. Youtube. Early Years. A basic numeral recognition activitiy. Develop your mouse control and number skills by matching number digits to words in the 1 to 10 range. © An initial sounds phonic activity that develops the link between letters and the initial sounds of some common objects. A counting and numeral recognition set of activities. Develop your mouse control and counting skills as you help Lecky collect objects to match numbers in the 1 to 5 or 6 to 10 range. Colouring and matching activity. Verb to ´be´ : am/is/are. Learn Colors for Toddlers and Babies. Super Simple Songs.

Weather Wear Matching. Mother's Day Archives. Printable Animal Masks Craft. Untitled. Primary Resources - FREE for Early Years (EYFS) KS1 & KS2. Autumn TreesHousing a Forest. My girls made these adorable autumn trees with their friends. English Vocabulary Games with Pictures (Word-to-Picture / Picture-to-Word) EnglishClub Wall Posters. Free English Worksheets for Kids - Printable ESL Resources Online. Family Members Games. Practice family member vocabulary and talking about your family in English.

Fun games for kids and activities for reading, writing, listening and speaking. All of the games have sound, so you can listen and check your understanding, practice conversation, or just listen and repeat. Easter Lesson Plan for ESL Kids Teachers. Warm Up and Maintenance: 1. Greetings Start the lesson as you usually would (E.g. Hello song, "What's your name? ", "How are you? ", homework check, etc.). 2. Free Resources for Rain Rain Go Away (Play With It) from Super Simple Learning. Untitled. Free Kids Books. ESL Library. I See Something Pink. Mazes with content squares, maze with text or images, printable mazes, print mazes, maze to print. Tools for Educators offers , and other worksheet makers for teachers to make classroom handouts, math mazes, lesson plan worksheets and a printable maze for classes The Maze Game Maker is a printable worksheet maker that allows you to.