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How to Make Your Message Stick: an Infoposter.


Grovo Review & Rating. When I have to figure something out, I turn to my favorite Internet search site and start typing.

Grovo Review & Rating

A few web pages and videos later, I'm usually all set, or at the very least have had my most basic questions answered and now have new ones to investigate. For some people, though, that process is intimidating and not at all intuitive. For them, there's Grovo (free to $9 per month; enterprise license price undisclosed) a free online educational site that teaches people how to use different Internet sites and services through video tutorials. Grovo teaches basic navigation and functionality of sites that help you promote your business (Facebook Pages, Yelp), manage your business (Basecamp, Paypal), or just get by in life (Skype, Flickr, OpenTable).

For the most part, Grovo is a how-to guide, not a "why" analysis. What Can You Learn on Grovo? The quality of the audio—how clear they sounds, the speed of speech—is excellent. Quizzes are included that test the knowledge you just learned.

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Social Media. Joomla. 8 tools to make your website for free. It’s the truth that sometimes we have to and want to produce web sites on a budget.

8 tools to make your website for free

It’s also true that sometimes we may just want to put up and create some sites for fun, so we don’t want to spend a ton of money on them. Well fortunately, that’s where the web comes in. There are so many great technological advances that allow us to create and put up websites, not just on a budget but for free. From web design to development, there are all-free services that allow us to create PROFESSIONAL web sites, not just template-based sites reminiscent of the late 90s.

Today, we’ve picked 8 of the best sites to help you make your site—that’s right—everything is web-based and FREE. The design For many of us who are designers, we may start out with the design of the web site. Phoenix by Aviary What the developers say: “From basic image retouching to complex effects, Phoenix delivers the key features of a desktop image editor with the simplicity and accessibility of a web-based application.” Splashup.


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