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Things you can do to get more Instagram followers. James Shamsi is a 22-year-old social media savant who makes his living creating viral PR stunts, ranging from a Chrome extension that bans all Kardashian content to an app that adds a puppy to your Tinder profile.

Things you can do to get more Instagram followers

It’s safe to say that he’s familiar with the best — and worst — ways you can go viral, as well as how to hack the system to your advantage. (He doesn’t make daily rates of $1,500 at his company Chameleon.LA for nothing, after all.) Tech Insider recently asked Shamsi how people can grow their follower counts on Instagram organically.

Keep reading to see the ultimate growth hacker’s best advice. 1. Whether you’re commenting on other people’s Instagrams or writing your page’s bio, Shamsi says it pays to be as specific as possible. "Tiny little things like that can really add up," Shamsi says. Being upfront about your age, gender, and who you are will help people feel as though they have a relationship with you and your brand, thereby increasing your followers. 2. 3. 4. How to find the best-fitting Instagram KPIs - quintly Blog. Now that Instagram is more mature, the network plays an essential role for an increasing number of businesses in content marketing.

How to find the best-fitting Instagram KPIs - quintly Blog

As reported in our Instagram Study 2015, interactions dropped throughout the past year, whereas own posts increased moderately and the frequency of video posts almost doubled. These facts, crowded Instagram timelines and competition force brands to set and measure the right Instagram KPIs to use the network to its fullest. Instagram KPIs I – Follower Growth To reach more people somehow every strategy aims towards more followers that are honestly interested in your work or product. Therefore the first two Instagram KPIs we want to discuss are the most important metrics that help to indicate whether you achieved to grow as planned. How to find the best-fitting Instagram KPIs - quintly Blog.

Instagram. Après avoir étudié l’intégration de SnapChat et Google Plus dans une stratégie social-média, je vais désormais m’intéresser à l’application mobile sociale Instagram.


A l’heure où j’écris cet article, le réseau comptabilise plus de 150 millions d’utilisateurs après une hausse de 23% sur l’année 2013. Il n’est donc plus possible de ne pas s’intéresser à la manière dont votre entreprise pourrait intégrer l’application au sein de sa stratégie de communication globale. Afin de bien maîtriser le potentiel marketing d’Instagram, il sera nécessaire de se poser plusieurs questions en amont. Problématiques du Community Manager. Instagram : engagement et croissance du nombre de followers en baisse.

Instagram Study 2015. Instagram. Instagram. Instagram's Most Creative Marketing Campaigns of 2015: Social Media M… Utiliser Instagram en entreprise : guide d'introduction. Comment gérer Instagram en seulement 20 minutes par jour. Entre la gestion de Facebook, de Twitter, de LinkedIn, de votre blog et de votre newsletter, votre emploi du temps pro est bien chargé.

Comment gérer Instagram en seulement 20 minutes par jour

Il ne reste plus beaucoup de temps pour Instagram. Peut-être même que votre patron n’est pas encore convaincu que le réseau d’images le plus populaire du monde peut donner d’excellents résultats pour l’entreprise. Mais vous, vous l’êtes. Et il vous faut trouver la manière de le faire fonctionner avec efficacité. Bien que nous vous conseillerions de consacrer autant de temps à Instagram qu’aux autres réseaux sociaux, nous sommes conscients que cela n’est pas possible pour tout le monde. Si vous ne disposez que de 20 minutes par jour pour gérer votre compte Instagram, voici ce que nous vous conseillons.

Planning rapide 3 minutes : Planifiez le contenu. Instagram Study 2015. Comment gérer Instagram en seulement 20 minutes par jour. Instagram Is The King Of Social Engagement. [2015 UPDATE: Yes, Instagram is still the king of socail engagement.

Instagram Is The King Of Social Engagement

But top brands' Instagram engagement rates fell dramatically in 2015. Read more here.] Recently, Forrester studied more than 3 million user interactions with more than 2,500 brand posts on seven social networks and confirmed what marketers have long suspected: People don’t engage with branded social content very often. On six of the seven social networks, the brands we studied achieved an engagement rate of less than 0.1%. For every 1 million Facebook fans those brands had collected, each of their posts received only about 700 likes, comments, and shares.

But one social network absolutely blew the others away when it came to delivering engagement: Instagram. What does this higher engagement rate look like in practice? And Instagram doesn’t only work for youth-focused brands like Red Bull; we’ve also seen great engagement for more pedestrian brands like Ford Fiesta and General Electric.