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Poetry International. Poetry International is a bold and inspiring festival of poetry, film and spoken word as part of our summer Festival of Love. For, after all, ‘at the touch of love everyone becomes a poet’ (Plato). Over a week there are readings, music, poetry films, translations, new commissions, free events and innovative spoken-word performances throughout Southbank Centre – from the Purcell Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall, to the renowned Saison Poetry Library at Royal Festival Hall and the gardens, bars and the public space that surrounds our venues. With poets from all over the world including Robert Hass, Carolyn Forché, Don Paterson, August Kleinzahler, Durs Grünbein,Ana Blandiana, Caroline Bergvall, Mohamed El Deeb, Nikola Madzirov,Serhiy Zhadan, Bejan Matur. Poetry International was founded by Ted Hughes in 1967 and takes place every other year. Edwin Morgan Archive | Poems | Message Clear. Flobots - Handlebars.

The Happy Film by The Happy Film. Kickstarter Collections Projects We Love Saved Trending Nearly Funded Just Launched Everything Categories On Our Radar. Standard Chartered Commercial. About. “Film, I believe, lends itself particularly to the poetic statement, because it is essentially a montage and, therefore, seems by its very nature to be a poetic medium.” —Maya Deren Welcome to Moving Poems, an on-going anthology of the best poetry videos from around the web, appearing at a rate of one every weekday most weeks. Subscribe by email to get a weekly round-up of all our content (including posts at the magazine), follow @moving_poems on Twitter, or pick up the full-content RSS feed and follow along in Feedly or some other feed reader. About the content My main focus here is on videopoetry, “a genre of poetry displayed on a screen, distinguished by its time-based, poetic juxtaposition of text with images and sound,” as videopoetry pioneer Tom Konyves puts it.

I sometimes produce videos for Moving Poems, but otherwise everything here is someone else’s work, available for embedding without any special permission needed at YouTube, Vimeo,, VideoPress and other sites. :: Home. A Brief Introduction to Film Poetry - The Writing Platform. Firstly, what are poetry films? One thing they are not (although they can be) is films of people reading or reciting poetry. Confused? Even the name of the genre is disputed. Poetry films appear under different guises as ‘poetryfilms’, ‘filmpoems, ‘video poems’, ‘multimedia poetry’, ‘e-poetry’ and ‘screen poetry’. Broadly speaking they are a combining of poetry/words, displayed as text or spoken, with accompanying images and viewed on a screen. They can be created by the poet but they are usually a collaboration between poet and film maker.

This is not a new subject. The largest gathering of this dedicated crew is the Zebra poetry film festival held bi-annually in Berlin. More than a thousand poets/film makers send material to this festival which has three days of film screenings. Canada hosts a film poetry festival, Visible Verse, created by Heather Hayley and there is a long standing one in Argentina, Video Bardo. In the UK there are new festivals emerging. Motionpoems | Moving poems. Moving. Arts - Poetry. Animation.