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Marque mochila. Medias. Documentation. ColeccionOto%C3%B1oInvierno2015. Wayuu. Wayunkerra - Exclusive Handmade Rag Dolls and Wayuu Bags. ONG/Developpement. El Heraldo. “Si naciste mujer tienes que aprender a tejer, porque mujer que no sabe tejer no es mujer”, afirma Lorena Pushaina Epiayú, líder de la Asociación Areket, que reúne a 38 madres cabeza de hogar que participan en el programa Jóvenes Rurales Emprendedores y Empresas Fondo Emprender del Sena.

El Heraldo

El programa tiene como objetivo certificar en competencias laborales a unas 300 mujeres wayuu, para que fortalezcan sus conocimientos empresariales y decidan competir en diferentes mercados. Chicplace. Voir plus.


Stella Rittwagen. Découvertes. Online Destination For Luxury Fashion And Travel. Who We Are. Revista Colombiana de Antropología - MERCADO, CONSUMO Y PATRIMONIALIZACIÓN CULTURAL. WayuuDict_45801.pdf. Weildler Guerra Curvelo. Antropólogo.

Weildler Guerra Curvelo

Magíster en Antropología por la Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia) y candidato a Doctor por la misma universidad. Premio Nacional de Cultura 2001-2002 en el Área de Antropología. Dirigió el Informe Regional de Desarrollo Humano del Caribe auspiciado por el PNUD. Entre 1991 y 1994 fue Secretario de Asuntos Indígenas del departamento de La Guajira (norte de Colombia). Ocupó el cargo de Director Ejecutivo del Observatorio del Caribe Colombiano (centro de pensamiento e investigaciones sobre desarrollo y cultura de la región norte de Colombia). Publicaciones: (2007) . (2002). Correo electrónico:

The Wayuu Taya Foundation. “Tepichi Talashi”, meaning “happy child” in Wayúu dialect, is the name chosen for the first preschool and elementary.

The Wayuu Taya Foundation

The school will guarantee 400 children have the minimum infrastructure needed to obtain the primary cycle of education. The school has bilingual professors teaching in both Spanish and Wayuainiki. The children study, sing, sew, and play, and are also provided with health care and nutrition. A medical group works with “Tepichi Talashi”, providing medical attention for the children and sanitation tools for their parents. Additionally, the school serves all students with breakfast and lunch. Currently, the school has 3 preschool levels: 3-year-olds class, 4-year-olds class and 5-year old class. We are currently in the process of building more schoolrooms for our expanding school. La mochila, le sac qui illumine l’hiver. Wayuu mochila Bag pour Free People's Dans les mois qui viennent, vous risquez de tomber nez à nez sur une mochila.

La mochila, le sac qui illumine l’hiver

A commencer par la mienne. Une quoi ? … Si vous êtes allée en Colombie, vous savez de quoi je parle : c’est le sac artisanal local. Ooooh je vous vois faire la grimace : “Encore un truc babos !!”. Miss Mochila - Virtual Globetrotting for Jetsetters. Declared the of- the- moment bag by Vogue Paris, Miss Mochila’s vibrantly colored hand-woven bags and bracelets are quickly becoming the fashion industries summer staple.

Miss Mochila - Virtual Globetrotting for Jetsetters

Read what founder Chloe Abadi has to say about her work with the Wayuu Indian Tribe and about new trends for the upcoming Miss Mochila’s collection. What inspired you to create your collection? I would visit my husband's native country and would see all these beautiful hand crafted, brightly colored accessories and instantly fell in love with them. I inquired about where they were made and found out that a small group on Indians call the Wayuu made everything by hand and passed the craft down through the generations. I wanted to help promote these amazing creations and we started working together.

What is unique about your process of production? The Mochila Project. The Mochila Project — POSH AVENUE. Colombia, South America, is a country known for its flourishing culture, vivacious people, modern and historic architecture and its hidden gem: artistic fashion.

The Mochila Project — POSH AVENUE

Wayuu artisans have made an impression on Colombian culture for years and it is great to see them getting global recognition for their most prized work: the "mochila" or satchel. The eco-friendly bags are hand-woven by Wayuu women. The entrepreneurs have sustained their economies for years thanks to their designs and the greatest part is: they call the shots. Vogue France recently called the mochila Wayuu "the bag of summer". Posh was very much inspired by the Wayuu women and Colombian culture. BeLive Colombia. About Us For five consecutive years, a group of U.S. based non-profit organizations working for Colombia, have united to host BeLive.

BeLive Colombia

This event seeks to raise funds for non-profit organizations, which contribute to the prosperity, development and well being of vulnerable communities in Colombia. These projects and initiatives include: improving education, health and nutrition, working and supporting those who have been demobilized by the illegal armed groups, provide assistance to those who have been displaced by the armed conflict, as well as support technological and economical developments. BeLive brings together the Colombian and international community in philanthropic partnership, showcasing the best of what Colombia has to offer, while acknowledging its needs.

In addition to all the support received from individuals, corporations and donors, year after year, BeLive has garnered the attention of the international, national and local Press and Media. Videos. BeLive Event with Celebrities and Luxurious Fashion Show by The Webster. BeLive, the event that raises much-needed funds for four Colombian non-profit organizations, Give to Colombia, Formula Sonrisas, Genesis Foundation and ArtNexus Foundation and is slated to happen on Thursday, November 17, 2011 at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach, will be an evening to remember with well-respected and recognizable television personalities and renowned celebrities.

BeLive Event with Celebrities and Luxurious Fashion Show by The Webster

BeLive is thrilled to announce that Sofia Vergara will co-chair the 5th Anniversary along with this year’s Chair, style and fashion icon Lauren Santo Domingo. Sofia has been nominated for two Emmy and Golden Globe Awards for her role in the ABC Series “Modern Family,” broadcast in 81 countries around the world. In addition to a long list of celebrities, the evening will be filled with fashion surprises. Learn more about BeLive at their website.

Learn more about fashion events at the Fashion Industry Calendar. Learn more about luxury retailers from the fashion brand directory. Like this: Like Loading... La mochila Wayúu, parte de la tradición de Colombia - Artesanías de Colombia. Los Wayúu son un pueblo indígena que habita la península de la Guajira, la parte más nororiental de Colombia, limítrofe con Venezuela; esta comunidad de estructura matriarcal se ha adaptado a las inclemencias del clima de un desierto ubicado frente al mar Caribe.

La mochila Wayúu, parte de la tradición de Colombia - Artesanías de Colombia

Dentro de la comunidad el hombre se dedica a la cría de ovejas y chivos, a la siembra de maíz, la fabricación de instrumentos musicales como tambores, y de alpargatas hechas de viejos neumáticos. Entre tanto la mujer se dedica al tejido de chinchorros o hamacas para dormir, de mochilas o carteras para damas, y mantas de colores que resaltan la belleza Wayúu. Las mochilas son la máxima expresión del tejido Wayuú. Son fácilmente reconocibles por sus colores y diseños. Las mochilas se elaboran en crochet (técnica introducida por los misioneros católicos a principios del siglo XX) o con ganchillo, y la elaboración de cada pieza puede tardar aproximadamente 20 días. Tejido-funerario-wayuu-teg.pdf. By Chanel Cohen (English)

With its Aztec pattern and its neon colors this woven bag irressistible mentioned something? Normal. Sacred it-bag 2012 by the prestigious Vogue magazine, these colorful bags that have invaded the streets of New York and Paris could not escape your attention. Fair trade products, MISS MOCHILA bags are hand woven by Wayuu tribe in South America. Trendy Feather is pleased to give you an exclusive preview of the accessories that will for sure make your Summer 2013, and to present its designer - Chloe Abadi. This is the story of a young woman who fell in love … twice! To begin with, her man, Colombian origin, he brings her in his native lands to finish to seduce her.


Miss Mochila.