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Importance of Literacy, Literature and reading

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Research into the importance of literacy, literature and reading for an informed society.

Literacy: a Foundation for Development of Society. Introduction Literacy is a basic human need and human right to knowledge.

Literacy: a Foundation for Development of Society

It has meaning only when it leads to participation in cultural and social activities. It is empowerment which means ability to make decisions and control affairs of ones own life, economically, socially and politically, it is the first step in a life-long earning process of man and women. Literacy in the Modern World. Why Literacy Matters. Literacy Starts in the Library. The announced closure of the Ford car plant in Geelong, waning jobs in mining and forecast rises in unemployment have highlighted the need for flexibility in the Australian workforce.

Literacy Starts in the Library

A key factor in employability is literacy and the news is depressing. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported recently that more than two-fifths (7.3 million) of Australians aged 15 to 74 have literacy skills below the level needed to function in today's society. With limited literacy, people cannot read contracts or fill out forms and are easy to exploit. Employment opportunities are limited, especially for older people whose literacy levels tend to be lower, according to studies. Preliminary findings from an international study show that another two-fifths of the population have skills at the basic level and less than one-fifth is at higher levels. Reading and Literacy For All. The ALEA Declaration. Importance, Illiteracy and National Development. Importance of Literacy.