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TLLCE 2020/21. TLLCE 2020/21. Thématiques LLCER. Activity 1: Companies challenge. LLCE TERMINALE- Shine Bright LLCE: vidéos volets Explore + vidéos et liens volets "Build your portfolio" Reading circle. L’idée Je souhaitais aborder une œuvre complète avec mes élèves sans tomber dans l’étude de texte à proprement parler avec les questions / réponses traditionnelles. Je me suis donc lancée dans la mise en place de séances de Reading circle (idée prise dans un ouvrage intitulé Tools for Thought de Jim Burke, Editions Heinemann). L’intérêt Dans un premier temps les élèves lisent de façon indépendante (sans grille de compréhension) mais avec tout de même une tâche particulière puis dans un second temps discutent en classe (au sein de leur groupe) du fruit de leur lecture.

L’organisation Répartition des élèves en groupe de 5 ou 6 suivant l’effectif de la classe (j’ai expérimenté d’abord dans une classe de 30 élèves de 3ème de Section Européenne mais je travaille maintenant en 1/2 groupe de classe de seconde donc avec un effectif de 18). Les élèves ont chacun une tâche lors de leur lecture et changent de rôle chaque semaine, au bout de 5 semaines, ils retravaillent la même tâche. Le déroulement. Racism has been the grinding backdrop to my life. Is a different future now possible? Last week I was reminded of something important: one of the most meaningful moments of my early life was walking into the newspaper shop where I worked as a paperboy – this was in the white London suburb where I grew up as a mixed-race kid – and seeing the image of Tommie Smith and John Carlos making the black power salute at the 1968 Olympics.

Racism has been the grinding backdrop to my life. Is a different future now possible?

For a while I’d been trying to work out, on my own, in my head, and with a few books, what exactly it meant to be a child of empire. It hadn’t been going well; I was more than confused. So I remember almost staggering as I experienced a surge of exhilaration and pride at the sight of the two raised fists. I didn’t enjoy feeling strongly – there was a lot that people like me had to endure every day, so it was better to be bloodless – but I was overwhelmed.

Maybe, I thought, this is it: our time is coming. Terminales LLCE. Tunde Omotoye is a Senior Business Operations Analyst at BMO Financial Group.

He worked in Lagos, Nigeria, for nearly two years as a Human Resources Associate. He then travelled to Toronto to study human resources management, hoping to find a job after graduation and permanently settle in Canada. In this blog post, Tunde explains how he went from being an international student to a successful professional in Canada. Sitting at my desk in downtown Toronto, I often think about how I got where I am today. I recall my former job at a sausage factory, where I spent eight hours a day on my feet.

That was the inauspicious beginning of my Canadian dream—not exactly what I had imagined a few months earlier, when I excitedly picked up my student visa in Lagos. But it was part of a long journey that ultimately took me where I needed to be. First, I Pursued a College Degree in Canada I remember being thrilled by the prospect of studying abroad, but I also felt uncertain.


Art and power par mariane.joubin sur Genially. Titre 1,Art and power,+,VOCAB AND METHODOLOGY,Help yourself,Quizlet,What image do artists give of political leaders?

Art and power par mariane.joubin sur Genially

,,ART AND POLITICS,01,+,+,+,Task: Click on the links, collect information and get ready to address the following issues: What image do portraits convey of politicians? Are portraits meant to establish their power? Can art act as a counterpower? ,Yousuf Karsh 1942,Listen,Graham Sutherland 1941,Read more,Expressing opposition and contrast,Norman Rockwell,1960,1963,Kehinde Wiley,What about political cartoons and caricatures? ,Caricature /ˈkarɪkətjʊə/ = A picture, description, or imitation of a person in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect.

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