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Flowrate Calculation for a Venturi.


Ward Burner Systems - Power Burners, Raku Burners, and Kilns. Burner Choices. Choices in Heating a Furnace/Glory Hole Rev. 3/27/94, 12/14/94, 7/18/95 ELECTRICITY VS GAS - For a furnace or glory hole for glassblowing, a burner is normally used as it is much usually more economical (when element cost is included) to use gas over electricity.

Burner Choices

Those people using electricity to melt glass report that the size of the furnace must be limited* and the elements must often be replaced each time the furnace is shut down. Ceramic fibre linings — Cooking Glass: the site for glassies. Testing Lambda Sensors On and Off the Car. Testing Lambda Sensors On and Off the Car From Andy MacFadyen The following are a series of articles sent to me by Andy MacFadyen.

Please note the warnings about using a high impedance meter. Air Flow and Velocities due to Natural Draft. A temperature difference between the outside and inside air will create a "natural draft" forcing air to flow through the building.

Air Flow and Velocities due to Natural Draft

The direction of the flow depends on the temperatures. If inside temperature is higher than outside temperature, inside air density is less than outside air density, and inside air will flow up and out of the upper parts of the building. Cold outside air will flow into the lower parts of the building. If outside temperature is higher than inside air temperature - the air flow will be in the opposite direction. BTC. ITC Products : Dempsey's Forge - anvilfire Store. International Technical Ceramics high temperature, high performance, ceramic coatings for metals and refractories.

ITC Products : Dempsey's Forge - anvilfire Store

These unique high temperature energy saving materials are used in the ceramics, foundry, forge aerospace and many other industries. We stock the full line of ITC products in pints and gallons (Half gallons are no longer available). For more details see each product below OR our ITC Ceramic Products Documentation page.