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Marketing - engagement client. Shopper CRM : récompenser la transaction plus que l'incitation. Décidemment le shopper à le vent en poupe ...

Shopper CRM : récompenser la transaction plus que l'incitation

A lire sur le site MRM lab, entité du Groupe MRM Worldwilde spécialisé dans l'innovation digitale et les nouveaux usages en marketing et communication ( une excellente analyse de l'évolution que doivent prendre les programmes de fidélisation trop souvent utilisés pour "inciter" plus que pour "récompenser". Shopper CRM: la fidélisation par la transaction En clair, les programmes de fidélisation récompensent généralement plus l'incitation que la fidélité. Inciter à acheter plus pour modéliser le business plan et optimiser le per capita. Jouer sur le quanti plus que sur le quali. Récompenser la fidélité, c'est aussi logiquement offrir un avantage post achats et installer une relation prenant en compte l'historique ''pécunier'' mais également relationnel, parcours shopper, expérientiel ... auprès d'un consommateur révelant une attirance (un addiction?)

La chasse aux points et aux avantages promo "pseudo" fidélité est ouverte. Au niveau SAV : Les marchés du CRM en constante évolution -

Relation client

Social media marketing. CRM. Behavourial Advertising. And Why More Should - Advertising Age - DigitalNext. Targeting advertising. Social CRM tools. Dove Story. How Real-Time Data Creates a More Comfortable World - Advertisin. Perso internet. Securing Brand Loyalty Through Relationship Marketing - eMarkete. As consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands lose share to less-expensive store brands, marketers are focusing on methods to secure lifelong brand loyalty in a bid to acquire new customers and retain lifelong customers.

Securing Brand Loyalty Through Relationship Marketing - eMarkete

The insights gleaned from their online relationship marketing efforts often guide product development, marketing communications and retail promotion strategies. CPG marketers’ online relationship marketing tools include weekly e-mails, coupon offers, rewards programs and sweepstakes. Social media platforms help to build buzz for product launches, drive trial and test marketing messages. “These efforts strengthen brand loyalty among existing customers, build affinity with consumers who frequently switch brands and entice defectors back into the fold,” according to the new eMarketer report, “CPG Marketers Deploy Online Loyalty Programs.” For example, Epsilon found an e-mail communication from a CPG company could trigger a whole range of activities among opt-in e-mail recipients.

CRM Magazine Blog. Viewers Will Pay for Online Video, Report Says. NEW YORK Despite all the optimism surrounding the potential for free, advertising-supported online video, some analysts see a far more lucrative market for selling video content online -- one that will materialize this year despite the rocky economic picture.

Viewers Will Pay for Online Video, Report Says

According to a new report issued by Strategy Analytics, consumers may be far more willing to open their wallets to purchase Web video content, much as they do with music, than many once believed. The Boston-based research firm forecasts that worldwide consumer spending on online video content could reach $3.8 billion in 2009 despite the recession. That figure would exceed the $3.5 billion in online video ad revenue expected this year, the report says. Indeed, even as Hulu and other premium ad-supported video sites surge in popularity, Strategy Analytics sees paid video growing faster than free video over the next several years, at a rate of 39 percent annually through 2012 vs. 37 percent for ad-supported video.

Nielsen Business Media.